Julia Jackson: A Young Legacy in the Wine Industry

Some could say that wine was in Julia Jackson’s blood – who is the middle daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke – names synonymous with fine wine. While she currently serves as the spokesperson for Camrbia Wines, she has a long, diligent road to establish herself as a leader in the wine industry. Growing up Julia was consistently surrounded by the wine business and the art of making wine. For her, it was a family affair and she participated actively with her family in the process from her earliest memories until today. Her father instilled hard work in her, and she has fond memories of she and friends sorting out grapes in the heat in order to contribute to their family business.

Julia Jackson kept that work ethic with her through life. In the summers and after school she worked diligently at the family’s wineries where she eventually met a good friend who was a native of France that eventually brought her to Bordeaux for a summer where she really developed her passion of French wines.

Julia attended Scripps College and then earned a General Management degree from Stanford.

In addition to her work with wine, Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. The goal of the program is to celebrate women who have overcome hardships in their personal lives and are now striving to inspire others. The foundation calls them “Warrior Women.” The foundation donates $100,000 in grants each year to nonprofit organizations that align with the program’s goals.

Learn more: https://theatlanta100.com/food/2015/10/21/warrior-women-of-wine

The winery also produces small batches including wines from two vineyards named for Barbara’s daughters. This includes the Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir. This wine was highlighted as a Wine of the Year by the infamous Wine Enthusiast.

Securus Technologies Pushes the Correctional Facility Tech Adoption Further

Securus is a technology company with its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. The company is also found in other major cities like Texas and Dallas. Founded in 1986 as an American for profit, prison Technology Company, Securus currently houses over 1,000 employees and an approximate 2,600 contractors. Of interest to note also is that Securus majors in patents, technologies as well as acquisitions. A case in point is the $600 investment made by Securus in 2016.


Securus technologies has steadily expanded its scale of operation. In the year 2004, the two popular corrections market companies, Evercom and T-Netix merged. As a result Securus later acquired its first international brand in 2007.


The company offers a range of products and services. Just to mention a few, Securus came up with a system that controls the contraband systems. In 2016, its Access Solutions received approval in over five correction facility departments. Securus also partnered with Harris Corporation in 2016. Earlier 2017 the company announced its solution in wireless containment.


Securus was among most companies that served the inmates in the United States of America. Indeed, Securus is among the leading companies that facilitates both criminal and civil justice technologies. This ensures public safety, corrections, investigations and monitors against crimes. Consequently, this leads to a better and safer working environments of operation. In view of this, the company releases, new services every week. These services aim at solving and preventing crimes.


Most correctional facilities therefore rely on the legal information provided by Securus. Most important, the cases of harassment by the law enforcing bodies have also declined. This as a result has helped to curb mistreatment that was rather common in the recent past.

JHSF Soars to Greater Heights under the Leadership of José AuriemoNeto

JHSF Participacoes SA is a leading Brazilian real estate company that is known for its state-of-the-art developments in various parts of Brazil, including Salvador, Sao Paolo, and Manaus among others. Since its establishment in 1972, the company has undertaken several construction projects of all sizes, from hotels and restaurants to massive shopping centers and airports. With its extensive experience in the industry, the company has perfected the art of undertaking projects sustainably, significantly cutting down on costs and still providing a topnotch end product.José AuriemoNeto is the chairman and CEO of the company, and has done a great job at improving the operations of the company and making them more efficient. JHSF stays up to date with global industry trends, always using the latest and most efficient technology in the design and construction of properties. One of the company’s latest accomplishments was the completion of the Sao Paolo Catarina Executive Airport in 2016. This is the only international airport in Sao Paolo.

About José AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto is a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He discovered his passion for real estate at a young age, and having his father in the real estate industry enabled him to learn a lot about the industry even before he started working in it. He has worked for JHSF since 1993 right after graduating from FAAP University.His foresight makes him well suited for his role at JHSF as this is a very important quality for anyone working in the real estate industry. The CidadeJardim complex, one of the biggest real estate complexes in Brazil, is what it is today because of his foresight. He is in charge of the group’s retail and shopping portfolio, which CidadeJardim is part of.


JHSF has accomplished a lot under the able leadership of José AuriemoNeto. The company’s numerous developments all over Brazil have had a significant impact on the company’s economy and have greatly improved the lives of the locals as well. The airport in Sao Paolo has greatly benefited the tourism industry in the country and attracted more investors to the region. JHSF has made a great contribution to Brazil as a whole.

Season’s Hottest EOS Flavors

Everyone loves EOS lip balms, but there are a few flavors that are really taking off recently. Their newest Spring collection contains a hot new flavor, cucumber melon that has been flying off the shelves. Some other fan favorites are the sweet mint, vanilla bean, and summer fruit. There is a flavor to fit any mood or any occasion and there are always new flavors and styles to be found.

One of the great things about EOS lip balms is that they are actually good for your lips. Their new Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres have ingredients like coconut milk to keep your pout looking soft and kissable. They are super hydrating and come in many different styles from the classic lip balm tube that you know and love, to the innovative sphere design that makes applying lip balm easy.   Check ebay.com.

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No matter what product or flavor is your favorite, there are always new ones to try. The new blackberry nectar balm is great for warmer days when you just want something sweet but still refreshing. And people love the sweet mint as a refresher for hot beach days. If you want something a little more comforting, try out the vanilla mint or vanilla bean. The sweet vanilla scent is super luxurious will keep your lips hydrated for hours. The EOS balms are just easy because they are cute, they really work, and they are perfect for throwing in any bag on your way out the door. They are a great balance between the hydration your lips need and the cute colors and sweet flavors you want.   Follow Eos on their facebook.com page.

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Chris Burch Announces New Hotel

The Fashion Guru Expands

Chris Burch has made a name for himself for the ways that he has managed to turn his investments into some of the most successful fashion businesses around today. There is truly nothing like what he is offering the world and he continues to innovate to this very day. Burch recently decided he wanted to open up a new hotel Niwihatu. Located in Indonesia the hotel has all of the trappings you would expect and it’s clear that Chris Burch didn’t spare any detail in his pursuit of the best luxury hospitality for the occupants of Niwihatu.  Related article here.

Early Signs Of Success

It was clear early on that Chris Burch would make a name for himself. After graduating he immediately went to business creating one of the most successful fashion businesses around. he used the profits from that business to create something even more profitable by investing in various fashion startups. His success was so great that he has made himself one of the most respected names in the fashion industry even at his current level of experience in investing and starting up businesses.  Head over to burchcreativecapital.com

Spreading His Assets Wide

The most amazing thing about Chris Burch is that he has managed to succeed not only in fashion but in a variety of business sectors. He has successfully created his own hotel franchise, he’s worked in finance, and he’s even made a critically acclaimed movie. This shows that he isn’t simply a one trick pony who managed to find some luck. He’s actually a genius who understands what he is doing and acts accordingly. With that level of expertise it isn’t surprising that he managed to go as far as he did or create the sort of things he has managed to.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent fashion entrepreneurs of our time. With a net worth in the billions it isn’t hard to see why he is so respected and why so many people want to continue on his legacy. He has expanded beyond his work in the fashion industry and now generates large portions of his fortune in businesses far from his original path in life. For this reason many recognize Chris Burch as a genius and want to see him continue to succeed in his line of work.  Check forbes.com.

For an interesting article read  http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burchs-nihiwatu-resort-is-the-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-3/#nicknamed-the-edge-of-wilderness-nihiwatu-is-on-the-west-coast-of-sumba-a-remote-indonesian-island-1

Rona Borre has Become a Maven in the Business Community

Founded in 2001 by Rona Borre, Instant Alliance has grown into a recognized woman-owned business. The company specializes in staffing and recruiting and through Ms. Borre’s leadership; the company has increased revenue every year. Ms. Borre began her career in the information technology as a Technical Recruiter for Instant Technology, LLC, a company that worked worldwide. Through hard work and attention to detail, she became one of the top grossing sales representatives in the history of the company.

With years of experience and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business from the University of Arizona, Ms. Borre ventured out on her own and founded Instant Alliance. Part of the success with Instant Alliance is her passion for helping companies find the best and the brightest talent available. Instant Alliance helps companies reach their goals utilize the entrepreneurial spirit and help build the most important aspect of a business – the people. To know more about Borre and her company, visit instantalliance.com.

Borre and her staff work with each company and identify the needs and goals of the individual company and develop a unique strategy to fill their personnel needs. Instant Alliance takes on the work necessary to help companies grow and expand their services to fill client needs by continually upgrading the staff to help expand their services.

Ms. Rona Borre is a leader in the Chicago community, she holds leadership and board roles with the Chicago Network, the Young Presidents Organization and the Economic Club of Chicago. She and her agency has received a number of industry awards. Ms. Borre has also been recognized by Enterprising Woman Magazine as the Enterprising Woman of the Year.  Be sure to watch this video clip of Borre , click on this youtube.com link.

For more of Borre, follow her on  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronaborre

Jim Tananbaum Proudly Welcomes the Great Mind of Dr. Molly He to Foresite Capital

Foresite Capital, a firm that deals with healthcare equity growth recently hired Dr. Molly He as the executive venture partner. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Molly was a senior staff at Illumina and boasts over 15 years’ experience in research and development of pharmaceuticals and genomics.http://www.insidermonkey.com/hedge-fund/foresite+capital/740/

Key Player

Jim Tananbaum, Foresite Capital’s M.D and CEO, was excited to welcome her to the team and termed her as one of the highly regarded researchers for next generation sequencing. Jim Tananbaum was confident that with her leadership prowess and massive know-how in drug development and genomics, she would be a vital figure in the continued expansion and growth of Foresite Capital. Commenting on her entry to Foresite Capital, Dr. Molly noted that she was proud to join the esteemed firm. She expressed her eagerness to help in the growth of the enterprise’s next-generation sequencing.

A Rich Legacy

Dr. Molly’s academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in the area of protein Biophysics from two respected institutions. In the early years of her career in the pharmaceutical industry, she focused on the development of cancer and immune diseases antibody drugs for about ten years. She later worked for Pacific Biosciences as the head of protein sciences. Her mandate was developing protein reagent for the single molecular real-time sequencing chemistry. Dr. Molly then moved to Illumina where she dealt with innovation and improvement of the firm’s global protein reagent. Dr. Molly boasts more than 20 papers published in her name as well as over 20 patents in next-generation sequencing.

Foresite Capital

Foresite Capital focuses on capital growth for healthcare providers in private and public domains. The firm is headquartered in San Francisco, but it also holds an office in New York.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum got his training at Yale University where he got a BS and a BSEE. He then proceeded to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for an MSC, Harvard Medical School for his MD, and eventually to Harvard Business School for his MBA.

Jim worked for several reputable companies, including GelTex, Sierra Ventures, Theravance, and Prospect Venture Partners before founding Foresite Capital. Jim’s prowess was manifested in all his roles, and he grew with every position he held.

See more: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2014/04/07/foresites-jim-tananbaum-sees-sloppiness-in-rush-to.html

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Alexandre Gama Is An International Success Story

Alexandre Gama is a famous marketer in both the Portuguese and English speaking worlds. He is the founder of Neogama, one of the best marketing agencies in Brazil.

After receiving his education from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, he started obtaining jobs as a copywriter. He was most recognized during his employment for DM9, in which he received countless awards for his quality of writing.

It was in 1999 when he felt confident enough to start his own business, Neogama. By 2008, he was the only Latino to have ever been featured at the Cannes Film Festival. He had also led the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies.

In 2002, his company had joined the British marketing firm BBH. They had merged to become a bi-lingual international marketing company in which Alexandre held the majority of the shares. Since 2016, Alexandre had distanced himself from BBH and is focusing on the growing opportunities in Brazil.

Source:  https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gama_(publicit%C3%A1rio)

How Important Is It For Your To Have Great Hair

Most women crave TV worthy strands, but are also looking for an affordable product. Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/, the creator of Wen by Chaz is committed to stronger longer hair and has been in the industry for 10+ years. They are one of the most popular hair care products in the industry chosen by many top beauticians. Well known for their amino acids and vitamins, WEN is well known for giving your unique coverage that removes oil and excess dirt that prevents natural hair growth. They also provide a wide range of protection for your hair against extreme heat and the excess use of temperature controlled styling tools.

An actual beauty professional decided to weigh the benefits of Wen by Chaz by using their popular Almond Milk Cleansing conditioner for one week on her fine hair. She decided if it worked for her, it could be a great product for her clients. The goal was to use it after every morning shower, although she admits that sometimes her mornings were quite busy and it required for her to use it in the evenings during her shower. She was pleased with the results and immediately felt like her hair was thicker. However, she admits that her hair was so soft from Wen by Chaz, that extra products were needed to hold tighter curls.

Wen by Chaz is hypoallergenic and safe for all hair types. They are known for their eleven essential amino acids and rich vitamin content. They are packed with the perfect balance of vitamin C and E. You can get rich aromatherapy blends like Mandarin Italian or Almond Milk. They are the preferred beauty care product for great hair that lasts throughout today. Find great products on the beauty care aisle of select retailers or visit their exclusive Wen.com website today for more details and promotional offers.

For more hair care tips, visit the Wen Facebook page.

OSI Foods

The OSI foods group is a incredible company with amazing and quality foods for consumers. Recently, they have accomplished some amazing feats.

OSI group have achieved the high honor of receiving the 2016 Globe of Honour awarded to them by the british safety council. They accomplished this purely by being a amazing company with high environmental standards for themselves.

They have delivered over a hundred years of quality food products to consumers with costs extremely low compared to the quality of their products. In their workforces, they create jobs where unique ideas are addressed with a smiling face, and they are one of the companies happiest to have such large diversity in their workgroup.

As a little more of a history to the OSI foods group, they employ over 20,000 people making them one of a few companies to employ so many people, and give fair opportunity to all despite race, gender, etc. Read more on Hoovers.

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