Services Offered By Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare center is an institution that offers medical facilities to the older people. It is a place to find love and psychological and emotional satisfaction. The organization began in the year 1985, and up to today the facility performs excellently in fulfilling its quests season after another. People entrust our capability to offer comfort to their loved ones. Notably, those committed to their job entirely and they lack ample time to spend with their grannies; now, they have a reason to smile with the opportunity offered to give a comforting life to their old ones. The group owns more than 20 homes across Sussex with over 500-holding spaces.

Every home has a qualified chef with a group of assistance to provide nutritious meals, especially to people who need special dietary. We offer community participation like gardening to those who want. Sussex Healthcare is an environment conducive for the recreation and leisure. We provide activities that can cure specific disorders like mental illness, some cancer, and depression. The amenities available include spa pools, specialist gymnasium, track hoists, and multi-sensory rooms. More importantly, we offer a healing sensation to people with developing conditions like autism, learning disabilities, neurological disease, and brain injuries.

Sussex Healthcare announced the appointment of Amanda Taylor-Morgan as the new Chief Executive Officer early this year. With the short period spent in the management, she visited all the homes around Sussex interacting with the patients and workers. The CEO addressed the community members answering the burning questions and promising a brighter life for the patients. Morgan began her career in providing medical care in the year 1984 working as a mental health nurse. The leader worked herself up through numerous post to the current position. Thus, she understands the challenges her employees go through. Therefore, intends to collaborate with her workers accordingly.

The founders of Sussex Healthcare are; first, Shiraz Boghani of the Splendid Hospitality group. Boghani is an expert in the hospitality management. Therefore, he is the reason for the proper manageability of the group. The other one is Shafik Sachedina, a qualified dental surgeon. Sachedina facilitates the proper medical attention to the patients. Under the leadership of the three rulers, the facility achieved the Investor in People Award.

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