Cassio Audi drums into fame with Viper, Brazilian Rockers

Rising above even Nirvana and Van Halen, a chart-topping band by the name of Viper was gaining popularity between 1985-1989, founded by it’s drummer Cassio Audi. All of the band members were only teenagers at the time, Andre Matos only 13! They had produced songs with broken English however still began touring all over the world, andtheir music was well received by fans. Their first complete album, released in 1987, was titled Soldiers of Sunrise and included songs titled Signs of the night and Knights of destruction.

Beginning in 1985 the band debuted the album The Killera Sword, which tracks such as Killera Princess From Hell. Viper was a big impact on the Brazilian music scene. Influenced by the band Iron Maiden and the new wave of British Rock, they created music in the speed metal and thrash metal genre, their first album selling more than ten thousand copies. That may not seem like very many, but for a band that was just starting out, that was a big leap at startup. It was considered greatest hits in Brazils heavy metal culture. The band was featured in several metal magazines, including Metal Hammer and Metal Forces. Cassio Audi was drumming his way into the world’s spotlight.

The band’s second album, Theatre of Fate was released in countries across Europe, Asia, and the USA in 1989. This album was especially unique and popular due to it’s hybrid of classical and heavy metal sounds. Although it was Cassio Audi that set the album in motion, he was not actively involved in the recording.

Cassio Audi had bigger dreams for himself and left the group in 1989. He planned to attend University and further his education, which he did., it appears that his heavy metal career was just a stepping stone for Cassio Audi.

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