Norka Luque Comes Back Smaller and Bigger Than Ever

After making an astounding comeback Norka Luque is thinner, healthier, and back singing award winning music. Although Norka had a big hit with her first big hit, Miracle, she has faced some personal challenges that almost halted her budding entertainment career. Excessive weight gain became the interfering problem for her. But, she faced the problem head on and got a personal trainer. Her trainer put her on a diet and intense exercise regimes. The weight came off and Norka’s health got better and now she looks very attractive.


Those problems are all behind the singer and she hopes to return to international stardom with new music. She has a new outlook, better ability to cope with such overwhelming stardom, and a great positive attitude. And, she now has a mentor in her friend, superstar performer Emilio Estefan. Her star in the U.S. is on the rise. The Dance Club mix of Milagro started at #42 on the Billboard Charts. Within one week, it had jumped to a ranking of only #29. Earlier in 2016 NorkaLuque was honored to be nominated for the prestigious Lo Nuestro Award for the Female Pop Artist of the Year!


Norka’s comeback started with solving her weight problems. She has been riding the entertainment world’s crazy roller coaster ever since her first song, Como Lo HacesTu, made so much of a splash. Her appeal launched out to the whole world with her second hit, Milagro. Many millions love this sophomore effort by NorkaLuque. The song got #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Milagro, which means ‘Miracle’ in English, is still a top seller on Venezuela’s local music chart.


The famous music composer, Archie Peña, wrote that song. On the Record Report’s pop and salsa charts Milagro remained #1 for years. Peña’s club mix that he made with Dominican El Cat has become the most popular version of Milagro. He had also done other versions of the song with the great Luis Giraldo and Cuco Peña. Archie Peña has mastered most of NorkaLuque’s albums, which are renowned for the layers of sound, engineered by the Gaitan Brothers. His help to Norka’s career is incalculable.