George Soros’s Foundations Becomes Second-Largest in the Nation

The NY Times recently revealed George Soros’s tremendous donations to Open Society Foundations. The Billionaire hedge fund manager’s worked on Wall Street for decades. He made a living handling enormous amounts of funds, earning himself a many pretty pennies along the way.

Over the years, he’s been slowly donating between $800 and $900 million a year. On Tuesday, NY Times announced that his total donation figure was close to $18 billion. He’s the reason his organization, Open Society, became the second-biggest philanthropic foundation in the country. The only bigger foundation is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

While Bill Gates is more well-known, he’s probably not as determined as George Soros. Soros is obviously the more focused of the two. Soros spent the last 30 years building his foundation into an international help center. Although their main function is promoting democracy, Open Society Foundations also fight human and civil rights.

Currently, Open Society funds programs and organizations in over 120 countries. Lately, the foundation’s been focused on helping the United States reclaim its equality. Over the last few years, America’s re-invigorated its hateful ways. Hate groups come out of the woodworks every other day.

Open Society’s shifted its focused to taking down these hate groups. There’s currently a national hate wave swiping across the U.S., and Open Society is doing its best to protect as many groups as possible. Soros’s even gotten personally involved in political movements to bring an end to all the hate.

His political support hasn’t been the best time of his life. Along with any political standing, the opposition will create false accusations to bring people down. In Soros’s case, the right-wing leaders have created numerous stories about him undermining European countries’ governments, along with a long list of other weird stories.

A lot of those stories are mentioned in a JPost article about the demonization of philanthropy. For those who don’t know what philanthropy is: it’s helping others for genuine reasons. George Soros’s dedicated his life to helping the weak and helpless, which is viewed as a horrible thing by conservatives.

Much of the hate targeted at Soros is due to one business move he made in the early 90s. Since then, people just have a bad idea about who he really is and to know more

Jeunesse Global Marks Another Successful Comeback For Founders

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to take their third and final shot at retirement, the couple was sure that, this time, they could make it work. Both Ray and Lewis had spent a lifetime building successful businesses in the health and beauty industry. They had finally decided that they would hang up their entrepreneurial hats for good, in exchange for a slower-paced lifestyle that would allow them to spend more time with their grandchildren.


However, the boredom of days without activity set in quickly. Lewis began selling a few beauty products out of the couple’s garage. It wasn’t long before Ray jumped in right alongside her. The couple, which had spent decades successfully building businesses and had long had plenty of money to never have to work again, could not help themselves. Soon their old work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit kicked into overdrive. Jeunesse Global was born.


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In its first year of operations, the company made almost $1 million in sales. By the company’s fifth year, it was doing tens of millions per year in global sales. Today, Jeunesse Global is an international powerhouse in the health and beauty industry. The company has an extensive lineup of products, all of which are completely unique to Jeunesse.


One example of the company’s high degree of innovation is the Nevo energy drink. Unlike many energy drinks on the market today, Nevo is made of all-natural ingredients. The patented process that Ray and Lewis personally developed for the drink’s manufacture uses a minimum of industrial processes. The drink has all-natural fruit juices and comes in four distinct flavors: peach mango, lemon ginger, mixed berry and acai grape. Users say that the drink has a much mellower come-down, avoiding the harsh crash experienced by more synthetic energy drinks. See This Page to learn more.


Other products in the company lineup include the skin creme known as Luminesce. The innovative creme contains patented molecules that have been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles and restore a vibrant and youthful glow to the skin.


Luminesce, like most of the other products from Jeunesse, was developed specially for the company. It is only available through Jeunesse distributors. Read Jeunesse Global Fastest Growing Company Year for more information about the company


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Dr. David Samadi Talks about his Long Career in Robotic Surgery

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Dr. David Samadi, Chair of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, talked about his fascinating life and career. Despite his impressive professional track record, for Samadi, family comes first, and he is a firm believer in the importance of family life.

Samadi began his career as an undergraduate at SUNY-Stony Brook, where he went on to complete his MD degree. He later completed a urology residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as well as a fellowship in proctology. It was at this point that Samadi became fascinated with the technology that would change his professional life. He was chosen to undertake a fellowship in France in order to specialize in robotic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. David Samadi is now a leading authority on robotic surgery and has even pioneered the SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique). By developing this procedure, Dr. Samadi has managed to solve a perennial problem in the field of urology. Traditionally, doctors removing a prostate would peel off the nerves attached to a prostate, which had a number of potential side effects, including erectile dysfunction. Thanks to Dr. Samadi’s new technique, these risks are now greatly diminished thanks to higher-precision robotic techniques.

Despite his successes, Dr. Samadi is hardly one to rest on his laurels. On the contrary,he regularly wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and is in the office by 6:00. In fact, according to Dr. Samadi, he prefers being an early bird as this allows him to get a lot done while everyone else is still in bed. Although he only performs surgery 2-3 days a week, his schedule is still always hectic as the doctor must provide pre-operative and post-operative care to his patients.

One business trend that has captured Dr. David Samadi’s imagination is the current focus on results. He believes that being results-driven is far more advantageous than simply taking in part in countless drawn-out meetings lacking purpose. One piece of advice he gives readers is to invest in tele-medicine and tele-surgery, as he believes these are industries that will dominate medicine in the future.

Dr. David Samadi says that he wouldn’t change a thing about his life. Thanks to his tremendous work ethic and his desire to help people, he has built a career of which he is most proud. He is not all about work, however. The eminent urologist enjoys playing a variety of sports when he needs to unwind and is also partial to a game of backgammon on occasion.

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Greg Secker Knows The Power Of Taking Time To Think

When he was given the chance to share about a typical day in his life, Greg Secker mentioned that he does not have a typical day. No two days are the same for him, as he has a variety of projects that he works on and he is always up to something new. There are days when he is traveling to handle the speaking that he does and there are days when he is working on other things. This man is someone who stays busy and he is someone who lives a varied life.

There are various ways that different people will go about being productive. There are some who work hard to make sure that all of their ideas turn into realities, and there are others who will simply wait and see what becomes of the dreams that they have. When Greg Secker was given the chance to share about how he has found success, he shared that he gives himself time to think. He is someone who likes to spend time just thinking so that he can come up with new ideas. He knows that there is much to be gained through spending time thinking in quiet.

Greg Secker is someone with many roles that he has taken on, and he handles each one of them in a way that makes him deserving of respect. This man is a father, someone who works hard at being a good parent. Mr. Secker is a speaker, and there are people who enjoy listening to him and learning from him. He is an entrepreneur and a master trader. Greg Secker is a philanthropist who is always up to something good. This man is someone who has a passion to improve the lives of others, and he does all that he can to do just that.

Greg Secker has spoken alongside some well-known speakers, including Anthony Robbins. He has spoken on CNBC and Bloomberg, and he has been given the chance to share the knowledge that he has in big ways.

George Soros Fights for Open Societies

George Soros has been accused of many things, but one thing nobody has dared to say about him is that he doesn’t care about changing the world around him. He has made it clear he wants to help bring more globalization and equality into the world. Where he differs is on how he plans to do so. Through his Open Society Foundation Soros works actively to bring about a more connected world. He has given up large portions of his billion dollar fortune in order to make sure his vision comes to light. The size of his philanthropy surprises even the most generous donor.

The Open Society Foundation was founded by George Soros as a part of his plan to bring about a better connected world. He understood from the beginning his goal wouldn’t be an easy one, and he’s seen demonization and scathing criticisms from the right. This has only made the need for the Open Society Foundation even more obvious. The world can’t progress if people refuse to accept each others’ ideas or if we disconnect our economies. It’s well known that such activity results in economic decline among other issues. George Soros wants to fight against this exact thing.

While George Soros has certainly distinguished him as one of the world’s wealthiest investors, he’s made a bigger difference through his political actions. Soros is a big believer in democracy and the free market as a way to uplift any society. He played a key role in helping is birth country Hungary make a peaceful transition to democracy and helped bring other eastern European countries into the modern world with their own prospective movements. This has made him one of the most important forces in bringing the developing world into modern hands despite the lack of any public discussion of his role.

Soros is giving $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation at the most critical time for open societies today. He’s well aware of the reality that many people on the right want to bring the West back to an earlier state, but he refuses to allow it to happen. Although conservatives have a general grip on power in many countries, he is using his wealth to form part of the resistance to the overall scheme of things. Without his help it’s likely many of these movements would never have gotten as far they have today.

The impact of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation through recent decades has been staggering, but he doesn’t want to slow down or become complacent. He understands there is a clear and obvious need to protect the progress the left has made and there is a need to continue forward. The world benefits from societies in which people are free to choose their position in life. Free trade gives everyone from the very poor in the developing world to the very rich in the developed world more wealth. Soros wants to make sure we continue to progress towards this way of life.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Enters into Partnership with NantHealth & Allscripts

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) recently partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth in implementing a tailor-made solution which will for the first time make it possible for evit ( a NantHealth clinical decision support solution) access to clinical workflows in EHR( Allscrpt sunsrise Electronic Health Records ). The integration will eliminate interruptions in the cancer treatment process. The interface of the clinical operating system was designed and built through collaborative efforts of several oncologists all over the country. “Clinical pathways present various treatment options. It also makes it impossible for clinicians to perform their duties with uncertainty.

We strongly believe that this software will help in improving service delivery” said George D. who is the chief medical officer at CTCA. He said that together with several other doctors they have been able to create an ecosystem of treatment options tailor-made to the CTACA operating system.Clinical pathways provide ground for transparency within a therapeutic selection as well as care delivery. Besides, it also ensures the reduction in variability in care hence improving quality and efficiency. Clinical pathways also have the capacity quicken approvals from insurance service providers by availing only necessary clinical data to aid chosen cancer treatment techniques.CTCA has its headquarters in Florida.

The body is comprised of 5 hospitals which treat cancer patients all over the United States of America. The five hospitals follow an integrative approach towards cancer treatment. It uses traditional methods such as chemotherapy; immunotherapy and as surgery while at the same time providing integrative therapies to assist manage side effects.CTCA first had its offices in Schaumburg, Illinois but relocated to Boca Raton Florida in January 2015. It also rebranded to Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. The umbrella body has done significant work when it comes to treatment of cancer patients in the US.

Obsidian Energy: A Brand-New Start

For such a long time, the prices of oil and petroleum remained high. However, in 2014, countries supplying oil to the world market like Iran and Russia started to over produce, creating surplus. It resulted to the lowering of the price of oil and petroleum, and many people around the world rejoiced. For the first time in history, the prices of oil decreased, and it would result in a positive chain reaction, bring the prices of goods and services down. However, on the other side of the spectrum, oil and petroleum companies perished, and one of those affected greatly by the decrease in the prices of oil and petroleum is Obsidian Energy, a once top performing Canadian company. The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).



Before the price changes in 2014, Obsidian Energy is ranked as one of the top 60 companies in Canada based on performance. They are constantly on the list of the top companies at the Toronto Stock Market, and the company was valued at $9.5 billion. People are buying their stocks, and investors are pouring in because of their potential to grow. However, things changed quickly after the movement of oil and petroleum price. Obsidian Energy almost became bankrupt, and their debts started to inflate. The company has to cut the number of employees working for them to save money, and from the original 2,500 labor force, it went down to just 300. Obsidian Energy also cut their expenditures, and they had to go under a restructuring and rebranding process to save more money. David L. French was named as the new president and CEO of Obsidian Energy, and he was tasked to find ways on how to save the company. Get More Information about the company by clicking the link.



David L. French accepted the challenge because he knew that Obsidian will bounce back. Today, he is focusing on the oil wells that the company built in the past, located on the western part of Canada. He believes that the oil wells still have oil and petroleum deposits that they can sell to earn additional profits. Obsidian Energy is able to produce about 31,000 barrels of oil daily, and David L. French is optimistic that this value would help the company to go back on track.


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Matthew Autterson-A Coloradan Leader With Educational and Scientific Passions

Matthew Autterson serves a board member at Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). He had that role since September 2013. FAB is a nonprofit company that provides adaptive technologies to people with neuromotor impairments. He became the CEO and President of CNS Bioscience, Inc in July 2013. CNS is committed to discovering neuropathic pain drugs. Scott Falci M.D. created this company in 2013. Autterson has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Matt has been a managing partner at GLB3 Partners Limited, LLP since July 2001.


First Trust Corporation, a Fiserv affiliate, was Autterson’s first employer. He worked at that company until 1982. In 1982, Autterson helped establish Resources Trust Company (RTC). Resource Trust Company is a subdivision of the Integrated Resources company. He was appointed President of Resources Trust Company in 1986. Broad Inc. bought Resources Trust Company in 1989. Broad Inc. was renamed as SunAmerica Inc. In 1998, AIG purchased SunAmerica for $18 billion. Fiserv acquired RTC from AIG in May 2001. RTC had over 200,000 customers and 700 employees from Colorado. The customers were referred to RTC by 15,000 financial advisors. Custodial assets were over $20 million, whereas liabilities (i.e. deposits) were at $1 billion.


In 1979, Autterson got his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. As of 1918, He was a student at the University of Denver Tax Program. In 1975, Matt graduated from Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.


Mr. Autterson cares about animal welfare, Matthew Autterson is on the Board of Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation. He was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice for 15 years. The Do At The Zoo in 2000 was successful thanks to Autterson’s acquaintances, who brought in sponsors. He was member of the Board of Directors at Webb-Warring Foundation from 1996 to 1998. Education is also an important cause for him. From January 1993 to May 2009, Autterson was member and finance chair of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and World Presidents’ Organization (WPO).


Mr. Autterson lives with his wife Lori and children in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. Detroit is his hometown. He has his own channel on YouTube with four videos. Autterson is a fan of SAVVY Award winner Mickey Ackerman. He is a follower of Arpahoe Tennis Club.


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Ricardo Tosto, The face of Law Practioners in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto, The face of Law Practioners in Brazil

It is very much in order to say that searching for an attorney in Brazil is pretty easy. Such an activity shouldn’t be any troublesome since there is impressively a decent number of legitimate experts in the around. There is a consistently expanding number of legal counselors in various towns crosswise over Brazil. Senior legal counselors have turned out to be more skilful by the day.

Brazilian law throughout the years has been derived from noteworthy statures in Europe and the world all over. This establishment has additionally observed the development of powerful law professionals in equal measure. Among the most notable law moguls in the Brazil is include: – Ricardo Tosto. He is situated in the capital, he however works for clients anywhere around the country. The mention of lawyers in the country is not complete without mentioning his name. He presents the face of lawyers in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto has been named as one of the best attorneys and law business people ever. He is additionally said to have remarkable zeal and professionalism in his endeavors. Ricardo has had long journey from his previously working as a novice legal counselor with a little to being one of the biggest law practitioners in the Brazil. He has effectively been engaged with litigants from a large number of organizations and identities in cases that were grand. The decisions for such cases have later been utilized as a part of different decisions in Brazilian courts significantly for reference in other cases.

While in his long stretching career, challenges have been inescapable. He has sometimes found himself in circumstances that required awesome alert and smartness. Ricardo Tosto has kept up respect in his profession and guided his reputation from negative publicity. His practice has been at the focal point of legal and legitimate changes. A portion of the exercises he has been associated with have been of awesome monetary significance in the nation.

Ricardo Tosto prides himself in setting the pace for many other professionals in law in the country. The Brazilian law society holds a high regard for this high flying lawyer. He has been instrumental in shaping.

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How Sahm Adrangi Stays Successful On Wall Street

A recent article describes a former hedge fund credit manager who worked on Wall Street for several years. He recently decided to take a sabbatical from his career. He hasn’t decided yet whether he wants to return to Wall Street or retire from it instead in order to pursue other opportunities in his life.

This individual graduated from Penn State and then entered the financial industry in New York working for Merrill Lynch. He worked on the credit desk starting out and eventually earned a position on the bond desk. Eventually, his experience led to trading credit for a $3 billion hedge fund at another financial company, Longacre. During his time at Longacre he worked with another younger person in the financial industry, Sahm Adrangi. Later on he went on to make $6 billion shorting mortgage bonds during the 2007-2008 meltdown in the real estate industry.

Sahm Adrangi is also someone with several years of experience on Wall Street. In 2003 he graduated from Yale University with a BA in economics. He soon landed a position as an analyst for Deutsche Bank in New York. About one and a half years later he took the same position at another company, Chanin Capital Partners, also in New York. In this position he worked in the bankruptcy restructuring group. It was in 2007 that he had also joined Longacre Fund Management LLC as one of their analysts, using his expertise to help steer a distressed debt fund with $2 billion in assets under management.

Sahm Andrangi is now the chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC. He founded this investment company in April 2009 after having left Longacre. He now has $150 million in assets under management. The two things that Sahm Adrangi is best known for in the industry is short selling company stocks and publishing his research into the performance of companies around the world. Some of his biggest successes occurred with Chinese companies. In both 2010 and 2011 his research led him to realize that some of the companies were frauds. He shorted their stock and then printed his research showing that the companies were scam outfits, earning his company a lot of money an more

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