How Israeli-Americans Are Being Helped By Adam Milstein and His Visions For The Future

A piece that was wrote by Adam Milstein and printed in the Jerusalem Post discussed the challenges that the Jewish community are facing in the United States today. The discussion was focused around building the Jewish heritage around the next generation of Jewish people. Trying to instill the right kind of pride and helping them to relate to their identity of being a Jewish member of society.

In 2013, there was a research study done by the Pew Research Center. In the study, there was an alarming amount of distance between Jewish Americans and their level of affiliation that is taking place with the millennials and their distance between Israel and them.

Adam Milstein goes on to discuss how the next generations of Jewish Americans can be changed by Israeli-Americans. The people who known as being Israeliness is used to bring awareness to the American Jews. They are attracted to the society and find it easier to engage between the generations of people. The latest generation of Jews is working to serve as ambassadors to the state of Israel and the United States.

Adam Milstein goes on record to discuss the role of the Israeli-American Council, a board that he sits on which brings programs to those of the Jewish community. The IAC is now working with the community and spreading the word of Israeliness throughout the United States. It is with their help that the IAC is changing how the next generation of Jews is changing the ways Jewish people are recognized.

Until recently, the young adults of the Jewish community were not as educated as they are now. With IAC backing them, the American Jews are now focusing on bringing bilingual programs into the lives of the graduating high school students. Through the use of Israeli entrepreneurs, the ability to bring leadership skills to those students is becoming easier.

For students who are living on college campuses, they have the option of using the Mishelanu program. This program is able to provide the Israeli Americans in the community to live in a program that is focused on bringing awareness to their heritage and learning the Hebrew language. Many of the programs have been ideas that Adam Milstein has stood behind to bring more awareness to the Jewish community.

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