Premium Dog Food Is Selling Enormously Well

Good news is coming from the sales figures of the pet food industry. Sales on premium brands are skyrocketing. 45% of the near-$24 billion per year pet food industry is comprised of premium selections. Pet owners – dog lovers in particular – are embracing foods made with choice cuts of meats and vegetables. They love their pets, and they want to be sure the diet fed to a cherished canine is filled with choice ingredients.

A recent Daily Herald article pulled the curtain away on the manufacturing of premium dog food. Those interested in learning more about premium brands will find the article interesting. After reading the text, it becomes fairly clear a tremendous amount of work goes into producing these gourmet selections.

Beneful, a brand sold and manufactured by Purina, offers some truly amazing selections. A lot of thought and work went into coming up with a host of Beneful wet food recipes. Chicken Stew with carrots, barley, peas, and rice definitely stands out as something special to customers. Premium selections have that effect on people.

Beneful’s dry, wet, and treat selections can be bought in a variety of top chain stores. No one has to travel to specialty shops in order to take acquire a “Roasted Turkey” dinner sale. Since Beneful is part of the Purina family, the brand’s distribution is strong.

Premium dog food brands are sure to continue to grow in popularity among pet owners. The brands are known for their excellent recipes, and that alone should continue to motivate big sales.

Pet owners who want to provide a balanced diet to their four-legged friends realize that standard wet and dry foods might not cut it. So, they are looking to upgrade their purchases on Walmart and buy premium dog foods. Retail stores are doing their best to meet these demands.

A great many of the top retail stores are interested in carrying premium varieties. Clearly, the management of the top retail chains are reacting to the booming sales figures. Pet owners should feel thrilled about the enthusiasm of the retail stores. They are making easier and more affordable access to the product.



Finding Truth In Yeonmi Parks Story

A story of harrowing courage that leads the plotline through many twists and turns. It is a story of survival. A story that has grabbed the attention and hearts of many. The problem is that many are questioning how true the story really is. Is it fabricated from the mind of a delusional girl grasping for attention, or is it a true story of courage and hope seeking out a better way of life?

Yeonmi Park comes from a family that is well associated with the North Korean government. Her father worked as a midlevel official and her mother worked as a nurse for the army. Yeonmi and her sister wanted for very little, and this is where some of ther skeptisism comes in to play.

Accusations reported by DailyMail began to fly and Yeonmi saw the unfortunate shooting of a family member accused of crimes against the state. This is when the family decided to flee the country in search of a better life. The issue is that Yeonmi’s sister stayed in North Korea. Many other family members stayed in North Korea. Only Yeonmi and her mother, and some time later her father, decided to flee.

Yeonmi speaks on The Reason of starvation, assaults and even the consideration of suicide because of the life she was forced to live. It is stated that scraps of food were hard to come by and she would have loved to have had even what Americans throw in the trash every day.

Embracing a new found concept of freedom she and her mother went on a years long quest simply to go to South Korea? This may be where people are becoming skeptical about her story. They went through a number of different regions and simply went back to Korea?

Pyongyang insists that Yeonmi and her family were spies for the American government. He has launched many different campaigns in order to try to discredit her accounts of the conditions in North Korea. There are millions of refugees from North Korea. They have all stated that the conditions are horrendous within the confines of the country. Whether or not Yeonmi Parks is telling the truth does not change millions of other recounts.


Mother Dogs Love Beneful

Your best friend is beginning to get some age on him. He has gray in his muzzle and streaks of gray in his coat. Each time you call him, he is slow to stand and walk. He always wags his tail but he acts like he hurts to move. Maybe your best friend is beginning to suffer from arthritis pain in his joints. How can you make the pain go away? I was reading an article in the Daily Herald that states they are making new dog foods for older dogs. The older dog foods will give your best friend the recipe he needs to help him metabolize his foods better for better digestion and energy. Food breaks down into energy. Sugar and starches in the food may leave your dog sluggish. Bright Minds by Purina is a food for senior dogs. The article,, give all the information you will need to learn about this older dog food product.

Beneful has Healthy Weight and Playful Life dog foods that are great for older dogs. The playful life will help your pet have more energy. It helps him metabolize his food better to give him the healthy energy he needs to keep up with you. A healthy weight is a food that helps your dog lose weight and still get the nutrition he deserves. Playful Life is full of meat protein such as egg and beef. Your dog will love the taste of blueberries and corn. All the flavors in crunchy and chewy chunks are what your dog will crave.

I had a dog that had 9 puppies. She was very skinny when we adopted her. We bought her Beneful and she began to gain weight. Her appetite was good and she was such a great mama. Her puppies grew up very healthy and she gained enough weight to look healthy. Her coat is shiny and silky. Her bones and teeth are strong. Beneful is a wonderful dog food on Purinastore for a dog that has puppies. Buy this dog food for your dog if she is feeding puppies like my dog was. Beneful gives her the nutrition she needs to feed all those puppies.



Makeup and Power

It’s not a large secret that in America, almost any woman who cares what society thinks of her knows how to use the following: hair curler, eye shadow, blusher, foundation, straightener, eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, lip liner, lip gloss, and the works. Make up has a certain power, and when someone decides to dump it for a year, there’s a lot that happens.

Trans-women are particularly caught in this trap of needing to wear – or feeling like they need to wear – make up to be accepted as a woman. Blogger Jon Urbana wrote an article revealing┬áthat Meredith Talusan, a Buzzfeed reporter, was in that very predicament. She decided to give up make up for the entire duration of the year 2015.

As a trans-woman, she had found that make up gave her a sort of high. Men would open doors for her. She might get a discount at a clothing store. Coffee baristas would make sure she got her coffee quickly. Others would call her beautiful, fabulous, and compliment her lips and cheekbones.

Then she stopped wearing make up. The compliments came less often. Her high went away. However, she found that without having to worry about how she looked, she was able to be much more productive at work. It was her hard work that got her to where she was – not her looks.

So, when she went on television for the first time in 2016, she pinched her cheeks and licked her lips instead of using the array of makeup.