Is NGP VAN is changing the way you vote?

In a society where lights turn on with voice activation, and cars can parallel park on there own; it is safe to assume that changes in the way government parties campaign were destined to happen. Enter NGP VAN. The process of campaigning has evolved from physically intensive to sophisticated “grassroots” efforts. With technology, data is available to campaign groups that allow them to connect to potential voters. NGP VAN assists Democrats who are running for office. It enables Democrats the ability to utilize all of the available web and mobile tools to run a successful campaign.

NGP VAN is a voter database and web hosting company based in Washington DC. As alluded to, it is widely used by the Democratic Party, as well as other progressive organizations and labor unions.

Technology is always changing, so it is essential for campaign teams to take this into account. New technologies appear with the passage of time and campaigns must take the time and expend the technological resources to keep up with these trends. In the 1950s, the television, and radio where new forms of tech that allowed campaign team to connect with potential voters. It primarily catalyzed the four-term run that benefited President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

So how does this work in today’s society? Digital mobilization is an example. A large percentage of people have smartphones. This means that plenty of people have access to the internet. So it breaks down an adage that “politics is local.” Instead of campaign teams physically visiting every state, they can ask voters to connect to a mobile app or website.



The company NGP VAN was founded in 1997. NGP VAN has several tools that are important for Democrats seeking to run a tech-savvy campaign. One, in particular, includes the visualization of collected campaign data for campaign organizers and staff. This visualization allows them to analyze data quickly and observe if the campaign is progressing at an expedient rate.


NGP VAN’s software could prove to be critical for Democrats looking to gain momentum and win the 2018 House and Senate races. Only time will tell how these midterm elections go. However, one thing is for sure: digital grassroots organizing is the future.


As Mitt Romney 2012 campaign team can attest, a lack of understanding essential campaigning technologies will cause campaigns to fail. This fear of failure is why NGP VAN is so critical. It empowers Democrats by handing them access to the power of web tools and big data. With that information, the Democrats get provided with the best analytic and campaign tools possible.

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