Ian King Sees Continued Growth in Crypto

During 2017 one of the biggest stories in the world of finance and investments was the story revolving around Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. During that year, the price of Bitcoin went up more than 1,000% and other digital currencies saw their prices increase even more in value. While there has been knowledge about these currencies for a very long period of time, the increase prominence and functionality of them is only continuing to grow.

During 2017 and prior year, many people that got into market early have seen their investments grow. One individual that has been a big investor in the industry is Ian King. Ian King has been investing in digital currencies for close to a decade and considers the investment to be the future of finance. He currently is a wealthy investor, trader, and contributor to a variety of different periodicals that discuss the world of finance. Follow Ian King on Your Favorite Social Media Platform:https://medium.com/@iankingguru

Ian King recently gave his insights into the current stage of the digital currency industry and where he expects it to go in the future. One of the main points that he tried to make is that there is certainly no bubble in place and the increase in value is only going to continue to grow rapidly into the future. While 2017 saw big increases and the market has take a step back in 2018, there is still a lot of room for growth in the coming years.

The growth of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will be fueled by many different factors. One of the primary factors that will continue to help the growth of crypto currencies is that they will become far more functional and useful in coming years. During 2018 many different retailers and other businesses announced that they would start accepting crypto currencies as a form of payment. This type of payment will continue to help demand for crypto currencies grow as well.

Another reason why crypto currencies will grow in value is that they will be considered a more prominent form of investment. Up until last year, crypto currencies could only be bought through the crypto exchanges. However, that trend is continuing to change. Currently, crypto currencies can be bought through a number of different investment vehicles and more prominent exchanges will service transactions of crypto currencies in the future as well. Today, King believes that crypto currencies should be part of anyone’s investment portfolio. Read more about Ian King for more info.


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