Academy of Art University: Introducing Tenderfeels

Students from the School of Game Development at the Academy of Art University, located in the city of San Francisco, California, have developed a new software program that would enable the Tenderloin District to become a virtual reality hub. The software program, called Tenderfeels, would transform the Tenderloin District into a series of information that will reflect the current condition of the people living in the area. The software program was presented to the mayor’s office of civic innovation, and the demonstration of the software program gained positive reviews from those who have witnessed how it worked. The main objective of Tenderfeels is to transform the Tenderloin District as one of the safest areas in the city, and they are hoping that the city government would take their invention to develop it further.

Four students from the Academy of Art University worked together to create Tenderfeels. The software program was their entry for an event that was sponsored by Tech in the Tenderloin and the San Francisco Salvation Army Kroc Center, two of the largest organizations in the city. The event’s primary goal is to find the best team of students who would be able to create a solution for social and civic problems in the Tenderloin District using augmented or virtual reality. Many students from different prestigious schools competed with each other, but the judges ultimately chose the Tenderfeels software application because of its uniqueness.

According to the students who created Tenderfeels, the software program can receive real-time information about the mood of the residents living in the Tenderloin District. Residents could upgrade their status, and it will be reflected in the program itself. The students who build the program revealed that the movie “Inside Out” became their inspiration in creating the feelings or the emotions listed within the application. Residents of the Tenderloin District can choose between the emotion happy, joyful, disgusted, and angry. According to the mayor’s office, this kind of application will help their social workers identify the areas within the city which needs much attention. Tenderfeels would make their jobs easier, and the government can reach more people.

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