Talos Energy: Rising In the Drilling Industry

Duncan is the chief executive officer for Talos Energy. He has been arranging for the merger of &2.5 billion with Stone Energy. Despite the Hurricane Harvey floods, Duncan is determined to have the deal completed. The merger deal was completed in May. It marks a new chapter where Talos Energy will take over Stone Energy. He is set to preside over the company with an annual revenue amounting to $900 million. It is said that the assets belonging to Talos will be in Gulf in Mexico. Talos Energy is seen as a very classy wildcatter that is taking opportunities around wells in the United States as well as in Mexico. It is a new company and is estimated to produce over 48,000 barrels every day. This is just but a beginning point as it is determined to do more than that.

Duncan portrays strong abilities and strength to overcome tough situations. One of the biggest assets for Talos Energy is the Phoenix New Orleans. It produces over 16,000 barrels in a day that is transferred by Helix Producer ship. More output is expected to come out of Phoenix. Talos is working hard to make discoveries on the reservoirs. Over the merger that happened recently, Talos will benefit greatly from the Pompano platform from Stone Energy assets. Duncan joined the oil industry in 1996 when he was working for the Zilkha Energy. Talos is expected to have great returns in future from the Mexican part of the gulf. Talos became part of the United Kingdom listed as a Premier Oil and Riverstone. No one would expect that a great thing would come out of something that was ditched out. Duncan has challenged perspective. These perspectives that are necessary to run things in the business world most effectively. Most companies and people have written off building something that. It is such a worthy thing to discover, and that is what sets people apart. Talos Energy is seen to do marvelous things and more so in the future times. Duncan continues to head the company wonderfully. It will continue to be the best in the oil refinery industry.

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