Efficiency For Work Related Tasks With Upwork

How can office and work related tasks get closed in a concise and timely manner? Well, according to California based Upwork, the best route for completing tasks is by making a list. “To-do” lists are often made, but seldom do all the items on it get finished. Upwork says the best way to knockout a to-do list is by initially writing it down. This is referred to as, ”the Zeigarnik Effect,” whereby incomplete tasks keep playing over and over in your head.

The simple act of writing a list changes the focus from a mental activity into a feasible project. There’s even an app that’s designed to capture items, instead of going the old school route with pen and paper. Which leads to another tip for to-do lists, organize, organize and organize again. This use to be the mantra, because unfortunately most people would write to-do items down on different slips of paper. Upwork suggests using an app to maintain one list in a basic location, with all tasks written or recorded in that place only. Then sort the list by priority levels and set a time limit to go back and re-evaluate the progression made. It’s also important to assign energy levels, this determines how much time is needed and in some cases, physical exertion. Productivity equals how much energy is required to complete each item on the list.

Upwork has two locations in California and the company was formerly known as, Elance-oDesk. Although the name changed, the premise is the same, organize freelancers by talent, keep them together in a database for companies seeking short term help. Upwork performs a centralized service for the talent and those looking to hire them. The process eliminates hassles of searching for people to place on a short list. Because the freelancers are indexed according to their experience and skill level. By doing it this way, companies can focus on the jobs’ needs, rather than sorting through resumes, during an extensive hiring process. With over $1 billion in job assignments, Upwork has excelled in the freelance marketplace, ranking right next to top competitor, Fiverr.

Find out more about Upwork: https://twitter.com/upwork

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