Stream Energy Sept 8, 2017 Press Release Recap

Market Strategies International surveyed 52 Retail Electric Providers (REP) in Texas. Stream Energy ranked as one of the most well-regarded companies of the ones surveyed.

This study was based on the following things:

  • Community Support
  • Customer Support
  • Communications Effectiveness
  • Environmental Dedication
  • Local Reputation
  • Reliable Quality
  • Competitive Rates
  • Enhanced Offerings
  • Billing and Customer Service

The results were referenced to a study of brand trust. Brand trust is based on how well a company helps customers and communities when trouble arises. Read more at about Stream Energy.

A company official at Market Strategies said that companies that help when needed will be more successful in business.

The first week of September 2017 Stream Energy donated money to a relief organization to help with hurricane disaster recovery efforts. Stream also announced they would work with customers who had trouble making timely blll payments.

Stream Energy president and CEO Larry Mondry said, “We appreciate being noticed for something we just do. This is part of our company’s mission. Our team works hard every day to provide great value to our customers.”


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy, founded in 2005, is based in Dallas, Texas. They had the idea of selling energy by word of mouth. They have now become one of the bigger energy companies in the world. Stream Energy has generated over 8 billion dollars in revenue since its start in 2005.

Stream Energy provides services in four areas. These include the following:

  • Energy Services: Electric and Gas Energy Plans
  • Wireless Services: Phone talk, text and data
  • Protective Services: Roadside Assistance, Identity Protection, Credit Monitoring, Tech Support
  • Home Services: Smart Home, Digital Voice Services for calling and safety alerts

These services work seamlessly for Stream’s customers’ mobile style of living to keep them connected where ever they are. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

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