Tony Petrello And Nabors Industries Helping Houston Overcome Hurricane Harvey

The people of Houston really showed the world what it means to corporate with each other in the midst of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. The city and surrounding areas were devastated by the hurricane in 2017. Since some people lost their homes, they did not have a place to cook and eat. Many people and organizations lent a hand like the Houston Food Bank and some of the churches in Texas, but there were other individuals who also helped during this time like Tony Petrello. Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, and he made it the company’s mission to help.

Those who have been observing the company under Tony Petrello’s guidance were probably not surprise to see the company take such an active role during these trying times. The people within Nabors Industries have participated in a number of community efforts, such as neighborhood projects to try to improve life for those living in this area. Nabors Industries has donated money and time many times before, so it made sense that the company helped after Hurricane Harvey. Some of the people in the company were directly affected by the hurricane. It was only right that these good-hearted individuals were given paid leave to go and donate their time where it was needed.

Most of these drilling specialists were sent to the Gulf Coast and others fed people using Nabors Industries‘ large kitchen. A lot of the people affected by this hurricane lost their homes and had no place to cook or food to eat, which made this service vital. The people who enjoyed this company’s hospitality were given three meals every day, which is enough to bring some joy in a time when joy was hard to find.

Tony Petrello’s employees know how important a little joy is. The company has nurtured this for some time. It has offered employees a staff BBQ pit where they can take a moment to relax while eating. The company has also provided a health center to its employees who want to improve their overall health. So, it is easy to see that when the company provided relief, it was something that the company was naturally compelled to do. Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries’ employees are more than happy to be there for Houston in any way needed. It is easy to see how Houston and Texas was able to overcome this disaster because the state is full of big hearts.

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Shervin Pishevar Supports Startup Companies

Shervin Pishevar is undeniably one of the most successful all-around entrepreneurs of his generation. Pishevar is a renowned researcher, venture capitalist, and investment expert who has continued to support various startups over the years. The serial entrepreneur is the co-founder of Hyperloop Technologies and Sherpa Capital and served as the chairman and managing director of the two firms respectively.

Shervin Pishevar served as Menlo Ventures’ advisor and managing director between 2011 and 2014. While at Menlo, a capital fund organization valued at about $4 billion, Shervin is a board member and works collaboratively with various teams, including the ones at Warby Parker, Uber, Tumblr, and Machine Zone. In 2011, the innovative technology entrepreneur played a significant role in the launch of the Menlo Talent Fund. Between 2005 and 2011, Pishevar served as Webs’ founding president as well as its COO.

Shervin Pishevar’s sharp management skills saw him double various leadership positions while at Ionside Interactive. Apart from being the company’s co-founder, he doubled as the president, Head of Product, director, and Business Development among other positions between 2001 and 2004. The angel investor established WebOS in 1997 and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2001when he simultaneously co-founded Seges Capital and Application Corporation.

In addition to representing the US government in various international entrepreneurial functions, Pishevar continues to play a vital role in the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurial Council. He has been a key speaker in several entrepreneurial summits, including in Algeria. Because of his creativity, hard work and commitment, he has earned a number of awards in the course of his career. At the tender age of 21, Shervin Pishevar had already co-authored a globally recognized seminar paper. The venture capitalist pursued a BA degree from the University of California. Other than supporting startup companies, he served and continues to play a crucial role in the education sector.

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Sussex Healthcare: A Friendly Philosophy

Dr. Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare has worked diligently his whole career to help create a senior living center that balanced medicine, with mental well-being. Sussex Healthcare currently has 20 different living facilities, a legacy that was built on what can only be called a friendly philosophy.

As Chairman, Dr. Sachedina and co are dedicated to providing seniors with the daily comfort, enjoyment, and autonomy of living alone, with the comfort and safety of having medical staff on call in the even of an emergency.

Sussex Healthcare puts a priority on quality of life, because they know that families just want to rest easy knowing that their loved ones are in a safe environment that still allows them to be their own people and enjoy the golden years of their lives with ease, comfort, and grace.

Dr. Sachedina makes sure to build a climate of care and nurturing. He encourages staff to interact with and get to know each resident individually. These kind of connections are great for building a bond of trust and friendship. This philosophy and approach has made Sussex Healthcare a leader in quality senior living.

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Sussex Healthcare also focuses on providing nutritious, fresh, wholesome food to keep the residents energized, full of vitality, and ready to face each new day fresh. The center provides a relaxed dining atmosphere as well as a wide array of excellent dishes prepared by trained chefs who want nothing more than to see full, happy faces.

Sussex Healthcare also takes a unique approach to treating dementia patients. They encourage an active lifestyle and approach even with this debilitating illness according to While it is often best to engage and interact with dementia patients to treat them, often this can be a big burden for families that already have so much on their plate to begin with. Sussex Healthcare helps them to rest easy knowing their loved one will receive round the clock care, and be engaged regularly in activities to keep the mind and body active.

The philosophy and approach that Dr. Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare takes is one of balance and innovation. Providing overall care and comfort offers a well-being experience that makes it a favorite of those who attend. Family members can rest easy finally knowing that their loved one, parent or grandparent is in capable, professional, and above all, warm and caring hands that will be there every step of the way to help your loved one in their assisted living journey.

As the President of the Ismaili Council and a secretariat in the Aga Khan Jamati Institutions, Shafik plays a huge role in the 16 Ismaili regions. He is responsible for co-coordinating the Ismaili programmes in these areas. The role of interfacing with the Ismaili Community institutions in Central Asia and the Aga Khan networks are also performed by Shafik Sachedina.

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The Advancement of Women’s Social Issues

Women versus men has been a long standing debate throughout history. Women have been doing many of the same things as men for years, but they have never really received the credit for doing so. This is one of the major issues in society now days, but things have drastically improved over time. One of the biggest and best events for fighting this disadvantage is held in Dallas, Texas, every year. This event is known as the Dallas Women’s Fund, and it is helping to revolutionize society’s one-sided views.

The Dallas Women’s Fund held its annual luncheon on October 20, 2017. This spectacular event encompassed on its 32nd anniversary by bringing in a Dr. Hope Jahrel. This magnificent woman is a warrior in a sense, and she has done some amazing things. Dr. Jahrel was named as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People for 2017. The award-winning scientist and best-selling author provided a keynote address that was live streamed 20 different schools in North Texas. Not to forget, these schools have well-over 20,000 students. One of the biggest boosters for this event is NexBank SSB. This Dallas-based bank has provided a $100,000 gift. NexBank SSB is known for its progressive actions to fight disadvantaged causes in this particular region of the U.S. By supporting this event, women will have a greater chance of receiving economic security as well as leadership.

NexBank SSB is one of those regional banks that posses the qualities of a much larger national bank. It specializes in institutional services, in mortgage investing and in commercial investing. NexBank’s money market rates have grown to three-times the national average, and it has up to $7.6 billion in total assets. It would be very hard trying to find another regional bank with this much clout and with this much capability. With NexBank being brought into the fold, the Dallas Women’s Fund will certainly continue to improve in the years to come.

Matt Badiali Went From Teacher To An Investment Expert

 Matt Badiali is someone who worked as a geologist teacher toward the beginning of his career. He worked to help students understand geology and he helped them to learn. He received a call during that time from someone who was looking for his help in the area of investing. This man had the knowledge to help the one who was asking for his advice, and he gave some of his time and attention to that man. Making the decision to help someone with the investing that they were doing changed Matt Badiali and his life. He is who he is today because he chose to assist the one who contacted him for help.

When questioned about the newsletter that he puts out, Matt Badiali shared that he created that newsletter because it made sense for him to do that. He understands the world of Science, and he uses the knowledge that he has to put together a newsletter that helps the average person make smart investment decisions. For more updates, follow:

Matt Badiali has shared that he starts his day in a way that is similar to the way that many others start their own days. He begins the day by reading the newspaper and by making sure that his daughters get to school on time. He enjoys watching some news in the morning as well as watching the weather reports. Eventually, he gets to the office and starts to write and live out his day.

When Matt Badiali was questioned about a trend that he sees that makes him excited, he shared that he sees big changes coming about when it comes to energy consumption. He believes that energy-efficient options are going to become more common and that people will move on from things like kerosene. He is anxious to see the way that things are about to change.

Matt Badiali received his education from multiple schools, and he has used his education in each job that he has worked. He studied at Penn State University as well as Florida Atlantic University and the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. This man is knowledgeable and well trained when it comes to natural resources and investing.

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George Soros: Open Society Foundations

It has been reported by both the New York Times and Forbes that billionaire philanthropist George Soros has donated $18 billion of his own fortune to the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations, first founded in 1984 in Hungary by George Soros, undertakes many different philanthropic acts on a global scale.

This donation, while quite large, does not come as much of a surprise. Soros has been active in both politics and philanthropy since the 1970’s. Initially, he donated to dissident movements behind the Iron Curtain. He provided financial support to the likes of Andrei Sakharov, the Solidarity Movement in Poland, and Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia. These donations continue to play an important role to this day. Many Georgian citizens see Soros as a major player in the peaceful transfer of power from a Soviet-era government to a democracy in 2003. Soros also played a role in Hungary’s shift away from communism and provided an endowment for Central European University in Budapest.

George Soros is also active in Africa, both through his Open Society Foundations and through the Millennium Promise. The Open Society Foundations assist the people of Africa peacefully remove dictator regimes. The Millennium Promise, given $50 million by Soros, combats poverty throughout Africa by providing advanced medical care, modern education, and sustainable agricultural practices. Born in Hungary, Soros lived through the Nazi occupation of the nation. In 1947 his family immigrated to England, where Soros attended the London School of Economics.

Upon graduating he was unable to find work, and for a time he made a living selling fancy goods as a traveling salesman. His luck changed in 1954 when he was hired by Singer and Friedlander, a merchant bank based in London. Two years later he was offered a position by F.M. Mayer in New York City. Soros accepted and moved to the United States. His expertise in area of European stocks and securities caught the eye of Wertheim & Co. who offered him a job in 1959. Soros worked here until 1963 at which point he was offered the role of vice president at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder.

At Arnhold and Bleichroeder Soros founded the Double Eagle hedge fund, which tripled its value in a four-year span. He also founded Soros Fund Management. He left Arnhold and Bleichroeder in 1973 to become the full-time chairman of Soros Fund Management. Soros’s $18 billion donations will fund his philanthropy for several generations, ensuring the noble work of the Open Society Foundations will continue worldwide.

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Matt Badiali Sticks With the Basic Hard Assets

Matt Badiali began editing his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist for Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. Some investors might think his emphasis on “real” wealth or hard assets is misplaced in the modern high-tech area, but he appreciates the value of the physical world.

Badiali majored in geology and earth science while he was at college. He intended to become a geologist, not a businessperson or investment analyst. However, while working on his doctorate he made friends with an expert investor who needed someone with his scientific background to evaluate investment opportunities in the natural resources sectors.

Although mining is not as sexy as software, computers require minerals and many people retain a love of the precious metals gold and silver. Oil is still the major fuel for automobiles and a geopolitical concern. And people still need to eat food.

Matt Badiali quickly learned he could not properly analyze mines and oil wells while sitting behind a desk, so he became a world traveler, journeying to such exotic places as Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Iraq and Peru. He has to see everything for himself. Then he grills the company executives to discover the truth behind their operations. He meets with industry leaders such as T. Boone Pickens and Ross Beaty.

He soon learned how to use his scientific knowledge to evaluate natural sector companies as businesses and investments. As editor of Real Wealth Strategist, he strives to give his readers recommendations they can follow to grow their own wealth without leaving home. They are not able to visit remote jungle locations as Badiali does, and they don’t have the depth of geologic knowledge he does.

In every issue, Badiali tells his readers what is going on in the sector. He tracks on the trends and events affecting the market. He supplies them with the names of the latest companies he recommends they invest in. He tracks the market performance of all his past recommendations. Every day, Badiali spends a lot of time reading The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg to keep up with the markets. Thanks to him, his readers can grow their natural resources portfolios without duplicating his research. He also uses the Bloomberg Terminal for online tracking of the markets.

When he makes a mistake, which sometimes happens, Badiali acknowledges it as soon as possible, sells it, and moves on. He accepts the responsibility because no analyst is correct all the time.Visit: