Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman’s Contribution To Banyan Hill

Jeff L.Yastine also formally called Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director Banyan Hill Publishing. He was appointed as the editorial director of the publishing house in the year 2015. Joining Banyan Hill turned out to be very beneficial for Jeff Yastine as this gained him experience of several years to prosper as a successful financial journalist and a stock market investor. His journalism mostly is features on the events in the financial market sectors. Jeff also plays the part on an editor of Total Wealth Insider where he contributes his expertise on a weekly basis. With his knowledge and years of experience in the field Jeff helps investors on the matter of creating a profit from the opportunities that the market offers. He also contributes for the Sovereign investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily on a weekly basis. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Banyan Hill Publishing was first founded in the year 1998 and was initially addressed as The Sovereign Society. In 2016 the website was finally renamed by the name of Banyan Hill Publishing. It is a publisher house that provides investment advice to the public. It is a well renowned Publish house and has a readership of about 400,000 daily readers. Jeff Yastine the very successful editorial director of the team and the Board of the company have Ted Bauman acting as the former advisor. Ted joined the team in the year 2013 and was an expert economist. He was an ideal holder of the position of the advisor as he had worked as a consultant for several such entities. Being an economist, Ted can analyze the investment sector in a greater spectrum.

The site mainly advises about commodity investments, natural resources, small and mid-cap stocks, options play and many such investment matters. There are other editors beside Jeff Yastine and they are Paul Mampilly, currently acting as senior editor, Ian King who is a contributing editor and Matt Badiali the investment expert.

In 2007 Jeff Yastine had been nominated to receive the Business Emmy Award for his excellent report on the roads system. He was also awarded by the New Yorks Certified Accountants’ Society for financial journalism. Visit:



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