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The internet is a force like no other. Instant connectivity, instant celebrity, and instant information are just a few of the benefits the web provides. The price paid for all of the instantaneous connectivity is steep. A thoughtless comment posted in the blink of an eye or by the click of a mouse- can carry information or opinion to bring down businesses and shred reputations. For many years experts in online privacy and security have been admonishing internet users to search their own names on a regular basis to see what comes up about them online. With so many various social media and business platforms, blogs and forums readily available to anyone with an e-mail address, keeping track of an online reputation can be a full-time job.

Online reputation management is a smart, safe, and effective alternative to spending hours scouring search engines. BBA (Bury Bad Articles) is a company at the forefront of reputation management. BBA experts understand the importance of positive search engine results. Google@ surveys conclude 75% of search engine users do not scroll beyond the first generated page. Additionally, another 75% of users will not venture past the first five clicks. Documented results from a study regarding negative reviews and comments found that businesses lose 22% of customers based on having a single negative article appear in a search engine’s query.

Most experts agree that burying negative, outdated, or untrue information with good, upbeat, and truthful information is the most effective way to push unsavory content lower on search engine pages. This is where expert companies like BBA come in and help. During the free initial consultation, BBA team members quickly assess the situation and make recommendations for action. They will create a guaranteed and customized plan created to bury the bad information while bringing positive information to the top of search queries.

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  • Jude Ruskin

    BBA excels at burying bad information. Why trust something as important as an online reputation to anyone else? It’s something that is really noticeable for essaymania customers and writers.