Thor Halvorssen Endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has garnered support from young people around the country, shocking many news outlets. These outlets are generally astonished at the fact that an avowed socialist is doing so well in the democratic primary. In order to explain the situation, media outlets have brought in experts like Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen is an ardent supporter of human rights, and he currently leads the Human Rights Foundation. Fox News knew that he was typically against socialism, so they brought him on their show. They were in for a shock when he started the interview.
Thor stated that socialism leads to a violation of human rights, but he was supporting Bernie Sanders in the presidential race. He’s made a maximum donation to the Sanders campaign. He explained that while Sanders is a socialist, he is preferable to an authoritarian like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. He believes socialism sometimes helps the people when it is not used as a way to take away rights, but he has no confidence that Trump or Clinton will not abuse their power. His lack of confidence in the frontrunners has compelled him to endorse a socialist, even if he would rather not endorse one.

Halvorssen’s family is from Venezuela, so he is very familiar with socialism. Venezuela once thrived under democratic socialism. People received excellent public services, and most people were happy. Unfortunately, terrible dictators took control of the country. They used the socialist systems that were already in place to suppress any opposition and make themselves rich. Venezuela is a resource rich nation and unfortunately, most people have not benefited from Venezuela’s resources. Today, many people in Venezuela go hungry because of this abuse of power.

The Sanders revolution started as a way to spread socialist ideas, but people around the country should recognize that there are far worse options than an avowed socialist. The authoritarian candidates on both sides of the aisle are a major threat, and Thor Halvorssen is committed to stopping them. He will continue to speak out against the current trend, so he can prevent the United States from falling into the same fate as Venezuela.

Nicki Minaj Versus the Human Rights Foundation

Recently, rapper and mass entertainer Nicki Minaj ran into some criticism when she decided to perform in Angola, Africa. The music event was to be sponsored by Unitel, a communications company run under Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos. Some human rights advocates have called Dos Santos a dictator and accused him of leading corrupt regimes in Angola.

When it was announced that Minaj would be performing in a Unitel-sponsored event, she received an open letter from the Human Rights Foundation, stating:

“During their brutal three decade authoritarian rule, the dos Santos family has exploited Angola’s diamond and oil wealth to amass an illegitimate fortune while maintaining control over all branches of the government, the military, and civil society. Dos Santos has made it his policy to harass, imprison, or kill politicians, journalists, and activists who protest his rule.”

Despite the letter, Minaj is set to continue the concert in Angola.

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit organization with the intention of protecting human rights around the world. The organization was founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, a long-time human rights advocate. Halvorssen was known to have been protesting as far back as the South African apartheid days.

Halvorssen also worked as the co-founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He has been featured in articles from major news sources such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Post, and NPR, among many others. He has also been apart of numerous films that promote human rights causes. Thor Halvorssen’s father was falsely imprisoned and tortured in a Venezuelan jail. His mother likewise was shot at by the Venezuelan government during a peaceful gathering. His family’s involvement has certainly inspired Halvorssen to become involved in protecting the human rights of people all around the globe.