Logan Stout Parlays Personal Success Into Opportunity To Impact Lives Of Kids

Logan Stout enjoyed playing a variety of sports as a kid but his favorite was definitely baseball. Another hobby of Stout was winning, and he would devise strategies to achieve victories whether he was on the baseball field, in the classroom, or taking part in any of the other endeavors at which he excelled.

Stout was born and raised in Richardson, Texas, where he attended J.J. Pierce High School. Stout was a star student-athlete while attending high school lettered in both baseball and basketball and was the MVP of the basketball team in both his junior and senior years. He was also a member of the Student Athletic Council.

Logan Stout would go on to play professional baseball and took place as either a player or coach in 17 events tied to the World Series. Stout attended Panola College and the University of Dallas where Logan Stout earned degree in psychology.

Stout has enjoyed the role of coach and mentor to young players and feels a great sense of joy when watching a young player that had been struggling build skills that improve their game and increase their confidence.

This passion to mentor children resulted in Logan Stout found the Dallas Patriots which is one of the biggest organizations in the world of baseball. Stout is the acting chief executive officer of the Dallas Patriots and accepts the responsibility of making world-class training accessible to all participating children. The Patriots offer young ballplayers private baseball classes, baseball camps, and clinics.

Logan Stout allows others to take part in this spirit of giving and mentorship by offering opportunities to volunteer for other aspiring mentors. Stout desires for all young baseball players to realize their true potential and later apply the lessons learned on the ballfield to all aspects of their lives.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout has experienced success in a variety of endeavors and is a successful business owner, philanthropist, and top-selling author to name a few things. Stout has generated more than a billion dollars in revenue during his multi-faceted career and has built a documented track record for providing leadership and strong team building.

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