Choosing The Perfect Reputation Management Company

Your online reputation makes a great first impression to potential customers, employers, friends, family and others who want to find out more about you and your business. Control your online presence and project yourself or your company in positive way.

Once information is posted on the Internet, it requires great expertise to remove it. Only reputation management companies with SEO expertise and digital publishing skills can remove or suppress that content. Professional reputation management teams have many resources they rely on when it comes to getting rid of negative content and promoting positive reviews and other favorable information.

Now that you have a good understanding why every business owner or organization manager needs to set up a system for monitoring and addressing reputation issues, you need to look for a company that provides reliable service. Not every company out there has the top notch resources to meet your business or company’s needs.

There are companies that are worth looking into if you want the best results. When it comes to finding effective ways to erase or remove negative content from the Internet and pushing up positive content, look no further than Better Reputation.

Better Reputation is a reliable company that offers business packages and strategies to help you repair your reputation, guard against future attacks and rebuild your online reputation. The company has a huge database of successful clients, including financial institutions, corporations, retail businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. The team at Better Reputation focuses on two tasks: using their expertise to remove negative content about you or your company, and helping you create and publish positive content to suppress the negative content.

The experts at Better Reputation can protect the good image of your company. They use all the avenues of online marketing such as websites, review sites, keyword-rich content creation, and social media to push down negative reviews and bad remarks and push up positive reviews about you and your company. They guard your company’s reputation and protect you against disparaging remarks or comments. They make it easy to establish and maintain a good online reputation for you and your company.


White Shark Media Receive Client’s Criticism Constructively

As humans, we are imperfect and are prone to make mistakes; our conceptions too may be imperfect. Prudence is accepting our flaws, learning from them and putting in place measures to avoid their recurrence. Similar sentiments are shared by the White Shark Media team in response to a number of complaints they’ve been receiving from their clients.

The leading digital marketer targeting small to medium sized business is apologetic to their customers and ensures them that they have taken their complaints and compliments constructively and have laid down a number of measures that will guarantee a better experience for their customers.

Below are some complaints White Shark Media has received overtime and the tactical solutions they’ve employed to avoid future occurrence.

Clients Losing Touch with Their AdWords Campaigns

The agency acknowledges that their reporting procedures were ineffective as they didn’t allow easy review of the AdWords report. Every client now will receive exhaustive information concerning their campaigns. This will give clients direction with regards to the performance of a specific keyword or Ad.

Substandard Communication

Initially, White Shark Media clients felt the need for an improvement in the relay information process. Bearing in mind that communication is equally important as delivery of quality results, they implemented the following;

I. Scheduled Monthly status calls with GoTomeeting; GoTomeeting is a conference tool that allows screen sharing with the clients. On a monthly basis, every client is taken through a review of the previous month’s results by a SEM strategist.

This initiative has proven highly effective accompanied with positive comments from older White Shark’s clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

II. Phone systems with direct extensions; seamless communication is key for a working relationship. Clients can now contact a member of the agency with their grievances. Upon signing up, they are sent an email containing all relevant contact information for a particular agent and a supervisor who oversees all campaign management.

SEO Services

Though not offering SEO services currently, White Shark Media Complaints team is more than willing to review all SEO proposals for their clients to prevent them from losing hefty sums at the hands of shoddy SEO vendors.

Clients being unable to track their AdWords Performance

A successful AdWords campaign requires consistent tracking of one’s account. For this, the agency has installed conversion tracking, call tracking, and Google Analytics courtesy of the house.

This ensures easier result tracking and optimization of the campaign for the best performance. For inquiries that happen through a call, Marchex has partnered with White Shark Media to provide the Call Tracking.

Richard Blair Has A Solution For Your Short-Term Insurance Needs

As the economy becomes tighter and funds more demanding, citizens are looking for more ways to bring in some cash, and keep the bills paid. One of the most common ways to make extra money is by using what you already have. A required investment defeats the purpose of making extra money, and most people do not have anything to invest. One of the most common tools that people use to make money is their own house. With the increase of travel over the last few years, there is an even greater need for host and hotel facilities. Renting out your home or parts of your home for a short time is a reliable way to earn some quick cash. Travelers are more attracted to these type of rentals because of the difference in price, and the very literal “homey” feel that they experience when boarding at a home versus a hotel.

Airbnb is an online platform where travelers and host can interact to negotiate a stay. Customers can browse a listing of available options in a location specified by them. Because It is so simple to book or rent out a space on Airbnb, customers and host tend to forget about the risk that can be associated with renting to complete strangers.

When you host a family or visitor in your home, you may possibly be held responsible for any incidents or injuries that occur during their stay. They could also potentially damage your property, or your neighboring property, and refuse to pay for the damages. The risk of renting on site like this is sometimes greater than the reward. Because insurance companies do not typically provide coverage for short-term rentals, there are a few other options you can take to protect yourself and your property.

Richard Blair is a well experienced independent financial advisor. He posses several certifications in the financial sector, and has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Richard founded Wealth Solutions with the goal of helping his clients form a more final successful path with a simple three step approach. While Blair cannot insure his clients themselves, in the final step of his program he works tirelessly to get their clients the coverage they need for unexpected storms. By taking a look at his client’s options for insurance and annuities Blair is able to formulate a non traditional form of insurance that will help protect business owners from significant and uncontrollable loss.

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How To Improve Your Online Reputation With Social Media

Recently, Cheryl Conner, a writer for Forbes Magazine, published an article on how entrepreneurs can improve their online reputation, and one of the things that was mentioned in the article was making a social media account.
Today according to website Online Reputation Reviews, so much of online traffic goes to social media websites, and there are various outlets that you can use such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram, and many businesses don’t resort to just one of these websites. Businesses now have accounts on several of these websites. More exposure means more chance to improve your reputation.

Making an account on social media is so much easier than purchasing a space on a billboard or a spot on a newspaper, and guess what? Many of the websites allow you to make an account for free! Plus, thanks to smartphones, people have the chance to see your business almost anywhere in the world, so take advantage.

Once you have the account set up, put company information within the page. You can add the location, phone number, and the services that you provide on your account for people to see.

Also, social media is a great way for you to keep your customers up-to-date on things like upcoming events, promotions, etc. Many companies use emails to send promotions, but a lot of times, these mails get ignored since people often see it as spam.

It’s way easier for people to “share” the post made by a business because all they need to do is click a button, and all of their friends online will be able to see the post as well, creating more exposure and even future customers.

Most importantly, having a social media account allows you to form a personal connection with the customer. For example, you can answer questions that a customer might have, and when you answer them, the customer feels more valued and cared for.

Of course, having quality services/products is most crucial, but social media is a great way to jump start your business or even maintain a level of success that you may already have.

Working With An SEC Whistleblower Attorney

In contemporary life, many laws have been put into place. Laws of all kinds are intended to help make the work place better for all workers right now. This is particularly true for workers who feel compelled to speak out in the event they notice something is wrong. Those who notice something is wrong may not be willing to speak out for fear of recriminations. They may realize that it is possible for them to be fired as a result of their actions. This can make it hard for employees to speak up even if they notice that a potential problem exists. In recognition of this fact, the government of the United States has acted to help provide all kinds of necessary protections.

Protecting Employees

Protecting employees in today’s climate is vitally important. The temptation now is greater than ever to engage in poor practices. Many company officials know that they may not even be caught. This is why, in the aftermath of multiple fiscal scandals, Congress decided it was in the best interest of the American public to place laws in effect that offer many important protections of all kinds for those brave souls who step forward and freely speak out even if they know that doing so can create risks for their careers. Under the protection of the present day legal system, such speakers are protected fully in every single way by laws that are designed for their specific circumstances.

Offering Effective Legal Advice

Officials at one law firm, Labaton Sucharow, have realized that these new laws have created a new need for legal counsel. It is with this in mind that they have stepped forward to create an entirely different legal program. With their help, many whistleblowers have realized that it is easy to talk about what they may have seen on the job. They know that they can count on the firm to offer them the kind of skilled legal advice they need to be able to recount any problems they have seen on the job to the appropriate authorities. The firm also helps employees step forward and claim the kind of rewards they are entitled to have under the auspices of the law. Under the present laws, it is possible for someone revealing such problems to gain a fiscal share of any funds that are recovered by the government as a result of their actions.

Status Labs: An Ironic Situation Led to a Better Business

A great business can suffer from sincerely not-so-great situations. No matter how many steps a business takes in the right direction, events well outside the scope of daily operations could cause a great many problems. In an article published on The Huffington Post, Darius Fisher revealed his company, Status Labs, had to deal with a reputation crisis. The tragedy here is Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. The company was put into the odd situation having to repair its own reputation. At least it did a great job.

As for the backstory, an executive with the company was involved in an incident that dragged Status Labs into the mess. The media hyped up the situation and things did not look good for the firm. Darius Fisher and his team went to work to get things back on the proper track.

The executive parted company with Status Labs. This move was impossible to avoid. By severing its connection with the executive, the firm could go back to doing the necessary work for the clients who request its help. So far, 1,500 people have asked Status Labs assist them in fixing various online and offline personal and public relations woes.

Smoothing over relationships with employees was the next necessary step to take. Keeping all the many vital employees in the fold was difficult amidst the media frenzy. Once the media waters calmed down a bit, steps were taken to make things more comfortable for employees. A number of appealing workplace policies were devised to make Status Labs employee-friendly. Hence, the employee turnover problem ceased.

Status Labs also went to work on getting its good name back. Helping out with good causes in the community aided with this endeavor. Joint partnerships with other businesses aided in this cause.

Today, Status Labs is doing tremendously well. The firm has experience more than 900% annual growth since its initial year in operation. Many high-profile clients have come on board with the firm. The future looks to be a positive one. Hopefully, it will be a future free of any more controversies.

Twitter: @statuslabs


Fabletics Is Growing

Fabletics is a very well known and popular brand of clothing, and the company was started in part by Kate Hudson. Most of the clothing that is sold by Fabletics is sold over the internet, through a clothing of the month club. This clothing of the month club is quite well known, and it allows subscribers to receive new clothes each month, at an affordable fee. In fact, it is less than 50 dollars each month. However, in addition to the clothing of the month club, it is possible to purchase clothing at stores that are run by the company. While there are fairly few stores currently, it is expected that there will be more. Fabletics is growing very rapidly, which means that it is likely there will be many more stores. In fact, it can be expected that there will be as many as 100 new stores in the near future.

Recap Of Article From Racked:

My Subscription Addiction’s updated review has responded to the requests of customers, and they have worked to improve certain aspects of the company. As a result of these things, the company’s reputation has improved significantly. Now, the company seems to get only a handful of complaints, and they do business with a very large number of people. In addition to getting less complaints, the customer service of Fabletics is also very much improved. This makes it easier for customers to fully understand the subscription that Fabletics offers. Also, there have been substantial improvements to the frequently asked questions section of the website. This section makes it more readily possible for customers to learn more about Fabletics.

Read more: Yes, Real-Life Fabletics Stores Just Exist To Sell more ‘VIP Memberships’

Additionally, Fabletics is still very much a growing company. Many more people are signing up for the clothing of the month club. The level of discounts that the clothing of the month club offers is extraordinary, and people have the ability to get a wide range of different clothing items. One very popular brand by Fabletics is Athleisure. Athleisure is designed with style in mind, and it also is designed to be exceptionally comfortable. However, there are other different types of clothing items offered by Fabletics.

Now, Fabletics is going to open it’s seventh offline store. However, it can be expected that there will be as many as a hundred new stores by Fabletics opening up within a matter of three to five years. This will give shoppers a wide range of new options for places to buy Fabletics merchandise. While it will still be encouraged for people to sign up for the clothing of the month club, many more people will be able to buy the clothing in person, if they choose to. This will likely be very beneficial for the continued success of the company.

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Technology Executive Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir, a well-known business and technology executive who has spearheaded various technological developments in various managerial and executive positions he has held. Shaygan is currently the C.E.O and Chairman of the Board at Coriant. Coriant is a company that sells optical transmission software and hardware, and their products include Packet Optical Transport Solution, Intelligent Network Management, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, Optical LAN and Broadband Access, Edge Routing Solutions, Cross-connect solutions amongst others.

With over 28 years of experience of being an executive, Shaygan has a bachelors degree, masters, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering; control systems all from Cornell University. He started off at GTE in 1987 before moving to Verizon Communications in the year 2000 where he was a chief information officer and also a member of the executive leadership. While there, he led to systems modernization, innovation and efficiency and pioneered various products including FiOS.

From Verizon, he moved to Barclays in 2011 where he was the chief operations and technology officer. He was also part of the bank’s executive committee. He is credited and acknowledged for playing a key role in the development of TRANSFORM program which saw the transformation of Barclays in over 50 countries. In 2014 Shaygan joined Juniper Networks Inc. as their new C.E.O, and he developed an integrated operating plan for the company, focusing on the strategic growth of markets especially in High IQ networking.

He held the position of operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, working on strategic telecom and technology investments after leaving Juniper and he was later appointed the C.E.O and chairman of the board of Coriant.  The company has key customers including NBN from Australia, BSNL, China Unicom, and Telia Sonera International Carrier amongst others. Under the leadership of Shaygan, Coriant is expected to grow further, leading to new development and innovations as he has done in all his previously help positions.

Apart from an excellent executive career leading in various developments and innovations, he has served in other various capacities. From 2007 to 2010 he served on the advisory board of YMCA of greater New York and between 2010 and 2013, Shaygan served on the board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. He is a member of Cornell University Engineering Council.

Follow his Twitter: @shaygank

Inmate Communications Company Speaks out in recent breach of integrity

A leading company in the inmate communications department is called Securus Technologies, and they’re talking about the wrong doings of a company called Global Tel Link (GTL). Securus Technologies is a well-known company that offers services for the incarcerated inmates allowing them to stay in contact with their friends and loved ones. They understand how important it is to stay in contact and have that communication. They strive to ensure that business is always professional and that the services provided are honest and built upon ethics. GTL, however, is a company that has violated the breach of integrity. Their computer systems were programmed to added time to each phone call, in return charging more for the call that it should have. Not only that, but they have added extra phone calls to the bill instead of just billing for one call. There is over one million dollars extra that they have charged the tax payers throughout their years of service.

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Rick Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies, is voicing the opinions of the matter in a series of press releases. He has worked for the industry for many years, and is disappointed and offended that GTL thinks they can get away with these fraudulent charges. Even though some of them are old and it’s been going on for a long time, there are other issues at hand that need to be addressed as well.

Securus Technologies have been providing services to incarcerated inmates for many years, and values their work in the industry to be honest and ethical. They are responsible for services covering North America with over one million inmates and over 3,000 public safety officials. They take great pride in striving to achieve the best possible services for the public and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Philip Diehl’s Contribution At U.S. Money Reserve

At the beginning of 2016, Eric Dye hosted Philip Diehl at the Enterprise Radio. Through the program, owned by the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network, many executives, entrepreneurs and business owners have shared their expertise, strategies, products, services and creations. Diehl has been making appearances on different media stations.

In his discussions, Diehl has been talking about his leadership background, the prospects of the gold market and the outstanding customer service at U.S. Money Reserve.

The former director of the U.S. Mint is considered to be among those who have made great contributions at the mint. He is the man behind the 50 states quarter program as well as being the first to mint U.S. government-issued coins.

During the interview, Diehl asserted that he turned the U.S. Mint from a small agency into a renowned entrepreneurial organization. Diehl posits that during his tenure, he played a pivotal role in transforming the U.S. Mint. Read more: Buy Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

Through his commitment to enhancing customer service, Diehl was able to match the leading American business in form of customer satisfaction.

Diehl has continued with the same entrepreneurial spirit at the U.S. Money Reserve. Through his efforts, U.S. Money Reserve has remarkable customer satisfaction. The largest distributor of government issued coins, bars and precious bullion has a new IRA program.

This program seeks to empower customers to hold physical gold as a way of protecting their wealth for retirement and gaining from fluctuations in prices of gold.

Customers should not fear using U.S. minted gold, platinum coins and silver, as they are legal tenders recognized by the U.S. government.

About U.S. Money Reserve

People should purchase from the U.S. Money Reserve with confidence. The U.S. Money Reserve seeks to provide its clients with excellent services and gold coins in the market. Because of their wise purchases, most individuals are enjoying profits as they have incorporated precious metals in their portfolios.

Clients are placing their trust on the ability of U.S. Money Reserve to produce high quality products. U.S. Money Reserve has a collective objective of being trusted experts in the business. Over the years, the Reserve has helped many people in making decisions regarding platinum, silver and gold. Read more: Why Buy Gold

To date, U.S. Money Reserve has served over 300,000 persons.

At the Reserve, there are different skilled professionals working in diverse departments. These professionals include coin research professionals, order verification personnel, compliance officers, vault and shipping experts and customer relations professionals.

The others are account executives, numismatic experts and inventory professionals.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

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