Securus Technologies Pushes the Correctional Facility Tech Adoption Further

Securus is a technology company with its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. The company is also found in other major cities like Texas and Dallas. Founded in 1986 as an American for profit, prison Technology Company, Securus currently houses over 1,000 employees and an approximate 2,600 contractors. Of interest to note also is that Securus majors in patents, technologies as well as acquisitions. A case in point is the $600 investment made by Securus in 2016.


Securus technologies has steadily expanded its scale of operation. In the year 2004, the two popular corrections market companies, Evercom and T-Netix merged. As a result Securus later acquired its first international brand in 2007.


The company offers a range of products and services. Just to mention a few, Securus came up with a system that controls the contraband systems. In 2016, its Access Solutions received approval in over five correction facility departments. Securus also partnered with Harris Corporation in 2016. Earlier 2017 the company announced its solution in wireless containment.


Securus was among most companies that served the inmates in the United States of America. Indeed, Securus is among the leading companies that facilitates both criminal and civil justice technologies. This ensures public safety, corrections, investigations and monitors against crimes. Consequently, this leads to a better and safer working environments of operation. In view of this, the company releases, new services every week. These services aim at solving and preventing crimes.


Most correctional facilities therefore rely on the legal information provided by Securus. Most important, the cases of harassment by the law enforcing bodies have also declined. This as a result has helped to curb mistreatment that was rather common in the recent past.

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