Is It Beneful?

Beneful’sIncredibites are best for puppies and small dog breeds, such as Chihuahua’s, Pomeranian’s, Yorkie;s, etc. By far the most popular flavor of Incredibite’s among pet owners and pets is the ‘Real beef’ flavoring. What makes these snacks such a popular choice is that it contains real beef accented with carrots & peas. BenefulIncredibites also contain whole grain corn, whole grain wheat, rice, and garlic, making the food not only tasty to your pet, but also healthy and filling. Even more notable is that one cup of Beneful’sIncredibites contains only 366 calories, making it even more of a credible option for pet lovers.

The pricing for Beneful’sIncredibites ranges anywhere from $5-14 due to the size/weight of the bag, which can weigh anywhere from 3.5 – 15.5 pounds. Due to the tendency for these treats to not last long, there are various ways to reduce the dent in your pocket, such as deals through online retailers such as ‘Amazon’, coupon clipping sites like ‘Retail Me Not’, and you can also check your local sales paper for flash deals and price reductions.

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