Lime Crime Sparkles and Shines

Lime Crime has become known for the fun, bold and bright colored palettes that they have to offer. Their Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers have holographic glitter in them and they can be worn on their own or with your favorite lip gloss. These futuristic lipsticks are nothing short of awe-inducing power plumpers. They are perfect for that special moment or will even glam up a mundane trip to the grocery store. Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers always smooth on effortlessly and leave behind a nice, polished finish that is not sticky or gooey.

Diamond Crushers come in many different colors including Trip which has a purplish hue to it and Crush which is pink with a shiny foil effect. Strip is a brighter pink hue than Crush and dope has a soft rose color to it. Choke is a sparkly pink and goes well paired with nude or pink lipsticks. It also looks great on its own. Fluke is a rosy pink and pairs well with a clear gloss.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers are vegan and cruelty-free, like all of their products. Diamond Crushers are an effortlessly fun way to get glammed up with minimum effort. They also pair well with other Lime Crime products such as their eye-popping eye shadows or unicorn hair dye. Diamond Crushers come in so many fun colors such as angel’s breath, pink peral, cloud 9, over the rainbow, unicorn queen, and unicorn. They are also available in acid fairy, lit, Cleopatra, heirloom, black unicorn, dope, meadow, gemini, summer, and l.a.

Diamond Crushers vary from more neutral hues to very bold and bright metallic shades. They also pair with Lime Crime’s lipstick toppers that have been made specifically to pair with Diamond Crushers for that polished look you will want to have.

As always, their products are not going to rub off and offer all-day wear ability. Diamond Crushers are very easy to apply and will not run or dry out your lips. They can even be used on your brows, on your cheeks, on your collar bone, and under your brow as a fun highlighter.

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