Is It Beneful?

Beneful’sIncredibites are best for puppies and small dog breeds, such as Chihuahua’s, Pomeranian’s, Yorkie;s, etc. By far the most popular flavor of Incredibite’s among pet owners and pets is the ‘Real beef’ flavoring. What makes these snacks such a popular choice is that it contains real beef accented with carrots & peas. BenefulIncredibites also contain whole grain corn, whole grain wheat, rice, and garlic, making the food not only tasty to your pet, but also healthy and filling. Even more notable is that one cup of Beneful’sIncredibites contains only 366 calories, making it even more of a credible option for pet lovers.

The pricing for Beneful’sIncredibites ranges anywhere from $5-14 due to the size/weight of the bag, which can weigh anywhere from 3.5 – 15.5 pounds. Due to the tendency for these treats to not last long, there are various ways to reduce the dent in your pocket, such as deals through online retailers such as ‘Amazon’, coupon clipping sites like ‘Retail Me Not’, and you can also check your local sales paper for flash deals and price reductions.

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“Caring for your friend for life with Beneful”

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and that is why it is vital to take care of them. One of the easiest ways that we can take great care of our dogs, is to make sure we feed them a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Feeding our dogs a great meal tailored to their individual needs is made easier by the multiple choices offered to us by PurinaStore Beneful.
Beneful offers three different kinds of food for our dogs. These include wet and dry food varieties, as well as treats []. If you have a puppy, you may want to feed your puppy Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy with real chicken in it. By giving a puppy this brand of Beneful food, you are supplying them a food that is calcium-rich and will start him off with 100% of the nutrients he needs to help him thrive every day, plus DHA to help support healthy brain and vision development.

Perhaps, your sidekick is a little older and just needs the right food to help him to continue to thrive. Your best choice for that purpose may be Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals. This comes in three flavors, and they are beef, chicken and salmon. The original version is rich in antioxidants to help your dog stay healthy.

If your pet prefers wet food, then Beneful has the answer for that need as well. The company offers a multitude of choices with their Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends. One blend that they offer includes a mixture of chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. Another wet dog food to try with your dog is the Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends that features turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach.

Regardless of what kind of Beneful dog food that you buy on Wal-Mart, each bite your dog takes will have a great flavor that your dog will love and nutrients that will keep your dog healthy. Take care of your friend for life and offer them the healthiest and best tasting food possible by offering them Beneful.



Beneful better than the trends

Nutrition, health, and wellness are three priorities that anyone can agree are of crucial importance when feeding their family. Most people also consider their pets to be part of the family. Who hasn’t looked at the family pet and thought they were more human than not? The fact is; different species require different nutrition. If your family is into health and wellness, and you treat your pet like family, you want an organic diet for Fido. Purina is the first certified organic producer of dry and wet dog food made without artificial flavors and colors. While the eat-like-your-owner strategy works to an extent, it doesn’t account for the fact that Fido is still a different species. Just like your doctor may recommend a change in your diet for your specific needs, Fido’s vet knows what’s nutritionally best for him. Due to age, Fido’s metabolism can change just like his owners’. In today’s nutrition conscious world there are many ways of attending to these changes. Purina offers Bright Minds, a recipe made with a type of fat sourced from coconut oil that the research indicates is easier for older dogs to metabolize. According to a recent article in The Herald ( feeding your dog like the rest of the family is the latest trend. Companies such as fresh pet and milo’s kitchen have seen surges in profits just for catering to this trend. However, truly innovative companies have instead researched what is healthier for a dog’s metabolism. Companies like Purina, makers of Beneful, do use fresh healthy ingredients like corn, chicken and rice, but they also include ingredients like glucosamine and soy which has been shown to help a dog have healthier years for longer. Behind the highest quality dog foods out there is solid research and committed individuals, however there are also standards. The FDA, the USDA, and the AAFCO have requirements concerning food safety and ingredients. Not only does Purina’s Beneful meet or exceed every requirement, Purina’s quality control and safety protocols include comprehensive food safety and ingredient surveillance programs. They test for well over 150 substances, including mycotoxins, lead and arsenic. This kind of ingredient monitoring goes well beyond the efforts of any other brand on the market. So many households now incorporate a farm-to-table element in their diets. But for dogs, there are evolutionary differences that require their diets aren’t just people food. Thankfully there are people who spent years studying canine metabolism and Purina employs several of them, spending billions of dollars in research and development. Dedicated pet owners with degrees in canine nutrition, are the people who have dedicated their lives to understanding what should and should not be Purina’s Beneful. Beyond just an innovator in the $23.04 billion pet-food industry, Purina takes the health and well being of dogs personally. After all, like Purina says on their website: “the best nutrition is personalized.”

Purina Is The Brand That Dogs Get Excited About

I have a lot of experience with different types of dog foods down through the years. As my dogs have grown from puppies to full-sized dogs I have realized that there are some brands that are limited in the nutrients that these foods provide. I have realized that the one and only true brand that fits a variety of dogs is Purina. This is an excellent brand of dog food that is just right for anyone that may have been searching for that brand that your dog can grow with it.

It has been wonderful for me to discover like Purina. It has allowed me to have a variety of choices as my dogs matured from puppies to make
full grown dogs. This is one of those brands that people consider when they are looking for something is both affordable and effective. What I believe that the creators of this Purina dog food have managed to do is create something that dogs will actually look forward to. This is rare because most of the dog food on the market is rather plain. There are some dog foods to have a selection of flavors but most of those competitors against Purina will not have the smorgasbord of flavors that I found with the Purina brand. That is why so many people have considered this brand as one of the best for dogs of varying sizes.

Now that my dogs are full-sized pit bulls they are prone to eat a whole lot more. The great thing about using this brand of dog food is that it is very affordable. I can buy this in bulk and get it at great prices. Purina is a brand that I never have to worry about losing money on. It never goes to waste because my dogs are always interested in the meals from this pet food. I don’t mind buying a month’s worth of Purina Beneful pet food because I know that it is going to be one of the very best brands that a dog owner can purchase.

There are quite a few dog foods that have tried to compete with Purina, but I have not been convinced about switching to any of these competitors. The fact of the matter is that I am rather confident in the value and the quality that I get from the Purina Beneful brand.

Anyone that has a dog that has not considered what does Purina has to offer is truly missing out. With this brand of petfood consumers can save a lot of money overtime. Purina has a lot of different flavors so there may be some trial and error at first. One can rest a sure, however, there is something that all dogs will like. There are so many different flavors that it would be almost impossible for a dog to turn down the writing that is available. Even I have been impressed with all the different types of dog food brands that are currently on the market.