A Modern Hair Care System From Wen By Chaz

The old way of doing hair care just doesn’t work today. Women everywhere realize that they need to think about new ways of doing their hair care. The older kinds of hair care are hair care products that can leave hair looking less than great and even unattractive. This is why so many women today have gone looking for new innovations and new idea when it comes to their hair care products. They know just what they need from the products on the market to get the best possible hair care. After a lot of trying and all kinds of research, they have turned to Wen By Chaz.
Modern Science

Just as science today has made so many breakthroughs, the same is true of the world of hair care. Hair care today is all about the use of science and the creation of solutions for any hair care problems. A woman can turn to Wen hair for help with the hair she wants to get. She can work with them to look at her own needs and then discover how they can help. They know that this is one company where it is all about the customer and their specific hair care demands

Complete Understanding

Much research has gone into the creation of the products they offer for their Guthy-Renker customers. Older methods of hair care have their place as well. This is why they look at contemporary science. At WEN hair By Chaz (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx), they can offer both the old that has special uses and the modern scientific approach to hair care at the same time. With their help, any woman can tap into this kind of knowledge and use it to her benefit. She can find what she needs right here from people who have what she truly needs today. Visit the product’s Facebook page for more details.


Doe Deere Is A Pleasure To Work With

Doe DeereI am someone who loves makeup of all kinds. Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of makeup companies. I’m always in search of new products of all kinds to try. I like to do what I can to help update my look and stay current. In the course of searching for new makeup products I came across a new website I had never seen before. Much to my delight, I was quickly able to find a lot of products that I really liked. This site is called Lime Crime. Such a clever and amusing name. I laughed the first time I heard it. I think it immediately gets to the heart of the idea that makeup should be fun. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/about/

Amazing Art

Once I came across the site, I was quickly entranced. There are so many products here that are totally innovative. Playing around with makeup of all kinds is something that makes me happy. I was quickly struck by the amazing photographs on the site. Clearly, these lovely photographs are the work of someone with an artist’s eye. I found out that the site owner is someone named Doe Deere. One of my friends says that she’s always changing out new ideas and putting out new products on her site. She also pointed out that Deere was someone who was going to show me things I had not seen before. It was quickly clear to me as someone who loves art of all kinds that this was the place to be.

Ordering Was Easy

So many things here caught my eye. I realized how easy it would be to fit her products like her velvetines into my wardrobe and my planned style choices. After about an hour, I had a cart full of stuff. All of it I was ready to check out but I wasn’t sure how to begin to work the site. I’m not a totally technical person. Like Doe Deere, I’m very much an artist. I see the world through bright color as much as she does. I couldn’t quite get it to work so I emailed a few people on the site. I was so pleased to get a nearly instant reply. She was so nice and helpful. I asked her about the kind of ways I could use the site so that I could buy what I wanted from it in the future.

Her Help

She was so helpful to me personally when I was trying to figure out her site. I’ve run into people in the makeup community a lot because I am always trying out new ideas. She’s one of the nicest and most professional people I’ve ever run into when I was on a site. I was pleased at her ability to help me. I’m going to come back to the site again and again. She clearly has the ability to connect to customers directly. This is a wonderful quality that really helps people find what they need at Lime Crime.

Dick DeVos Aims to be Known for more than just his Business Achievements

Dick DeVos is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur who earned a spot on the Forbes list as one of the richest men in the U.S. in 2012. At the time he was reportedly worth around $5.1 billion. Looking back at his early life, one could say DeVos was destined to have a career in business.

As the son of Amway co founder Richard DeVos, Dick DeVos has been around the business world since he was a young child. DeVos can recall people working in the basement of his childhood home during the early stages of his father’s company. Later, in 1984, a much older DeVos became one of Amway’s Vice Presidents. With DeVos as Vice President, Amway’s international sales skyrocketed in 1986. Learn more about Dick DeVos on Crunchbase.

In 1991 DeVos took over as CEO and President of his family owned basketball team the Orlando Magic. DeVos would withdraw as President of the company in 1993, to rejoin Amway as President, which he would restructure as Alticor.

With all the accomplishments and achievements Dick DeVos has as a businessman his true passion sometimes gets overshadowed. Dick DeVos is a devout philanthropist. He has had a hand in many community programs in the Michigan area. Where Devos is originally from. He’s helped thousands of underprivileged teens pursue further education through the Education Freedom Fund, an organization founded by DeVos that awards deserving high school students scholarships.

Dick and his wife Betsy founded The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation serves as a conduit for their generous contributions to several respected charities and non profit organizations.

DeVos and his wife donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a 18-month private study of Lake Macatawa pollution sources.


NYC Event Planning Tips

If you are looking to plan an event and live in the NYC area, the event is likely to be a big one. It can be rather stressful to plan gatherings for people of large amounts and to perfectly execute every idea you have for the party. There are some tips to help make things a little easier that you will want to know before planning your next party. Party planning is not for everyone, that is for sure.

When you’ve found out what type of event your planning, it may or may not require a theme. Chances are, if you’re in New York, this is a big party that you’ll want to make a lasting impression. Choosing a theme mean specific d├ęcor and favors that will make the party more memorable. Start making lists of all the things that you need to execute that theme properly.

Once you’ve mastered the guest list, send out invites right away. Always include RSVP of some kind so that you know how much food to get. When it comes to food, you can always keep it simple. Everyone loves appetizers, so why not? You can always do a self-serve bar. People can enjoy the creativity aspect while you sit back and not worry about others. Always include a kids table so that they can socialize with one another, making it easier for the parents.

If you are looking for event planners in NYC, and planning just isn’t your thing, you can always call Twenty Three Layers. This full service event planning company in NYC is popular for having done business with clients like Jaguar. They do everything for you, exactly the way you want it, without you having to lift a finger. Need a florist? They’ve got one. Not sure about food? They will help you find the best fit for your event. This is one of the best event planning companies in NYC, so if you live in the area and need a reliable company to take on the tasks you just don’t want to be responsible for, they will happily do it and make sure its an event that no one will forget.

Find them in NYC:


Learn About The Lovaganza Announcement That Has Stirred Celebrations And Joy

Lovaganza is a leading company that has invested in the film industry with focus on educating the world about enhancing the quality of life and promoting culture and acceptance among communities. To pass the message, the company has launched the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, which is responsible for hosting the events in various parts of the world.

One of the most coveted events is the Lovaganza worldwide celebrations and the announcement of the official dates came as a surprise to many. The event is slated for 2020 between May and September and is projected to have a global reach through all nations.

Initial plans and developments to date
At the initial stages, Lovaganza had set the event for 2015 but this could not prove as effective as planned. The time available for preparations was minimal and there were not many amenities available to push the event to the last stage successfully. This triggered the management of the Entertainment Franchise to push the official dates to 2020 to allow adequate time for preparations.

Additionally, they through it would be more appealing if latest technology is applied during the presentations on euroweeklynews.com, so the management changed the dates so as to facilitate the design and implementation of ideas that could enhance the technical setup of the events. It’s all about quality and the team did not want to offer just an even, but more than entertainment in a unique way.

Gathering popularity and acceptance
Before the 2020 celebrations are hosted, there is need for marketing so that more people around the world can learn about what is about to come their way. Lovaganza is investing in the Lovaganza Traveling Show, which will be tasked with marketing the celebrations and bringing to the attention of the world what the celebrations will entail.

The Traveling Show will begin in 2017 and will promote the celebrations while offering the goals and mission of the event to the world.

Who are Lovaganza?
Lovaganza is an organization that runs two structures that stand independently: one that is motivated by the need to make profits (Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise) and a not-for-profit section (The Lovaganza Foundation). Through the entertainment franchise, Lovaganza will promote global entertainment while enhancing cultural acceptance and appreciation. The Foundation is into helping the needy access basic amenities and quality life.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://vimeo.com/lovaganza

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.