Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Investment Guru

Hussain Sajwani is the founder for DAMAC Properties based in Dubai. DAMAC Properties operates through developing leisure, residential, and commercial properties in the Middle East and Dubai. Hussain Sajwani founded it in 1976. Its headquarters are at Dubai, the United States of Emirates. In the recent times, Hussain Sajwani is building hopes of improving and restoring his business partnership with President Trump’s real estate organization called Trump Organization. The two individuals are experts in real estate. They were seen celebrating New Year as one. Their partnership is not new to the public as they collaborated to bring up the Trump International Golf Club, luxurious villas worth $2 million and above.


Though there has been a mention of conflicts where Trump had disclosed that he would not be collaborating with Hussain again, Sajwani, on the other hand, affirmed that his friendship with Trump is beyond the circumstances of the presidency. Hussain Sajwani revealed that they are more close to Trump’s daughter and the sons who are actively involved in the business. He hopes that they will do more to ensure that their business relationship grows and keeps improving. He continued to add that his wife and Trump’s wife are inseparable friends who keep up with communications and they visit each other.


Hussain Sajwani did not find himself on the top of the ladder in real estate. He began in food service enterprise. He did catering to the United States military as well as the construction giant Bechtel. In 2001, the Dubai government was gracious enough and passed an agreement to allow the foreigners own property. This was when Hussain shifted into the real estate business. He started selling units in a particular residential building, which he did for six months. In 2013, his relationships were expanding and were privileged to collaborate with Donald Trump. They both developed one of the praised organization and development projects that were branded Trump International Golf Club. Hussain Sajwani has great marketing skills that make him productive in his business engagements. For example, he offers Lamborghinis free to any apartment buyer, and this encourages more buyers to get involved. Hussain has some co-branding partnerships with Bugatti and Versace.

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