George Soros Attacked After Email Leaks

George Soros has been fighting off strong attacks recently from both Pro-Israel right-wing pundits and far-right anti-Semites. The attacks are focused on the Soros Foundation and were precipitated by the most recent Wikileaks-dump of George Soros emails. It is believed that Russia is to blame for the latest leak of George Soros emails.

Ill-informed commentators have been trying to drum up a George Soros conspiracy theory that is almost laughable. According to opponents of George Soros and his influence on international political and economic affairs, the George Soros conspiracy is that he is responsible behind the scenes for a plot to dump massive amounts of immigrants on Europe and is currently fueling the refugee crisis. On the other hand, other opponents of Soros are charging that the George Soros Wikileaks dump proves that Soros is involved in supporting a group of watchdogs in Israel and Palestine in order to uncover the alleged human rights abuses at the hands of Israel. According to either side of political commentators on the George Soros Wikileaks scandal on, Soros is actively funding destabilization forces around the world.

The reality could not be further from the truth. In fact, Soros has worked for decades to advance human rights and transparency in government in all corners of the world. Even though he is Jewish, George Soros has openly criticized policies in Israel in hopes of arriving at peace in the Middle East. In addition, Soros has supported countless progressive causes around the world that have been aimed at spreading freedom and opportunity and fighting back against oppressive regimes. To say that George Soros would ever target a specific race or work to create chaos throughout an entire continent is just not grounded in reality.

Despite what commentators are trying to drudge up on Soros, there is simply nothing new or earth-shattering as a result of the release of the Soros emails in the most recent hack. Rather, Soros has long been an advocate of many liberal causes and continues to stay true to his convictions in his work through the Open Societies Foundation along with his contributions to many different charitable causes.

Soros has always been known for being an advocate for the plight of refugees around the world. This probably has roots in his own personal history as a refugee who fled Hungary during the Nazi occupation in World War II. He then moved to London, where he studied economics and began to acquire a unique perspective on international relations and economics. Since he became an incredibly successful hedge fund manager in the U.S., Soros has used his wealth to advance a progressive agenda that is centered on the ideals of basic human rights and freedom for all. He has long been criticized by those on the right for his significant amount of influence in politics due to his enormous wealth.

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