Securus technology is a prison technology company is the United States. This is a company that deals with control of cell phones to get the required information to act as evidence of crimes committed. It provides leads to civil and criminal justice technology solutions. This helps to improve public safety and modernize imprisonment experience. It is also the biggest suppliers of prisoner communication, parolee tracking and government information management solutions. Its sole concentration is the specific needs of the corrections and law enforcement communities. It is also in the forefront in delivering responsive customer service.


Securus Technology assists in getting information from recorded calls and sent messages via mobile phone, which serves as evidence to incriminate someone or a company. They help track all the information on the crimes committed by use of technology like recording calls when an inmate in prison calls relatives or their lawyers. This helps the judiciary to learn the truth behind every crime and the state of witnesses. They also track the parolees to monitor their movement and communication to get information that can be used in the court of law.


This technology helps in the monitoring of the inmates to find out any alcohol and drug use, drug selling in the facility, possible access to cellular devices, threat, and suspicious conversations concerning money transfer and crime information. Currently, there has been an evolution of investigative tools and capabilities that enable investigations and improve jail security posture. These apparatuses enable staff to direct examinations when there is a potential danger to the security of the facility.


Securus technologies have been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) meaning they have worked with BBB to meet the required standards. To craft its products and acquisitions, Secures Technologies carefully listens to corrections/law enforcement and inmates. Securus is on the front line with improving facility customers and saving lives.


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