Michael Hagele Explains How AI Is Making Improvements For Nonprofits

Michael Hagele is a lawyer who specializes in the technology industry. He started out working for a few different tech companies as a general counsel but transitioned to now being an outside general counsel. The type of technology companies he provides his services to are those in biotechnology, aerospace, defense, and internet. He also invests money in startup tech companies. Additionally, he has invested in and founded some companies in both the hospitality and restaurant industries.

He offers a number of legal services to the companies he works with. This can include creating development agreements and licensing distribution agreements. He can also negotiate, draft, and close various legal documents. He can handle the legal details when it comes to intellectual property rights, including buying and selling them, and review both promotional and marketing legal documents. Follow Michael Hagele at tumblr.com

Michael Hagele says that a smaller legal firm like his can help technology companies save money and have high-quality work done for them. He says that his workdays involve reviewing or writing a lot of legal documents, typically contracts or technology licensing agreements his client wants to enter into. He has added that in order to keep his mind fresh he will usually take off in the afternoon to ride one of his bikes either on a road or down a mountain. He added that it was during these breaks that he often came up with his most creative ideas for the clients of his legal firm.

Themost exciting trend in technology for Michael Hagele is artificial intelligence. It is being applied to more and more things and making them much more efficient. One of his clients, for example, created an application using artificial intelligence which is now being used by a number of nonprofits. They are using this application to boost productivity so that they can make their dollars stretch farther. He says the AI algorithms used in this application can harvest data to create actionable information that really wouldn’t be possible having a person do, or even a team. The information can than be used to explain why a program should be expanded or show ways that costs can be reduced. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:http://michaelhagele.com/


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