Wasseem Boraie and New Building Projects

The city planners and leadership of Atlantic City have become somewhat chagrined of the recently discovered low citizenship of the city that are in the 25 to 34-year-old demographic. They are now making moves with the millennials in mind, planning the creation of new residential developments specifically geared to this age group. By attracting these young professionals to the area, they hope to rejuvenate the stagnant economy. Some of the construction involves turning existing buildings into stylish apartments.

This is what is being done to an older firehouse in the city. One of those leading the charge is Wasseem Boraie, vice-president of Boraie Development, who has helped lead the company to build much new housing in the city. But they are not the only real estate developers who have a hand in the construction work going on in Atlantic City. There are several. Right now there are about 10 different projects going on. And all of these projects are being supplemented with financial assistance from state and local institutions.

This isn’t isolated to Atlantic City. Other cities are also doing construction projects that are likewised supplemented by state and local sources. Still, Boraie probably has the biggest hand with the most ambitious stuff going on. Right now it is working on a high rise with 168 units. Boraie Development has been successful since it began. It was founded in 1986 by Omar Boraie who built an enormously successful high rise of luxury apartments as one of his first projects. Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s eldest son, remains in Boraie Development leadership.

Wasseem has been vice president of Boraie Development since 1999. In 2013, Wasseem teamed with retired basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal to build a posh new high rise apartment building in Atlantic City. The very ambitious project is estimated to cost about $61 million. The investors have become understandably nervous because in the meantime, several of the casinos in Atlantic City have closed.


Kyle Bass: Prognosticator or Lucky?

Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, became a household name in the investment and financial worlds after he rightly predicted the financial crisis of 2008. Because of that accomplishment he earned a lot of trust from bankers and investment firms following the downturn of the economy. However, since that time Bass has been unable to do much else right beside pad the lining of his own wallet.

In fact, Bass has not only incorrectly predicted other financial interests, he has also aligned himself with foreign interest that make US financial and investment firms question his loyalty. Bass has continually backed Argentinian Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner showing support that has made other financial investors question his judgement or what he is really doing.

So in a recent article on UsefulStooges.com Bass encouraged investors not to invest in China’s market. Bass targeted China’s banks as being vulnerable, and suggested that investors shouldn’t put money into the banks. Like he did prior to 2008, placing hedge fund bets against subprime mortgages, Bass is predicting a similar collapse in China’s market.

Investors find it difficult to listen to a man who has continually made poor financial investments. Add to the recent track record the moral choices Bass has made in short selling pharmaceutical companies causing the stock to drop. Sure it has made Bass rich, but has caused millions to miss out on the pharmaceutical companies products.

Is Bass’s decisions morally based or his company just trying to make a few quick millions? With his recent history it makes investors skeptical about his choices, or investing based on his suggestions. Is Bass set to make another spot-on prognostication surrounding China’s economy, and even if he does is it just luck or a highly educated guess?

Goettl Air Conditioning: A Journey to Business Success

Goettl Air Conditioning, changed temporarily to Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairman, was in shambles when Ken Goodrich took the Phoenix company under his wing in late 2012. According to an article on ACHR News, Goodrich bought the company to help restore its reputation in the midst of looming legal attacks from business competitors. He stated that this company in particular was a new challenge

With Ken Goodrich’s leadership, after a year and a half the company made back millions of dollars and greatly improved its standards. The company lost and gained some employees along the way and began practicing new and improved installation procedures.

Operations manager Andy Ridgefield and former company owner Dan Burke both seemed pleased with the progress everyone has made with the help of Goodrich. According the Ridgefield, the company is now thriving instead of simply struggling to survive. While Burke said that there have been some challenges in adapting the company’s departments, Ridgefield said it is clear that the workers have learned and grown as a result.

One of the few changes that Goodriche is not pleased with is the name change. Because the Better Business Bureau gave the company a less than satisfactory rating, they were unwilling to change it unless the company went under a different name. Goodriche noted that he regretted this development, and especially that he allowed the Better Business Bureau to make his decision for him. However, he felt that, overall, everything was going well and spoke about his plan to make the company as strong as it could be.

Goettl Air Conditioning has a few different locations in California and Arizona. According to Veterans Reporter News, 2014 marked the company’s 75th anniversary since 1939, when Gust and Adam Goettl first established it. The company installs air conditioning, heating units, air cleaners, humidifiers, and others, also offering services in maintenance, replacement, and repair.




Goettl Air Conditioning Wants To Help Veterans Get Going

Veterans who get out of the service have to get back into their civilian lives and figure out what they are going to do. They have to have a solution for what they will do for a living, and a lot of them go into things like AC repair. Ken Goodrich is the President at Goettl Air Conditioning, and he has established an award that is going to help one lucky veteran every year. The Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award is going to give $1000 to a veteran who just got out of school for HVAC, and those people will be able to buy all new tools to use in their jobs.

The award went to a Navy veteran this year, and Ken Goodrich also gives an award to people who have families that are in the AC industry. He wants to help as many people as he can with the jobs they want to do, and he wants to get more people in the field helping to keep Phoenix cool. His company has been helping people in Phoenix stay cool for a long time, and he wants to keep that going for as long as he can.

The other part of this is that Goettl Air Conditioning is still the most helpful company in the area. Anyone who needs better customer service can come to Goettl, and there are a lot of people who are going to love the fact that they can give to a company that helps veterans and people going to school. The Post 9’11 Veterans Tools Award is just one thing that Goettl does for the community, but it is the one that has the most impact. Ken Goodrich gives freely to people who need help getting started in a new career every year.

Check out this video to learn more about what Goettl does!

Talk Fusion Changing How We do Business

Video has become ample of the online experience. Small business too, are using the video to better their services and attract new customers. Talk Fusion is a leader in the video communication business. The company makes, video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking products.

The company was founded by CEO Bob Reina who had prior experience in marketing for many years. He got his degree in criminology from the university of South Florida. After finishing his collage, he joined Tampa Police Academy and graduated top in the academy.

The experience Bob has in marketing began when he was introduced and begun doing it part time when he was still a police officer. His company began as a vision, and through determination, he was able to make his dream come true.

Bob Reina had once tried to send a video via email but it did not work. People believed that it was impossible to do it. Bob, however, believed that it was possible and kept working on the idea. With a friend of an IT expert, they were able to make the concept that begun in 2004 a reality.

In 2007, the crystal clear video email product became popular in America and the idea eventually other companies caught up. The company has now expanded to over 85 countries. Talk Fusion has grown and is now the eighth largest company that deals with video content provision.

Talk Fusion has for many years promoted businesses through online marketing. The video emailing has given many the power to connect with clients.

Of 2014, Talk Fusion expanded and is now involved in other digital product. Among the products offered by Talk Fusion are; Video Email, this stands out from the rest and the is no need to download everything is done from the back office.

Fusion On the Go; this is an app that enables one to do video messaging with any mobile device.

Video News Letter; this allows one to send custom videos to subscribers.

E-Subscription and Video Auto Responders; helps one to custom capture pages when one opt-in.

Others include, Fusion wall, Video blog, video share, and connect.

Bad Press Got You Down?

Any company or person is bound to experience it sooner or later. The internet is both a help and a hindering to modern business. There is a saying that what can help could also hurt and this seems to be very true in the internet age. There are many times when an online review or an article brings to light a less than positive representation of a company or a person. This unique opinion expressed by the article or person’s review may or may not be true. The problem is, regardless if it is us true or untrue, there it is on the internet. What do you do if you own that business or are that person? The truth is, you need to find a way to fight it and restore your reputation. Think about it, these harmful reviews, articles and more are harming your reputation and keeping prospective prospects from using your company and keeping prospective employers from hiring you. You need to protect the only think you have left on the internet, your reputation.

One of the easiest ways to take back and restore your reputation is to bury the bad articles with good ones. This is not a do it yourself task however. You need to engage the service of someone who knows what they are doing and someone who has the methods to do the task at hand. Writing article and getting them published and ranked on the internet is a non-stop process and it is best left to the professionals. The people over at Bury Bad Articles are great at it. Go to their website and fill out the form. They will be able to help you to get your reputation back to where it should be. Their website can be found at: http://burybadarticles.com

Keep in mind that the longer you let bad press linger, the worse the problem gets. Bad press is harming you and you need to bury bad articles quickly and restore the true, good nature of your reputation. The idea of using a positive article to bury bad search results is not new, however, it is well worth doing. There is nothing more priceless than your reputation.

The Amazing Results Produced Received After Using Wen by Chaz

A young woman decided to keep track of the results she saw after using a new hair care product. The product she chose to use was the fig cleansing conditioner from WEN hair by Chaz. The young woman kept a record of her results for one week and then posted them to Bustle. In the online article she posted to Bustle, she explains how her hair was normally limp and greasy. Each day she used the cleansing conditioner, she wrote about how her hair looked and felt afterward. Not only did the young woman write about her experience with using the new sephora advertised cleansing conditioner, but she augmented her article with photos of herself and her hair. She did find the product to be helpful in adding body and shine, as well as manageability to her hair.
Not Just a Shampoo

The Wen hair products are created to go beyond just cleaning, to help make hair healthier. The unique combination of ingredients found in the different varieties help make hair more manageable, while also increasing volume and shine. The natural plant extracts found in each cleansing conditioner also cleanse the hair without removing all of the natural oils needed to maintain healthy growth and fullness. Because the product is not made the same as traditional shampoo, it does not create a lather when used. Instead, the cleansing process is achieved by massaging the cleansing conditioner into the scalp and hair.

Created by Chaz Dean, WEN by Chaz has been shown to improve the condition of even the most unruly types of hair. The product was first introduced into Mr. Dean’s hair studio in Hollywood where it quickly became popular among many people in the field of fashion. Today it is widely available on Amazon, WEN by Chaz is used by people all over the world who are looking to have healthier more manageable hair. WEN hair queries are answered on this link: http://www.wen.com/faq.html


Laidlaw & Company: The Best Investment Banking Firm Since 1842

Laidlaw & Company is a leading investment banking firm providing its services to individuals and institutions in the United Kingdom and the United States. The firm on prnewswire.com is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) meaning that all cash and securities held by the firm are protected through account protection.

The firm provides a range of investment banking services such as raising of capital through equity placement with retail investors on stopbrokerfraud with high net worth or with institutions, financing acquisitions, debt placement with institutional investors, initial public offerings (IPOs), and national exchange listings arrangement among other services.

Laidlaw & Company also offers advisory services on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructurings, recapitalizations and stock repurchases, divestitures, strategic alliances, alternative investments, and fairness opinions among other advisory services.

Laidlaw & Company also helps individuals and institutions with their wealth management by offering them services such as investment advisory services, portfolio management and financial planning.

The firm, with its headquarters in New York City, has been very successful in investment banking in the two countries. The success of Laidlaw & Company can be attributed to its exceptional management under Matthew Eitner, the Chief Executive Officer.

Different people have different financial needs and this is the reason behind personalized investment advice that is offered by the firm to high net worth individuals, and both private and public institutions. The firm comes in where other placement firms have failed by offering modern financial products that perfectly fit the needs of its clients.

Laidlaw & Company has been in existence since 1842. It was among the very first investment banks in the United States. The experience that the firm has in the investment banking industry on investorclaims.com is enormous and the history of the firm is just amazing. A lot has changed since 1842 and the firm still stands strong improving its services to remain competitive.

Illuminate Your Lips and Eyes with Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime cosmetics were created for those who appreciate bright, bold colors. Founded by Doe Deere in 2008, the company is well-known for its vibrant shades of lipstick and impressive eye shadows. Whether you prefer the latest contemporary fashions or vintage-inspired apparel, you’ll love matching your clothes with the unique and eccentric choices this brand has to offer.

Treat yourself to velvety smooth lips with Lime Crime’s matte or metallic lipsticks. For a smudge-proof matte finish, try a neon shade of green or a more subtle shade of pink mauve from the Velvetines line. The rich color of Velvetines lasts through the entire day or evening. When you’re ready to take it off, simply use a waterproof makeup remover or mineral oil.

For lips that sparkle and shine, the Perlees collection features a fun assortment of 90s-style metallic colors. Perlees lightweight, easy-to-apply lipsticks provide lasting color that won’t dry your lips out. This fun cosmetic line is packaged in a vintage floral container.

The Unicorn lipstick collection is an excellent choice for those who like to sport a funky, confident look. From a shocking shade of yellow to a feminine mint green, Unicorn lip colors let you express your individuality. True to the environment, all of Lime Crime’s lip colors are vegan and cruelty free, allowing you to look stylish while respecting your love for the animal world.

From rusty-red eye shadows to liquid liners, Lime Crime makeup is anything but ordinary. Choose from the original Venus collection of non-traditional neutral hues or opt for the eye-enhancing shades of green, blue or burgundy featured in Venus II. For a sheer, sexy look, finish off your peepers with a bold liquid liner. Lime Crime’s liquid liners are equipped with a handy brush applicator that lets you effortlessly line your eyes in an instant, and they are all for sale online.

Whether you’re searching for unique makeup colors for everyday wear or a special night out, Lime Crime cosmetics let you proudly express your individual style.  Check them out on Twitter, as well as the Instagram @limecrimemakeup.

Spring Cleaning Can Be as Easy as Using Handy

Spring is a time for renewal, but for many spring cleaning is a huge hassle. After months of being locked in doors, it is time to open up the windows and air out the house that has been shut up all winter. There are many different ways to make spring cleaning easier this year than it has been in the past.
The easiest way to start spring cleaning is divide up the house room by room. For those who work, finding the time to clean out everything can be a headache, but taking it room by room can ease some of the stress. Taking it a room at a time makes it easier to go through possessions and see what can be given away or stored away. As with most people, cleaning rooms out means making an even bigger mess before putting stuff back. Cleaning room by room ensures part of the house will be in some sort of order while the one room is being cleaned out. Designating spots for unwanted items can help the cleaning process as well. Create a box for giving stuff away or for a yard sale, and put items to keep in another area. By the end of the cleaning, items can easily be taken to charity, put out in a yard sale, or put into storage.
For those that hate the idea of spring cleaning, hiring a professional to clean might be the best option. There are many ways to hire a person to clean for you, but probably the easiest is booking a cleaning through Handy, a convenient app and website. Handy’s professionals are pre-screened for safety and excellence. They have a proven track record of doing a good job. It’s easy to book a cleaning even for next day service. Handy also offers a guarantee. If a client isn’t satisfied with the service another person will come out to do it for free.
Handy is available in many major cities and hopes to expand. They offer more than just cleaning services. They also offer furniture assembly, painting, plumbing, electrical work and more. The company started in 2012 and continues to grow.