Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Offers Fun and Entertainment

Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa on July 1958. He undertook his studies in a traditional institution in the capital known as Pio X-Marist College. He also attended the University of Joao Pessoa, where he pursued business administration. As a professional, he started working at Café Santa Rosa and later established his company Cartonnage. Later on in his career, Roberto moved to the plot area where he obtained significant experience in the field.

The 58-year-old is well known for many successes in the business world, one among them being the Manaira Shopping Center. Roberto Santiago is the proud owner of the biggest shopping mall in the whole of Joao Pessoa. To this end, the mall has consistently worked hard to ensure a strong relationship with its customers. Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping has always trusted the traditional concept of providing a variety of comfort, fun, and leisure to its customers. The idea behind this ideology is to contradict the common belief that incredible hospitality is only available in the amazing beaches, rich cuisine and unbeatable sunsets that brighten the northeastern part of the city.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Center gives utmost importance to two aspects – fun and entertainment. Currently, the shopping mall offers a wide variety of products and services that are family friendly. Families looking for comfort, tranquillity, and fun when touring the city are guaranteed of utmost satisfaction. The space at the Manaira Shopping Center has reserved ballroom, movie theaters, bowling alleys, as well as an electronic amusement park. Both grownups and kids have the opportunity to partake and enjoy fun-filled activities. Going to the city of Joao Pessoa does not have to be boring anymore. One need not wonder how he or she will spend the entire day.

The Cinema is one of the greatest highlights of Roberto’s Investment. The shopping mall carries 11 rooms fully equipped with the latest technology. Apart from the 3D rooms and several VIP rooms, the cinema features a stadium system concept as far as seat arrangements are concerned. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Customers may also enjoy the bar service complete with gourmet popcorns, candy, and drinks catering for all tastes and preferences. The electronic amusement park, popularly known as the Game Station measures 1800 square meters and contains more than 200 machines for facilitating both gaming and ballroom. Space was opened up to act as a contemporary bowling lane, and it is fully electronic.

Another thing that cannot go unmentioned at Manaira is the gourmet space aimed at making it possible for families to enjoy a moment of tranquility. While here, you may grab a hamburger or a steak and other mouth watering delicacies. A full food court is also available inside the mall with the potential to satisfy diverse food tastes effortlessly.

Roberto Santiago is the owner of another shopping mall located in Paraiba, Mangabeira Shopping Mall which was inaugurated in 2014. Read more articles on

Vijay Eswaran’s Extraordinary Commitment To Education

QI Group Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Global Entrepreneurship at The 8th World Chinese Economic Summit, honoring his work in the QI Group of companies since 1998. However, Eswaran also encourages others to start their own business by becoming independent representatives of QNET, the QI Group’s flagship direct selling company. Eswaran’s philosophy of RYTHM, or Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, dictates QNET’s mission, which is to empower men and women to become successful by paying independent representatives a commission for promoting QNET’s products, which allows them to be in business for themselves.

A philanthropist as well as a successful entrepreneur, Eswaran was one of Forbes Asia’s Heros of Philanthropy in 2011. Working through two foundations; the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation, Eswaran primarily supports projects that benefit women and youth. With its mission of continuing the philanthropic work of Eswaran’s father, the Vijayaratnam Foundation supports a number of humanitarian projects.

In 2016, Eswaran was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Economics and Global Business from the Pannasastra University Cambodia. He also gave an inspiring speech at the university’s graduation ceremony. Deeply involved in education, Eswaran founded the Quest International University Perak, which is a QI Group and Perak state government joint venture. When University Council Chairman Eswaran spoke at the 18th Malaysian Education Summit, where he received the Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, he spoke about the need for Malaysians to learn to speak English to compete in the global market. Currently, the Quest International University Perak is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing universities.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 78th Anniversary

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the longest serving air conditioning service companies in Arizona, United States. For this reason, we are here to celebrate the 78th anniversary of the company, for all these years, Goettl Air Conditioning has worked to fulfill the complementary factors to help the state develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is unpredicted in the industry. For this reason, they were included in matters concerning working skills. Goettl Air Conditioning has also achieved its highest growth in the region. Since this is the birthplace of Goettl Air Conditioning, it is the place where it has experienced the highest growth and service delivery in the United States. While Goettl Air Conditioning has gone viral to acquire companies in other parts of the country, its services are better experienced by the people of Arizona.

In 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning was founded to become one of the largest heating and air conditioning companies in the United States. For this reason, it became the first automobile manufacturer to offer its air conditioning services in the region. For this reason, they went on to become the best companies in the country. As a matter of fact, no one has the better capability in this region than working management.

For all these years, the name of Goettl Air Conditioning has been recognized for excellence and high-end service delivery. For this reason, no one has better business than any other capability in the nation. Gust and Adam were the founders of the company. They were born in Hungary. When they moved to the United States, they developed a high interest in this business. As a result, their work drawn up to meet high-end standards in this region. For this reason, no one has better business management than Goettl Air Conditioning. This is the reason why its business will be adopted in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.

Whitney Wolfe Empowers Women With Bumble Dating App

Sorry Guys, your argument that there are more single men than women in the dating world is invalid. Online dating demographics show that the majority of people participating in online dating are in fact female. reports that 55% of its members are female. Almost 70% of eHarmony users are women and is the most female-dominated dating site with 72% of members being women.

Online dating has increased drastically over the last several years, with more than one-third of married couples in the United State having met online. Research even suggests that couples who met online are happier than couples who met through more conventional routes. More and more women want to venture into the world of online dating but find the whole process intimidating. The Bumble app solves that problem.

Founded by Whitney Wolfe, the Bumble app is the next generation of online dating. Bumble utilizes the swipe right format made popular by Tinder. The main difference between the two dating apps is that with Bumble, women are empowered. Once matches are made the woman always makes the first move. A common problem with online dating apps is harassment. Some people just can’t take no for an answer. Bumble found a solution. If a woman doesn’t respond to a connection within a day, the connection disappears forever.

While Bumble was developed with women in mind, it does not discriminate against same sex-couples. Both people in a same-sex connection are allowed to make the first move.

Whitney Wolfe developed Bumble with the hopes of correcting common complaints women have when interacting with men online. The 27-year-old CEO and founder of Bumble has experience where dating apps are concerned. In 2012 she co-founded Tinder. Ms. Wolfe left Tinder in 2014, amidst growing tensions with another executive, with a fresh outlook and the desire to create a dating community that empowered and encouraged women everywhere.

Whitney Wolfe has been featured in Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30. She was born and in Utah, received her early education in Paris, France, and attended college at Southern Methodist University.

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Jeffry Schneider’s Rise to the top as a Hedge Fund Specialist

Jeffry Schneider was born in Manhattan New York. He attended and graduated with a B.sci degree from the University of Massachusetts. He worked for financial services firms such as Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown. Jeffrey later ventured out of active employment and founded Ascendant Capital LLC., in March 2012. The company is an alternative investment firm which specializes in sourcing real estate, hedge funds, and private equity that is often scarce to investors.


Ascendant Capital gets involved in identifying and developing value-added resources suitable for qualified investors. The firm then distributes available offerings through private banks, family offices, international markets, brokerage firms, and Registered Investment Advisors.


Ascendant Capital operates as a listed and certified investment agent of Axiom Capital Management. Jeffry has raised more than $1 billion with the help of his growing personnel. Presently, they have over 30 employees. He has broad knowledge in the alternative investments markets. Ascendant Capital has experience in purchasing real estate, tech companies, and car dealerships. Jeffry has his eyes firmly set on the future, where he hopes to raise over $50 million every month.


Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments can decrease market volatility. His company has experienced progressive growth in the last few years and is expected to expand further. Jeffry observes that smart hedge funds allocation of shares to alternative investment are more superior to most RIA. However, many clients do not get full exposure to alternative investments.


Ascendant Capital’s success is attributed to its company culture. Jeffrey encourages a conducive working environment based on open dialogue and trust between teammates. He prides himself on transparency that he also extends to his clients. The company makes their customers a top fiduciary priority.


Jeffrey Schneider


Jeffry Schneider is a philanthropist who’s committed to helping the poor. He works in close collaboration with charitable organizations such as Wonders and Worries, Cherokee Home for Children, and the Gazelle Foundation; based in the Austin, Texas, area.


Jeffry cherishes healthy living. He schedules a time to train and compete in numerous half Ironman challenges. These arduous races require a 1-mile swim, a 55-mile bicycle ride, and the final 14-mile run. Jeffrey has been to several countries where he competes including Chile and Saint Croix.

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Advisors, speak to your clients on Social Security; Dave Giertz Makes the Case

In an interview with Veronica Dagher, a wealth advisor columnist at the WSJ, David Giertz advised the financial advisors to speak to their clients about Social Security.

A report of a survey that was done by the Nationwide Financials targeting the consumers at who had retired said that four out five clients would change their advisors if they would not talk to them about social security.

The reason why the advisors were not talking to their clients about social security can be attributed to the complexity of the matter. The social security handbook contains 2,700 rules which make it a complex matter on Most of the finance advisors find it hard to comprehend the terms used and thus are not in a capacity to advise their clients on social security.

David Giertz encouraged them to talk to their clients because of if they fail to, the clients will leave and find other advisors who will negatively affect their client retainer.

In addition, talking to their clients about social security will help the clients to maximize their retirement benefits. Lack of information on Spokeo will make the people turn their social security too early which will lead to a loss of $1000 per month. They need to inform their clients so that they can optimize their benefits.

About Dave

David Giertz is the president of the Nationwide Financials. This is a position he has held since 2013. He joined the firm in 2004, and he managed to rise through the ranks to become the president.

When he joined the company, he was the president of the financial institution distribution channel. In 2009, he became the president of the Wirehouse distribution channel.

He graduated from the Millikin University with Bachelor in Business Administration and Management. He also attended the University of Miami School of business for his MBA.

Arthur Becker Makes Successful Real Estate Deals

One of the most popular areas in the business world is the real estate industry. People from all walks of life are interested in real estate. From people looking to purchase a family home to multi-millionaires looking to close huge deals, the real estate industry has a wide variety of people who participate in the industry.

While most industries in the business world require participants to put up all or a vast majority of the money needed for business deals through their own funds, the real estate industry has many ways that people can secure the money needed to purchase real estate.

This is one of the aspects of the real estate industry that makes it very popular. People of all economic levels can seek to purchase real estate that in many ways is valued much higher than the amount of money that the people have to purchase the real estate. Real estate loans are the most common way that people secure the money to purchase real estate.

Many people are familiar with real estate loans. Although real estate loans are a tremendous help to people who do not have the money to purchase real estate outright, many people with the money to purchase real estate with their own funds still choose to use real estate loans to purchase real estate property. In these instances, many of the people prefer not to tie up their own funds in real estate deals.

There are many people who are very successful in the real estate industry. Usually these people have certain real estate markets that they seek out concerning real estate. One of the most popular real estate markets in the world is New York. One of the people who does very well in the New York real estate market is Arthur Becker. A multi-millionaire who according to his Linked In bio earned a large portion of his money in the biotech and info tech industries, Arthur Becker has made a large sum of money investing in New York real estate.

According to the NY Times, some of the high profile real estate deals that Arthur Becker has participated in include the Property Markets Group, AmBase Corp, and JDS Development Group. Another real estate deal in New York that has received a lot of attention related Arthur Becker is the Sullivan project, which involves luxury townhouses.

For more info, view Becker’s profile on

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What We Can Learn About Fabletics From Real Reviews

Fabletics has taken over the wardrobes of casual cool girls and workout fans everywhere thanks to its cute styles and convenient business model. When movie star Kate Hudson launched the brand in 2013, she was trying to appeal to a generation of fashion lovers who couldn’t get enough of the “athleisure trend” in which women incorporate comfy pieces of athletic gear into casual everyday wear.


The brand follows a very unique shopping model. Customers can purchase items directly from the Fabletics website but they are encouraged to join the VIP membership program. This program allows them to receive a full workout outfit in the mail each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. Shipping is included. Outfits are selected by Fabletics based on a survey that VIP members fill out upon signing up that asks questions about workout preferences and fashion tastes.


Fabletics has been around for almost four years now and thousands of athletic apparel enthusiasts have joined the VIP membership. We’ve made a list of what real Fabletics VIP members are saying about Kate Hudson’s brand.



  1. The Value is Too Good to Pass Up


Blogger Teri Hutceon couldn’t resist the value of the deal. By becoming a VIP member, she was able to receive a monthly workout outfit sent straight to her door for under $50 a month. Other popular athletic apparel brands charge that much for just one piece of clothing.



  1. The Quality is the Real Deal


Teri was also delighted to find that Fabletics clothes are made using very high quality materials. The brand uses high-performance, sweat-resistant fabrics that can withstand lots of intense movement and perspiration. The colors and prints don’t run or fade even after several washes.



  1. The Membership Program is Convenient


Joanie and Heather loved the idea of letting Fabletics pick out their outfits for them. The survey gives the company everything it needs to know about its customers, ensuring that the outfits that members receive are tailored to their own unique tastes and preferences.



  1. You Can Opt Out of the Program at Anytime


VIP members also appreciate the fact that they can easily opt out of the program whenever they want without being charged. Fabletics gives you the option to turn down an outfit at the beginning of every month in exchange for a refund of the monthly fee. However, with such cute and affordable outfits that are built to last, why would you want to drop out?

Lori Senecal Will Do Great Things At Crispin Porter + Bogusky

If you have ever watched NBC’s hit television show 30 Rock, you are familiar with the personality of Liz Lemon. Liz Lemon is never afraid to be her quirky and independent self. In fact, Lemon’s fidelity to her personality is a terrific strength. Staying true to herself, Lemon is able to navigate a team of rowdy and talented people towards a common goal week and after week. This can be inspiring to watch. At least, the new Global CEO for the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky seems to think so! Lori Senecal was recently named to this prestigious position, and Liz Lemon is one of her heroes.

Of course, Senecal knows that 30 Rock is just a fun television show. However, being able to draw insights from a variety of mediums is an important skill. It a skill that has helped Senecal succeed in the marketing world, a place where so many different ideas can be floating around at once. For example, Senecal realized early in her career that creating a common company culture is more than just a lofty idea. A common culture helps grease the wheels of progress. Senecal has always accomplished more through actively crafting a culture.

Through all of her successes, Senecal has never forgotten the people who inspired her along the way. According to, this is why Senecal is also passionate about giving back to her company through mentoring others. Mentoring can help accelerate the talents of others. The mentoring process is also rewarding for the mentors through being able to connect with younger generations.

Finally, Senecal is proud to be a woman in her industry. She understands that many women mistakenly hold back their talents waiting to be formerly call upon. Senecal understands you have to move in the direction of your fear. You can’t wait for someone to drag you to your goals. In fact, Senecal knows that small dose of fear women feel is actually the secret sauce for success!

Let’s keep our eye on Lori Senecal over at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She is sure to do great things! Learn more about Ms. Lori Senecal on