Bob Reina’s Road to Success

Talk Fusion, established during 2007 by CEO Bob Reina is a video marketing company. Video email was the flagship that it launched with. The global success of the company is lead by Reina’s passion, vision and leadership that comes from the two decades of experience in direct selling and marketing. Reina is committed to giving back through various methods.

Bob Reina’s Business Start and Talk Fusion Inspiration

Reina spent more than a decade as a policeman feeling limited by both income and time. He was determined to find a way to help people while taking control of his own life. He had a realization while being introduced to the industry of network marketing during an off duty job directing traffic. It made sense to Bob Reina instantly, he figured out that he could build the team and increase success.

While there were challenges the industry changed Bob Reina’s life. He repeatedly had to start over as companies he was involved with failed after he built successful teams. Touring a house located in North Carolina in 2004 Reina found his angle when attempting to send a video clip via email. He never doubted how he’d market the new product, he knew direct selling was best for Video Email.


When it comes to direct selling and Talk Fusion everyone benefits from each others achievements. Bob Reina’s success is dependant on other people succeeding. He actually gets paid to help other people make dreams come true.

How Long Did It Take Bob Reina to Make a Profit?

There were times when Bob Reina’s phone bill was higher than his commissions when he began in network marketing. He never gave up because he believes that you should work hard and not settle. It took time but Reina found a system the was easy to copy and success was easy from that point. Talk Fusion was an immediate success because it was the right time for a product that was needed.

Did He Ever Doubt Himself

Bob Reina is rarely deterred from his goal once he has seen the potential in an opportunity or product. Learn more:






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