The Many Specialties Available at IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a well-known provider that focuses on facilities management, logistics on an international basis and sophisticated technical and professional assistance. The company is equipped with 1,600 workers in 20 plus countries all over the globe. The goal at IAP Worldwide Services is to manage difficult dilemmas for clients from private and public organizations alike. IAP Worldwide Services has been in existence for over six decades at this point. In that time, the firm has honed a public image that showcases it as being a dependable and efficient leadership force within the market. IAP Worldwide Services is a company that always strives to go above and beyond for its customers. This company is never satisfied with just doing what their customers ask of them. IAP Worldwide Services is only satisfied when they can give their customers more than they needed or anticipated in the first place.

The professionals who work for IAP Worldwide Services have many specialties available to customers. They offer a broad range of vital government services. Examples of these essential services are communications and network assistance, supply chain and logistics assistance, expeditionary help, emergency response and aviation support. Power assistance is also a big focal point for the staff at this company. IAP Worldwide Services’ professionals know a lot about both permanent and temporary power options. They also know a lot about running and handling power plants. They even know a lot about renewable energy and how it works.

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Customers can turn to the IAP Worldwide Services team for dependable assistance with expeditionary infrastructure. The staff’s seasoned professionals are all well-versed in topics that involve emergencies and pressing health concerns. They’re also well-versed in topics that pertain to power fields, facilities upkeep and facilities construction.

IAP Worldwide Services specializes in a strong assortment of communications and IT (information technology) areas. Customers that need communications and network guidance can depend on the company for assistance and advice regarding the security of cyber systems, data center installation, general security and long haul fiber matters.

The talents at IAP Worldwide Services also know a lot about aviation engineering and how it can be more streamlined and efficient. They regularly provide contractor logistics assistance that involves the management of supply chains, engineering design and inventory control. They also are equipped with extensive knowledge that relates to the running of supply chains. They understand routine upkeep and repair requirements as well.

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Another Convert To Wen By Chaz

A recent article in recounted a fascinating story of a young woman’s experience using WEN hair by Chaz cleansing conditioners. The product contains a styling treatment and conditioner as well as a shampoo. Looking for more bounce, moisture, and shine for her hair, she chose the Fig version of this innovative all-in-one product. To ensure she got the results she was looking for, she made it a point to follow the directions on the bottle without deviation.

When she saw the large amount she was required to use, she became a little concerned. But she did it anyway. Over a 7 day period [see], she saw her fine, frizzy, hair transformed into the fuller, bouncy, shiny, healthy-looking head of hair she desired. Within a few days, even her friends remarked about the improvements to her hair and wanted to know what she was using.

That type of experience is not unusual when people use Wen by Chaz products. That’s why over the past 16 years 40 million bottles of the products have been sold on Amazon worldwide! People love Wen by Chaz because the products help them get the healthy, luxurious hair they desire. Many people see an improvement in their hair’s body and shine after using the products just once.

Wen hair doesn’t contain the harsh sulfates like many ordinary shampoos. It combines herbs, extracts, and natural botanical to clean, moisturize, and hydrate your hair. It’s like using a shampoo, detangler, and conditioner in one. Yet it’s so gentle it can be used every day. No matter what type or texture hair you have, Wen by Chaz products will help it to look its best. Plus they’re so sure you’ll love the products, up to 60 days after you have bought one from sephora, send back the unused portion and you’ll get your money back.

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The Passion of Duda Melzer

At 40-years-of-age, Duda Melzer is still relatively young but already knows a whole lot about business culture. He has learned it through experience and research in business leadership. He has been CEO of the 56-year old RBS Group since July of last year. One thing that he has found is imperative to having a successful business is obviously having a passion for business itself, but also having a passion for people. He strongly believes that this kind of passion must be widespread in a company if it is to be successful at all. And the more passion, the more success.

Girded with this great passion, those who work in and manage the company strive for excellence in everything they do. He is actively sought after as a public speaker to communicate to younger leaders what he has learned about business. He insists that passion is not only needed for a successful business; it is needed for success in any area of life. But Melzer also believes that almost equally as important—maybe equally—is planning. Melzer also highly values the knowledge and wisdom of those who are older and more experienced in business than he is.

Duda has a leadership vision of extending the scope of his company outside of Brazil. With the help of cyberspace, it is already making huge international advances. He also recognizes that it is crucial to stay abreast of the current technological advances. Under his leadership The RBS Group is doing very well with its 6,500 Brazilian employees. It is so huge that it is the largest media company in Brazil. Melzer also has a wife and three children. He admits that he is not able to spend as much time with family as he would like, being involved with business-related matters most of the time.

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Madison Street Capital and M&A Insights

Madison Street Capital, LLC. just came out with its M&A (mergers & acquisitions) assessment. This assessment caters to the hedge fund world. Madison Street Capital has given the public this assessment three times before. It discusses matters such as openings in the M&A universe and recent transactions, for example. The firm’s report, in short, indicated that assets for the hedge fund world are stronger than they’ve ever been before. It also predicted that the hedge fund world’s deal climate would be even better in 2016 than it was previously in 2016. 2015’s deal climate was already quite solid. Karl D’Cunha (a staff member at Madison Street Capital) noted that consolidation would remain prominent within the hedge fund realm in coming months. He also noted that partnerships would be a big part of the industry in 2016. Key partnerships that influence everything from available products to distribution matters would be significant for hedge fund professionals in 2016. An article that discusses Madison Street Capital’s report is up on

Madison Street Capital is a global investment firm that specializes in numerous distinct categories. These include corporate advisory, financial opinions, business valuation and financial reporting valuations. Clients who need assistance with corporate advisory, for example, can depend on the Madison Street Capital team for guidance regarding corporate governance, capital restructuring, private placements, bankruptcy, mergers & acquisitions and reorganization. Clients who need assistance with financial opinions can trust the professionals at this company for advice regarding capital adequacy and fairness. Other key specialties that are available to clients of Madison Street Capital include tax compliance, shared based compensation and purchase price allocations. The firm’s main office is in Chicago, Illinois. Its COO (Chief Operating Officer) is Anthony Marsala. Other prominent members of Madison Street Capital’s management are Chief Compliance Officer Paul McIntyre, Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway, senior managing director Jay Rodgers and senior managing director Paul D’Cunha. While the firm is based in the United States, it has a couple international locations, too. These are in West Bengal, India, Haryana, India and Accra, Ghana. Madison Street Capital has been in business since 2005.

People who are searching for dependable debt financing and private equity investments often turn to the seasoned professionals who work for Madison Street Capital. The company regularly offers its services to clients that are part of a wide range of different fields. These many fields include agriculture, technology, manufacturing, medical care, energy, oil, transportation, construction, consumer retail and media. Madison Street Capital thinks of up-and-coming markets as being what motivates international client expansion. The company has many loyal and dedicated clients in locations all over the globe. Vital qualities for the Madison Street Capital team include excellence, honesty, service and leadership. This firm is highly devoted to the middle market.

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Zomber- The Leading Authority on Arms and Armor

Michael Zomber is a historian born in Washington D.C. who has recently appeared on the History Channel’s Tales of Guns series. Zomber has been collecting arms and armor for over forty years, is recognized as an authority on samurai swords, and has written dozens of screenplays and historical novels. Michael Zomber is very supportive of missions to foster peace through UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and Global Exchange, much of his support stems from the painful knowledge of war that he has studied.

Zomber has released a documentary called Soul of the Samurai (available through Cinema Guild) with links at The films allowed Zomber to work closely with the Reverend Kensho Furuyato, which ensured the authenticity and created a sense of perfection in the film. The Reverend Kensho Furuyato is the founder, sensei, and teacher at Aikido Center of Los Angeles and a known authority on Japanese swords. Zomber has also written many books and screenplays on the Japanese samurai as one of the leading authorities in the area.

Zomber has also studied European, Islamic, and American arms during the 16th to 19th centuries and written several books and screenplays to spread this knowledge. As one of the leading historians on arms and armor, Zomber is a true gem when it comes to researching and learning from the best regarding arms and armor.

Securus Technologies Releases 3.1 Version of THREADS With Big Data Capabilities

Securus Technologies has released THREADS 3.1 which is the most advanced THREADS so far with and integrated with “Big Data” analytical tool. Securus is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for purposes of corrections, investigations, public safety and monitoring. The redesign of the THREADS to 3.1 version has upgraded the user interface (UI) to the latest web-based technologies which preserve the same powerful analysis which clients are used to. Full story on PR Newswire.


Currently, Securus has hundreds of engineers, patents, technologists, designers and creative thinkers who all commit themselves to innovative solutions. Securus Technologies undertakes to maintain its role as the best provider of high-tech software solutions, and the technology is second to none. Most product and services offered by the company are of the highest quality possible that provides clients with the best economics for the customers and maintaining the best customer service in the industry.


Securus Technologies delivers on both connecting the facility personnel to critical information and connecting family and friends to those incarcerated. Other roles include connecting the emergency dispatchers and responders to those in need, helping the investigators conduct their investigation and providing emergency response, verification, information management, communication and inmate self-service. The company has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, and it serves more than 3,400 public safety agencies, correctional agencies, and law enforcement agencies.

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With the recent upgrade, the 3.1 version of THREADS will update the software platform from Silverlight to HTML 5. This upgrade will allow better direct integration between the Secure Call Platform (SCP) and the Securus Products. In general, the 3.1 version of THREADS is easier to use and has enhanced performance for the systems. According to Kelly Solid, The General Manager of Business Management for Securus, the redesign has streamlined the user interface, enhanced navigation and eliminated system actions especially the record loading and search function.


According to Solid’s statement on, an easier-to-use interface is a significant milestone to the investigators because they can be more proactive in their work. In fact, Securus has taken the time to develop an upgrade of THREADS that requires a little training but providing actionable intelligence and factual leads to the investigator. Other key new features with the latest version of THREADS include context-sensitive reports, guided real-time analysis, and customized mapping and printing. Solid also described THREADS as a gold standard investigative solution for many security operations and keeping inmates connected their families. It is no doubt that the latest upgrade of THREADS 3.1 is a solution to the platinum level, and Securus is upgrading its existing clients for free.
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Moore Air Conditioning Added To Ken Goodrich’s Goettl Brand

Since 1939 the people of Arizona, like myself, have been able to call on the skills of the technicians of the Goettl brand to service and repair their air conditioning equipment. KSWO are reporting Goettl has now added the 50 years of HVAC experience of the Moore Air Conditioning brand to its stable of businesses available to the people of Las Vegas and Arizona; I feel the acquisition of the Moore brand is a major coup for Ken Goodrich and Goettl as the trusted name of Moore can only add the reputation of the brand in the coming years.

I feel Goettl Air Conditioning has been placed in good hands with the leadership of Ken Goodrich as I have been impressed with the knowledge of the brand Ken Goodrich has because of the family history he has in the air conditioning industry. Goodrich explained his own story of being a 10 year old boy assisting his father in HVAC repair using Goettl equipment and how this inspired him to buy the brand in 2013 when it became available; the story should not end with the acquisition of Moore as Goettl and Godrich have made a commitment to train the next generation of HVAC technicians in Nevada, PR Newswire reports.

After leaving the Las Vegas market in 2008 the return of Goettl to this famous city and the acquisition of the Moore brand are all part of the business plan developed by Ken Goodrich to return Goettl to its former glories in Las Vegas. Goodrich believes the growth of Goettl will reach 50 percent in 2017 and will add more than 100 employees to the brand over the next year as he looks to return the brand to its impressive historical position in the industry.

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“Caring for your friend for life with Beneful”

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and that is why it is vital to take care of them. One of the easiest ways that we can take great care of our dogs, is to make sure we feed them a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Feeding our dogs a great meal tailored to their individual needs is made easier by the multiple choices offered to us by PurinaStore Beneful.
Beneful offers three different kinds of food for our dogs. These include wet and dry food varieties, as well as treats []. If you have a puppy, you may want to feed your puppy Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy with real chicken in it. By giving a puppy this brand of Beneful food, you are supplying them a food that is calcium-rich and will start him off with 100% of the nutrients he needs to help him thrive every day, plus DHA to help support healthy brain and vision development.

Perhaps, your sidekick is a little older and just needs the right food to help him to continue to thrive. Your best choice for that purpose may be Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals. This comes in three flavors, and they are beef, chicken and salmon. The original version is rich in antioxidants to help your dog stay healthy.

If your pet prefers wet food, then Beneful has the answer for that need as well. The company offers a multitude of choices with their Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends. One blend that they offer includes a mixture of chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. Another wet dog food to try with your dog is the Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends that features turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach.

Regardless of what kind of Beneful dog food that you buy on Wal-Mart, each bite your dog takes will have a great flavor that your dog will love and nutrients that will keep your dog healthy. Take care of your friend for life and offer them the healthiest and best tasting food possible by offering them Beneful.



The Growth and History of Goettl Air Conditioning

In April of 2016, Goettl Air Conditioning officially opened it’s doors to service businesses and residents in the greater Henderson and Las Vegas area offering repair, maintenance and replacement. In addition to serving the community, the opening of Goettl also means that new jobs also were brought for HVAC technicians in the

area. Goettl Air Conditioning said they plan on hiring 50 employees within 2016, and plan on adding 250 jobs as they expand over the next three years. The companies motto is getting the job done right the first time, with education being one of top priorities for Goettl. Besides just hiring professionals with experience, Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl, said that the company also has an endowment fund, which was inspired by his father. In addition to the endowment fund, Goettl also offers a Veteran HVAC scholarship following 9/11. The Veteran HVAC provides veterans that have graduated with the diagnostic tools that they need to being their career as a HVAC. Nick Hughes is the most recent recipient and is scheduled to graduate in May.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939, and in 2013 when Goodrich saw an opportunity to purchase the company, it was a chance that he couldn’t miss out on. Goettl Air Conditioning has always been a family brand. And as success started to show from Arizona, this was when Goodrich knew it was time to take the next steps and return the brand to his hometown of Las Vegas. The Goettl company is committed to each customer, with the focus of providing the best of environmental solutions in homes, this is from well maintained heating systems all the way to having a properly sealed
attic in order to block any excess heat from entering the home. Goettl ensures that their customers will have the peace of mind that they will remain comfortable in their home through any conditions.

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