Find Out How ClassDojo Enhances Classroom Communications Today

When a parent takes their children to school for the first day, the level of excitement is always high. This keeps the parents eager to know how their children are doing in school. This communication the teachers, students, and parents look forward to having is only possible when some apps such as ClassDojo are used. With this communication, it becomes easier to know what is going on in the classroom even without going there literally. In fact, ClassDojo has made it possible for incredible classrooms. For those knowing about this classroom communication app for the first time, it is imperative to know that it is based in California since 2011 when it was founded.

For those who have interacted with this classroom communication app, they can affirm that it has enhanced the social-emotional skills in a great way. A lot can happen to the students during the school day without the knowledge of the parents. However, through this classroom communication app, the teachers and students can use videos, photos, and messages to make the parents aware of what is going on. Among the fastest growing companies in education technology, ClassDojo is one of them. Millions of teachers, students and parents have come to love it, especially in the U.S schools. The company has also created undeniable impact in other 180 countries.

The kind of reputation and fame the company has received is as a result of the input the global designers, engineers, and educators have put. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the co-founders of ClassDojo and they have made company become what it is today. They have a strong and committed team that helps them know the features and content that most parents would find helpful to them. They note that ClassDojo has been pivotal in enhancing the kids’ development and learning in school and also guiding the parents on the conversations they should have at home. With ClassDojo, teachers find it easier to inform the parents about the activities taking place in the classrooms daily. The teachers also use this app to make the parents aware of the latest school work their children did and the activities they had participated in.