A Few Selects Experience High-End Toys for Boys At The Exotic Event Hosted By Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados is a graduate of Babson College, Wesley Massachusetts, with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. He later earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the IE Business School. He kicked off his career in Miami as an accountant advisor at Private Equity Investments. His broad experience in finance, research and data management earned him the associate position at Fireman Capital Partners in the year 2015.

He is an aggressive entrepreneur investor based in Miami. His business is inclined towards high-end art, accessories such as watches and outlandish vehicles. He has a one stop shop for all his merchandise, called The Toys for Boys Boutique. The skills he applies to his business is the result of years of experiences in managing art and real estate. Besides the boutique, he leads Edge of Glory Films, which is a production and distribution media company for the Latino community. It also controls the content delivered to the US from Venezuela.

July, this year, Danilo Diaz Granados hosted an unforgettable party for the men in Miami. His aim was to give them access and feel of invaluable toys that he showcased at the event.

He maintained the Miami standard of the elite and glamorous dining, with an addition of chopper rides experience at the racetrack, Dom Perignon drinks and evenings of sunset views during boat rides. Art exhibition and entertainment were not left out.

The helicopter lifts at Palm Beach Race Track lasted 30 minutes of excitement, which Danilo did not miss.The event allowed for each attendee to fly around the track and experience the control in the air. Exquisite lunch was served the River Yacht Club along the Miami River. Everyone enjoyed a welcome glass of Dom Perignon, courtesy of the host, Dom Perignon, as reported by Granado.

Select attendees witnessed the upcoming residents’ quarters in Biscayne, Miami, after enjoying breakfast at the One Thousand Museum Sales Center of Dame Zaha Hadid.

The ceremony was one of his various successful parties. It was a combined effort of organizations, companies, and sponsors, namely: Van Dutch Americas, Air Commander Aerospace, One Thousand Museum, and Gryphon Racing.

Delectable Flavors Of EOS Lip Balm

One of the things that I enjoy about EOS lip balm is that there are several flavors available. I have seen everything from spring and summer flavors to special editions for holidays. I mentioned on my Facebook blog how it’s hard to find only a few favorite flavors, but I think that there are a select few that I enjoy using more than the other ones that I have in my drawers at home and in my car.

My favorite compared to all of the other spheres is the sweet mint. It comes in a container that is mint green, matching the flavor. The mint has a delightful taste on the lips and an smell that is mesmerizing. It’s almost like a peppermint stick that you would smell at Christmas. Anther fun flavor that I enjoy, especially in the summer, is the strawberry sorbet. It’s like putting a glass of sorbet on the lips. The sweet scent makes me want to enjoy a piece of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream or a bowl of strawberry ice cream. https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

EOS lip balm offers organic lip balm products that are smooth and soft on the lips. The lip balms are organic, which is something I like because I know that they are safe to use. The lip balms by EOS are also full of vitamin E, protecting the lips from damage that can be caused by being in the sun. The products are available on Well, Walmart, Target and other select stores.


Changing Times in the UK Wine Market

The job of a UK vintner is to sell the wine. Wine can be made out of so many different things that you will never taste every flavor that they can come up with.

Here is an example of a common vineyard that could be found all over Europe and how the product makes it from the ground to the bottle.

The Grower

A vigneron works closely with the vintner to make the best quality wine possible. The vigneron on cultivates the main ingredient of the wine and is essential. If his product is sub-par, the wine will be sub-par, no matter who makes it. Both the placement of the field and personal care helps the produce grow to the best of its ability.

Manufacture and Sale

Next, the Negociant acts as a wine merchant. UK Vintners buy, sell, and trade in wine and all the ingredients that go into it. This is the person that does that actual wine making as well. When they sell the wine it is sold under their name, not the owner of the vineyards.

Why Have a Middle Man?

Negociants assumed this position as marketer of adult beverages because in years past it was hard for vineyard owners to have any access to buyers. They would employ these middle men to dispose of their product. It was too expensive for most growers to buy the necessary equipment to complete the bottled wine as well. Some owners of vineyards do make their own wine and act as Negociant, as well.

For more information, contact UK Vintners PLC online.

Bring in the Reinforcements

Viticulture is the science of grapes. A vitaculturist assists the vigneron with identifying where improvements can be made to improve quality. The vigneron monitors the growing grapes until maturity then harvests them. At harvest time the crushing and pressing of the grapes removes the juice. It takes patients to wait for the fermentation to complete. When the decision is made the concoction is filtered to remove any solid skin or stems. Finally, a taste test will need to be taken before the creation is separated into bottles, both jobs left to the vigneron.

Once the wine is completed it needs to be sold or drank. Some wines are aged while others are bottled right away. The vineyards today does not need to follow these rules of UK Vintners anymore but habit and respect for the way things once were keep these traditions alive.

Click here to view UK Vintners PLC on Crunchbase.

Tips on being a good manager

– Try to lead, and avoid being bossy. The difference between a boss and a leader is, the former only has himself in mind, while the latter puts the interest of his people before his. This way, a boss demands respect, whereas a leader earns it. Josh states that only leaders succeed in life.

– The leader looks at a situation from both sides of the coin, then strives to achieve a win-win situation. Being selfless, the leader would want to win and at the same time, want the society and employees to also win. He urges leaders never to go for a win-loss situation.

– The CEO of Flocku.com explains that, the reason one has one mouth and two ears is so that they could talk less and listen more. It is a virtue of a great leader to listen. He admits that few words bear much power.

– As much as one needs to focus on their business, a manager should find time for other things, such as family. He encourages leaders to balance their lives. Focusing too much on one thing will kill the chances of the other being great. Progress has to reflect in all areas of life. Make even the tiniest of efforts to improve not only our work life, but also your relationships, health, and personal growth.

It is passion that drives people to success. Waking up in the morning to do something you aren’t passionate about can be difficult.

About Josh Verne

The CEO of Flocku.com is undoubtedly a successful figure in business. Josh Verne boasts an enviable career. He sharpened his management skills when he served as co-president at Home Line Furniture. Later, he went ahead to form workpays.me. The online platform acts as a marketplace, which allows one to make purchases, deducting them from their payroll. He founded the company together with Jon Dorfman, his childhood best friend.

Mr. Verne later sold workpays.me for a fortune. He then went ahead to form Flocku.com, a company which he currently heads. The company is based in Pennsylvania. It works to enable college students to exchange content through peer-to-peer connections. The company was formed this year and has skyrocketed in terms of growth and the profits it is making.



Bruce Levenson Seeks A Successful End To Danny Ferry Insurance Claim

Bruce Levenson and his fellow former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise will make their way to the Superior Court of Fulton County in a bid to bring to a close an insurance claim dating back to April 2015. According to ESPN news, the claim made by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC group who owned the NBA franchise until the June 2015 sale to billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler relates to the mutual termination of the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry; Levenson’s attorney’s have revealed they believe the workplace insurance policy was triggered as early as April 2015 when the first discussions were held between insurance giant AIG and Levenson’s legal team.

In recent years, the focus of Bruce Levenson has switched away from the business success he has achieved as the co-founder of the United Communications Group and founder of the GasBuddy app; instead, Levenson has become even more dedicated to his charitable works that take up much of his time. In a bid to make sure communities are given a high level of support for the future the Levenson family played a major role in raising funds for the School of Philanthropy (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html) and Non Profit Leadership at The University of Maryland. The school initially focused on bringing new community leaders to the state of Maryland and has now developed a global approach that sees programs developed across areas of India and Africa by students.

The insurance claim made by Bruce Levenson that will be heard in the Fulton County Superior Court will have no effect on the work of the current owners of the NBA franchise. Bruce Levenson hopes to bring down the curtain on his ownership of the franchise with a final victory over an insurance claim his attorney’s feel should have been a simple one to complete.

For more info, refer to brucelevenson.com.