Lori Senecal Leads Marketing + Ad Campaign Industry

Lori Senecal currently serves as the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky with a specialty in marketing and advertising. She is responsible for the growth and expansion for the company that currently works on a global development for its nine international offices. Earning her degree from McGill University, Lori Senecal has worked with major brands including Coca-Cola, Victoria’S Secret Pink, and XBOX. She was recently awarded one of the four “Agency Executives to Watch.”


Lori Senecal shared in an interview with Inspirey that she had been wanting to get her enter the business world since she was in high school, where she had initially developed her leadership skills as a gymnastics coach. Senecal coached gymnastics throughout college where she learned to advise without judgement, set goals, and be consistent. The advertising industry sparked Senecal’s interest with the needing overlapping traits that coaching required, a strive for excellence and compassion.


According to GC Report, Senecal states she makes money through performance and perseverance. In the advertisement industry, she only makes money when her clients make money. To become profitable Senecal had to strategize and be patient with her results, as it was a process. After landing a client and developing an ad campaign, Lori Senecal is profitable one the creative, passion, and teams of people have all built a successful ad campaign.


While every entrepreneur faces obstacles, Senecal focused on the how rather than the if to remain motivated and successful. As a coach, she knew to focus on the controllable components of her career. Senecal shares the one marketing strategy that works best for her is doing her research on a potential client before meeting them. She also shares that a tough decision she has to make as a business owner is informing an employee that their performance is not up to standard. As a compassionate person, this challenges her. On the contrary, she discloses her most satisfactory moment in the business is when her client is completely satisfied.


Senecal ends her interview stating her excitement with how technology positively influences her marketing and ad campaigns, allowing her work to ever evolve and grow with the rapid development of innovative technology. To view Lori Senecal’s full interview with Inspirey, click here.



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