Whitney Wolfe Takes Dating App Technology to Another Level

Whitney Wolfe is not your typical female entrepreneur. She is much more than that. When it comes to creating a successful dating app Whitney Wolfe knows how to build powerful dating app technology. She has taken time to research user response, and this is going to make it possible for many people that may not have trusted dating apps before to look at the dating world differently.

Women may not have been in favor of dating apps where men were the ones that were in charge. It was a tough pill to swallow for many women that were trying to avoid the way that men were harassing them on various apps. Whitney Wolfe took note of this. She made a decision to help women out in a major way. She would be able to do this by creating a dating app that would actually give women the ability to connect with men by making the first move themselves.

This seems somewhat unorthodox in the dating app world, but Whitney Wolfe did not want to be confined by any type of rules or traditions. She knew that she could only get this type of freedom to do what she wanted if she branched out on her own. This is what actually led to the creation of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe was tired of being the person that had to go to other people and talk over ideals before any final decision was made. She wanted a life and a business wear the buck would stop with her. She would be the one to make the final say on decisions. This is what led her to connect with users and explore what they were actually looking for it when it came to a dating apps.

What Whitney Wolfe discovered was a surprise. She realized that there were quite a few women that were looking for something similar to what she was interested in. Women wanted the chance to approach men if they were attracted to someone. They did not want to sit by idly while they waited on men to approach them. This is something that Whitney Wolfe had been thinking about ever since she was in college.

Now she was out in the world as an entrepreneur, and she had the ability to actually make this happen. The Bumble app would become the feminists app that would allow women to initiate conversations.

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Spring Cleaning Can Be as Easy as Using Handy

Spring is a time for renewal, but for many spring cleaning is a huge hassle. After months of being locked in doors, it is time to open up the windows and air out the house that has been shut up all winter. There are many different ways to make spring cleaning easier this year than it has been in the past.
The easiest way to start spring cleaning is divide up the house room by room. For those who work, finding the time to clean out everything can be a headache, but taking it room by room can ease some of the stress. Taking it a room at a time makes it easier to go through possessions and see what can be given away or stored away. As with most people, cleaning rooms out means making an even bigger mess before putting stuff back. Cleaning room by room ensures part of the house will be in some sort of order while the one room is being cleaned out. Designating spots for unwanted items can help the cleaning process as well. Create a box for giving stuff away or for a yard sale, and put items to keep in another area. By the end of the cleaning, items can easily be taken to charity, put out in a yard sale, or put into storage.
For those that hate the idea of spring cleaning, hiring a professional to clean might be the best option. There are many ways to hire a person to clean for you, but probably the easiest is booking a cleaning through Handy, a convenient app and website. Handy’s professionals are pre-screened for safety and excellence. They have a proven track record of doing a good job. It’s easy to book a cleaning even for next day service. Handy also offers a guarantee. If a client isn’t satisfied with the service another person will come out to do it for free.
Handy is available in many major cities and hopes to expand. They offer more than just cleaning services. They also offer furniture assembly, painting, plumbing, electrical work and more. The company started in 2012 and continues to grow.

Learn About Skout And Random Acts Of Kindness Week

What Do You Know About Kindness?

Skout just had a major breakthrough in kind acts shown publicly throughout the world. They actually asked their millions of users to take part in the celebration of Random Acts Of Kindness Week. They asked their users to perform random acts of kindness by going online and sending nice messages to each other or being brave enough to share their appreciation with each other in the real world. Then, they asked their users and everyone else to share what kind acts they have done with the world. They asked users to share their kind acts and good deed with the Skout community by using their hashtag on social media websites. The hashtag they set up is #Skoutkind, and you can still use it to share what kind acts you have done.

Random Acts Of Kindness Week happens just once each year, but you can be kind to people whenever you want to during the year. Showing kindness to friends and strangers unexpectedly is one of the most joyous activities that you can be part of in your community and in the world. Skout surveyed people on their favorite activities and which activities their users viewed to be the most meaningful. The list of those activities is on Uloop’s website. It’s quite a phenomenal list that includes such kind activities as hugging a friend when they don’t expect it.

What Do You Know About Skout?

If you haven’t tried Skout, then you are missing out. It’s a free application that is available to all Android and iPhone users. It has some really great features for finding new friends. You can get on there when you are traveling to a new city, or you can go on Skout if you just want to find someone in your neighborhood.

Skout has a infinite amount of possibilities for making new friends without the trouble of walking up to strangers without knowing them. It’s easy to use, and setting up a profile is a lot of fun. You get a chance to tell the world about yourself, so get on Skout now. You could have a whole new group of friends to hang out with by this time tomorrow. Skout is a great place to connect with all types of people from all around the world. Check out the article on Uloop for more information.

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Skout Has Many Options When It Comes To Dating

Dating can definitely be a pain for some people, but the dating process is necessary for anyone who wants to find that special someone to spend the rest of their life with. Each person has a way that they choose to date, and not everyone chooses the traditional way of dating. Traditionally, a person, whether it’s a man or a woman; would ask out another person, and then they’d go out on a date. The two people may or may not know each other beforehand, but they get to know each other better when they start going out on dates.

Many people enjoy going out on dates, but it’s the process of elimination that may be a pain. A person has to date several people in order to find the right person that they really feel they can love. If they make a mistake and pick the wrong person, then they’ll have to start over the entire dating process again, and that’s very problematic for some people. Many people prefer online dating because of the fact that dating someone in person is a lot more complex than talking with several people online.

Those that choose to date online will have a lot more selection when it comes to who they date, and they may be able to date several persons at once, so they can weed out the different people online that they may or may not be interested in. If a guy goes to a website and starts dating 10 different women, he never has to see any of the women in person before making the ultimate choice of who he will pick to meet. Someone who dates a person would have to go out with all 10 women at one point or another, which could cost them a lot of money and problems. When each woman finds out that they are one of 10 women that the man is dating, it may look very bad for the man, even though he’s just dating around to see who he likes most.

Dating online also doesn’t require any physical contact, and no sex is involved. This means that a person can date as many people as they want and get to know them, and then they will choose how they want to meet in person and start dating. Online dating is a lot more successful than traditional dating these days, and that’s why online dating has become so popular. The Skout network is one of the best online dating sites today.

People like it when dating is fun, and it doesn’t have to be so serious, especially when dating is done online. Those who want to have fun can choose to go to the Skout network, and many choose to access the network while using their smartphone. The Skout application has some great features like location services, and the services allows a Skout user to know if they are within the same area as another user, making it easier for them to find each other for a date.