Mikhail Blogoskonny’s brilliance as a scientist

Being a Professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny demands lots of respect when it comes to his skill and knowledge in the broad field of Oncology. His dedication to the study of cancer and how to treat it has taken him on a lifelong journey aimed at trying to improve the treatment used and to find a cure for it eventually. In his research quest, Mikhail Blagosklonny has always had one mission ahead which involves trying to finally come up with a cure or treatment that can be provided cheaply to those that cannot afford them. By doing this, he believes he would have given back to the community as a charitable act that would assist and enable those that are battling with cancer get better no matter their financial status.

As a scientist, Mikhail has involved himself in numerous studies and research that have enabled him to write critical academic papers or articles on various subjects pertaining cancer and the aging process. All these research papers touch on other vital disciplines that are under Oncology as a multi-disciplinary subject. These subjects he has reached and written about include Molecular biology as well as Cell biology. When researching and writing about these topics, Mikhail did conduct clinical trials to ascertain the undeniable facts that he wrote on.

In conducting all his academic research, Blogoskonnys’ main focal point has been in the study and research of oncogenes and tumors. In addition to these fields, Mikhail has also had a specific interest in the cell cycle, apoptosis, mitosis, signal transduction, and anticancer therapeutics.

From conducting these research and studies, Mikhail has been able to venture into the study of various other diseases that have a significant relation to cancer and the aging process in human beings. Through rigorous analysis and observation, he was able to relate cancer and its development in people with old age. In addition to all these brilliance from a man who has dedicated his life to science, he made a breakthrough by developing an anti-aging drug called Rapamycin. Rapamycin as an anti-aging drug can slow down the aging process in a person who takes it.

By connecting the aging process to the development of cancer, Mikhail was able to demonstrate his findings through mice and how old age increases the chances of developing cancer. He finally concluded that through the administration of Rapamycin the development of cancer could be procrastinated or prevented from forming. He was able to show this through the signaling role of TOR in cancer and the aging process in cells.

His studies also revealed on how the rapamycin drug can treat Alzheimer’s disease through another research that he was able to carry out in mice successfully. From his, in-depth research, he showed how the miracle drug could minimize lesions in the brain of mice thus preventing the cognitive defects that the mice brains would have otherwise developed. Through his studies and intensive researches, Mikhail has become renowned world over as a brilliant scientist who does his ultimate best in trying to end man demise by deadly diseases.


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