Todd Lubar on the Future of Entrepreneurs

One of the fastest growing innovations to hit the market in recent years is the implementation of smart technology in nearly every aspect of our lives. Recently, smart technology has taken the next great leap in its development, which has come in the form of smart homes. Smart homes are intended to make life as a whole, to put it simply, easier. Today the technology implemented in smart homes ranges from modest additions that only affect a small portion of the home, to full projects that completely revolve around smart technology implementation. Today high tech features, such as bathrooms that can detect problems with your individual health, or adjustable lighting that can be controlled remotely, are seen in smart homes around the globe. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Smart technology is developed from our need as people to do things simply, efficiently and safely. Have you ever forgotten to turn off an appliance? This can be a major nuisance or even a danger depending on the type of appliance. Virtual personal assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, are becoming increasingly more available to consumers. With smart technology implementation in the home, these worries quickly become non-factors. As smart technology continues to grow exponentially with each passing year, many forward-thinking entrepreneurs are beginning to take notice. New industries for smart homes, such as mesh routers for smart hubs, are popping up at an incredible rate. Currently, Seattle, WA, is the leader in smart homes across the globe, and smart home ownership is expected to rise significantly over the next ten years. One of the areas that entrepreneurs are attacking the smart home market is in the area of security. As smart homes become increasingly popular in major cities across the United States, smart homes will have to be able to handle the increased crime rates that generally accompany larger populations. Fingerprint locks, already a staple in many smart phones around the world, are creating new industries for entrepreneurs seeking to get a handle on the security market. Visit



President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, Todd Lubar has spent the majority of his career in the field of mortgage banking. After graduating from Syracuse University in 1999, Mr. Lubar began his career as a mortgage originator with Crestar Mortgage Company, before later taking a job with Legacy Financial Group.


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