Paul Mampilly, The Robin Hood of The 21st Century A voice for the people..

When you find yourself managing a firm that is worth more than $6 billion dollars, I think you can consider your hard work well done. Paul Mampilly, started his career into finance back in 1991, when he graduated from Fordham University. Aside from his employment as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust or even managing Kinetics Asset Management’s 6$ billion dollar hedge fund, by far what describes Paul Mampilly and his strategic tactics in finance would be -receiving an award for his financial performance amidst the depression or the 21st century.

It’s very hard to stand out on wall street because it’s so competitive and filled with younger and hungry financial constituents. Amongst all of the hedging competition, Paul Mampilly has been able to make himself a name on wall street and leave it on his own terms and walk away with his head up high. This by far, is a story that we rarely hear, but I guess that’s what happens when you take a hedge fund from $6billion to $25 billion declaring the title of “The Worlds Best Fund”. Learn more on to know more.

What is so unique and admiring about Paul Mampilly, is that his desire to help the top 1% get wealthier was always a priority, his commitment to the average hard-working family was much stronger. This commitment to the middle class lead Paul Mampilly away from wall street and to the pulses beating on the suburban streets. Paul wants everyone, including the average joe, to be able to succeed and prosper like the rest of us.

Paul decided that the best way to share his knowledge in the investment world and help the average American to get a piece of the pie would be by joining Banyan Hill Publishing. At Banyan Hill he created a newsletter that gets sent out to over 90,000 different people. In this newsletter, Paul gets into details about the latest and most advantageous investments. Finally, “Robin of Loxley” of the 21st century has emerged for the people, in hopes that we all can have an equal opportunity to benefit from the fruits of our labor, by making smart investments, that for some, could give birth to a retirement, that otherwise might not be possible. Find out more:


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