Sussex Healthcare: A Friendly Philosophy

Dr. Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare has worked diligently his whole career to help create a senior living center that balanced medicine, with mental well-being. Sussex Healthcare currently has 20 different living facilities, a legacy that was built on what can only be called a friendly philosophy.

As Chairman, Dr. Sachedina and co are dedicated to providing seniors with the daily comfort, enjoyment, and autonomy of living alone, with the comfort and safety of having medical staff on call in the even of an emergency.

Sussex Healthcare puts a priority on quality of life, because they know that families just want to rest easy knowing that their loved ones are in a safe environment that still allows them to be their own people and enjoy the golden years of their lives with ease, comfort, and grace.

Dr. Sachedina makes sure to build a climate of care and nurturing. He encourages staff to interact with and get to know each resident individually. These kind of connections are great for building a bond of trust and friendship. This philosophy and approach has made Sussex Healthcare a leader in quality senior living.

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Sussex Healthcare also focuses on providing nutritious, fresh, wholesome food to keep the residents energized, full of vitality, and ready to face each new day fresh. The center provides a relaxed dining atmosphere as well as a wide array of excellent dishes prepared by trained chefs who want nothing more than to see full, happy faces.

Sussex Healthcare also takes a unique approach to treating dementia patients. They encourage an active lifestyle and approach even with this debilitating illness according to While it is often best to engage and interact with dementia patients to treat them, often this can be a big burden for families that already have so much on their plate to begin with. Sussex Healthcare helps them to rest easy knowing their loved one will receive round the clock care, and be engaged regularly in activities to keep the mind and body active.

The philosophy and approach that Dr. Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare takes is one of balance and innovation. Providing overall care and comfort offers a well-being experience that makes it a favorite of those who attend. Family members can rest easy finally knowing that their loved one, parent or grandparent is in capable, professional, and above all, warm and caring hands that will be there every step of the way to help your loved one in their assisted living journey.

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