George Soros’s Foundations Becomes Second-Largest in the Nation

The NY Times recently revealed George Soros’s tremendous donations to Open Society Foundations. The Billionaire hedge fund manager’s worked on Wall Street for decades. He made a living handling enormous amounts of funds, earning himself a many pretty pennies along the way.

Over the years, he’s been slowly donating between $800 and $900 million a year. On Tuesday, NY Times announced that his total donation figure was close to $18 billion. He’s the reason his organization, Open Society, became the second-biggest philanthropic foundation in the country. The only bigger foundation is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

While Bill Gates is more well-known, he’s probably not as determined as George Soros. Soros is obviously the more focused of the two. Soros spent the last 30 years building his foundation into an international help center. Although their main function is promoting democracy, Open Society Foundations also fight human and civil rights.

Currently, Open Society funds programs and organizations in over 120 countries. Lately, the foundation’s been focused on helping the United States reclaim its equality. Over the last few years, America’s re-invigorated its hateful ways. Hate groups come out of the woodworks every other day.

Open Society’s shifted its focused to taking down these hate groups. There’s currently a national hate wave swiping across the U.S., and Open Society is doing its best to protect as many groups as possible. Soros’s even gotten personally involved in political movements to bring an end to all the hate.

His political support hasn’t been the best time of his life. Along with any political standing, the opposition will create false accusations to bring people down. In Soros’s case, the right-wing leaders have created numerous stories about him undermining European countries’ governments, along with a long list of other weird stories.

A lot of those stories are mentioned in a JPost article about the demonization of philanthropy. For those who don’t know what philanthropy is: it’s helping others for genuine reasons. George Soros’s dedicated his life to helping the weak and helpless, which is viewed as a horrible thing by conservatives.

Much of the hate targeted at Soros is due to one business move he made in the early 90s. Since then, people just have a bad idea about who he really is and to know more

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