Magnises Provides Exclusive Benefits to Millennial Members

Founded in 2014 by college drop-out and entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, Magnises is a private club for elite millennials. They want to assist members build the perfect network. Each member gets a personalized black card, which gives the young professionals special access to events and deals in some of the largest cities, including New York City and Washington, DC.

The member’s car can be linked to your bank and credit card for payment, but the biggest benefit is the perks that come along with the owning the member’s card. The Magnises card gets members discounts at bars, clubs, restaurants, and also gives members access to reserving special experiences like private concerts and getaways.

The company on brings the benefits of online social networking, like immediacy, accessibility and interaction into millennial’s real-life world. It combines the digital and physical layer over the city.

At first, the members-only card was designed to look like the exclusive American Express Black Card, even though the Magnises card only copies the information on a pre-existing debit or credit card. Very quickly, the company’s offerings expanded, giving members VIP club access, a virtual assistance, hotel discounts, private member spaces and secret restaurant menus in secret dining rooms. Magnises’ founder, Billy McFarland, created the company to represent the idea of leveling up his members’ lives.

The entire membership is only $250. If a member goes to a hockey game with front row seats and an open bar, for example, the membership pays for itself. Members also appreciate the virtual assistant on Crunchbase, which can be used for things like booking a restaurant while you’re busy doing other things.

Membership isn’t open to everyone however. Those interested must apply for the opportunity of owning a Magnises card. The membership base is created to blend a mix between genders and industries and membership is currently in high demand. In early 2016, Magnises has taken on $4 million in investment and expects around $5 million in revenue for the current year.

Members find that the best value is in the community of members. Members get a good mix of networking with different people from different industries from the arts to finance. Magnises always informs members about the latest hip spots; it can recommend new activities and can even make introductions for you to different people. Magnises provides functional software for members’ social and professional life.

Most people are curious how Magnises make its money since their membership price seems slight in comparison to the member benefits. The majority of Magnises revenue comes from providing an interface between the millennials and brands. Companies pay a pretty penny to host branded events for Magnises’ members, who may not even be aware that they are being advertised to.

Magnises has created a new way of marketing. This exclusive club provides authenticity not provided by Facebook or Twitter, joining lifestyle and brands to create the perfect social lifestyle for millennials.

CEO and Visionary Brad Reifler


When it comes to modern day executives, it is rare to find one with some determination and experience as Brad Reifler. As a serial entrepreneur, Reifler is a shining light in a world where business can get quite competitive. Reifler founded Forefront advisory. He is also partner at CIFCO International. He is the CEO of Forefront Capital as well, since 2009.


Before that, Brad Reifler was the chairman and CEO of Pali capital for over 10 years until 2008, when CrunchBase shows he sold the company. He was the senior managing director during his time there. Back before that, Reifler had founded Reifler Trading Corp. in 1982. Ten years later, he formed his own capital management group called Reifler Capital Management. He was the head of the sales desk there, dealing with foreign exchange, clients, institutional accounts, derivatives, and creating special programs for high net worth individuals and organizations.


Brad Reifler also helps Symetry Property Development as the director of that LLC and of ITG Marketing Research Inc. and ROOT Exchange. He has been a part of many different advisory boards and boards in general, such as the European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp as an independent director. He went to Bowdoin college where he got his bachelors degree.


His current firm has pledged to donate $3 million to a non profit called Seals Dixon Center which helps veterans everywhere in the nation. They act locally as well, helping veterans and their military families access solutions like education, healthcare, and employment. When asked for comment, Reifler said that the reason they did it was to make a big difference in the lives of veterans and military families and also help his clients with their financial lives too.


Among the services offered, and funded by the $3 million, are job training, caregiver training, education, and health services. The company is proud to give to the charity, and the charity is proud to be associated with Forefront Capital, a spokesperson said in a press release. They predict it will help more stable communities develop because more veterans will have access to the kind of growth needed, thanks to Brad Reifler.

Read Brad’s newest HuffingtonPost article, or see what he has to say in real time on Twitter.

Reasons Why You Should Be Using EOS Lip Balm

Using lip balm has several advantages. First, chapped and dry lips heal faster after lip balm is applied. Secondly, many lip balms contain an SPF to block some of the sun’s harmful rays. Lip balms also make lips appear fuller by moisturizing them and giving them a more youthful look. Lastly, chapped lips can be embarrassing, so wearing lip balm makes wearers feel more confident.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a popular lip balm that many people rave about. One of the main reasons that it gets great reviews from users is that it is very hygienic. EOS’ sphere-shaped container keeps out germs and dirt more efficiently than the twist up containers of competitors.

Fans of Evolution of Smooth choose the lip balm product, because it uses only natural and organic products. In addition, while many cosmetic companies test their products on animals, EOS is never tested on animals. Balm users care about what they put on their lips, so using EOS can alleviate any worries they have. EOS lip balms consist of shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. The products are hypoallergenic and free of petroleum and paraben.

Daily hydration and sun protection are some key reasons that people should use lip balm. However, not all lip balms are natural, free from animal testing, and offer utmost cleanliness like Evolution of Smooth. To learn more, visit the product’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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Success Is Counted In Different Ways By Thor Halvorssen

Major North American human rights groups have recently been shifting their focus to problems within the borders of the U.S. where important work has been completed regarding prison inmates and minority groups. The founder of New York based activism group the Human Rights Foundation, Thor is pleased such important work has been completed as he feels this allows he and his group to explore the problems facing those trapped in oppressive and closed societies.

Thor Halvorssen points to the number of political prisoners the Human Rights Foundation has freed over the course of its life which began in 2005, but refuses to be drawn into writing long reports about problems in democratic countries.

However, Thor Halvorssen is an individual who is not simply happy to sit on the sidelines and watch others do the work that may place them in harms way; Halvorssen has previously traveled to Vietnam and been beaten up by government officials after interviewing a political prisoner held under house arrest for over a decade.

Success for Thor Halvorssen comes in many different ways in terms of the human rights activism he has been a part of since his adolescence, including his first steps into activism with a sit in at a major corporation regarding Chinese slave labor policies. Halvorssen has spent the following years building a growing influence over the human rights activism industry that continues to the increase into the present day.

The work of Thor Halvorssen has crossed borders and led to many of those who were trapped in closed societies to freedom around the world. A major area of concern for Thor Halvorssen is that of Russia, where the Venezuelan has become an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin; by supporting activists such as the band Pussy Riot and former chess champion Gary Kasparov, Halvorssen has become a target himself, but continues his fight to bring social justice to these areas of the world.

My Wedding At Tarallucci e Vino

I swear it was basically love at first sight for me and my guy. I met him on a blind date. I hate blind dates but my good friend Megan said I would really like this guy so I went with it. That proved to be the best date of my life. After six months, we just knew it was right for us to marry. I had a few ideas about where we should hold the reception but ultimately, it was one place that truly caught my eye. That one private event space was Tarallucci e Vino. We looked in many places in the area. While a lot of them were nice, they stood out from the rest. The warmth of the staffers here was present the second we met with them. They made us feel special the second my fiance and I started to speak. They also made us feel as if they were there for us at all times, offering us the kind of services that would really make our wedding day a wonderful day.

Caring Professionals

Deciding on date for the wedding was also made easier with their help. They have several spaces that we could pick from and lots of dates that made sense for us. Unlike some other places, this was a place that did not give us the impression we were just another wedding to them to get through and move past. Instead, we got a lot of loving attention that helped us decide on the date, the menu and all the other details that had started to occupy my time. I had spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of wedding I really wanted to have. With their help, I was able to pull it off with ease and without the kind of stress I’ve seen so many of my friends go through when they were planning a wedding. Being a bride can be hard enough without having to worry that your reception space will be a hassle. I was able to spend more of my time focusing on finding the right wedding dress and the right flowers instead. This helped me concentrate on the really important part of the wedding: our joining together as man and woman forever.

Our Perfect Wedding Day

When the day dawned, everything was just right. The ceremony was full of love and happiness. I will never forget my fiance’s face and how much happiness I felt. Afterwards, when we all came to the Tarallucci e Vino, everything was perfect yet again. The space for our reception here was done up in flowers, making it feel like springtime. The waiters brought out the Italian menu we had ordered promptly and politely. I got to sit back and just enjoy my very first hours as a married woman. I will never forget the wonderful services we had here. Everyone remarked on the beauty of the space, making us feel that we had made the right choice for our reception space.

Find the directions to their Union Station location below to get an idea of where your own private event could be!