George Soros Fights for Open Societies

George Soros has been accused of many things, but one thing nobody has dared to say about him is that he doesn’t care about changing the world around him. He has made it clear he wants to help bring more globalization and equality into the world. Where he differs is on how he plans to do so. Through his Open Society Foundation Soros works actively to bring about a more connected world. He has given up large portions of his billion dollar fortune in order to make sure his vision comes to light. The size of his philanthropy surprises even the most generous donor.

The Open Society Foundation was founded by George Soros as a part of his plan to bring about a better connected world. He understood from the beginning his goal wouldn’t be an easy one, and he’s seen demonization and scathing criticisms from the right. This has only made the need for the Open Society Foundation even more obvious. The world can’t progress if people refuse to accept each others’ ideas or if we disconnect our economies. It’s well known that such activity results in economic decline among other issues. George Soros wants to fight against this exact thing.

While George Soros has certainly distinguished him as one of the world’s wealthiest investors, he’s made a bigger difference through his political actions. Soros is a big believer in democracy and the free market as a way to uplift any society. He played a key role in helping is birth country Hungary make a peaceful transition to democracy and helped bring other eastern European countries into the modern world with their own prospective movements. This has made him one of the most important forces in bringing the developing world into modern hands despite the lack of any public discussion of his role.

Soros is giving $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation at the most critical time for open societies today. He’s well aware of the reality that many people on the right want to bring the West back to an earlier state, but he refuses to allow it to happen. Although conservatives have a general grip on power in many countries, he is using his wealth to form part of the resistance to the overall scheme of things. Without his help it’s likely many of these movements would never have gotten as far they have today.

The impact of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation through recent decades has been staggering, but he doesn’t want to slow down or become complacent. He understands there is a clear and obvious need to protect the progress the left has made and there is a need to continue forward. The world benefits from societies in which people are free to choose their position in life. Free trade gives everyone from the very poor in the developing world to the very rich in the developed world more wealth. Soros wants to make sure we continue to progress towards this way of life.

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