Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers says they are out to cement their Legacy.

If you live for electronic dance music, then you are most likely coming up with new dance moves for the new hit song, Closer, by Chainsmokers. Closer is out of the blues, it expresses freedom and it is very tuneful with talented Halsey and Andrew Taggart doing vocal justice on the song. Chainsmokers is an acclaimed electronic dance music DJing duo, comprising Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Chainsmokers are in fact very famous and are breaking into the international scenes thanks to their legendary global hits like, Don’t Let Me Down and Roses.

If you do not already know the talented group, you might recognize them from their symphonic beats on their popular song Don’t Let Me Down. Since electronic dance came up and became a music culture the DJs behind the expertly crafted electronic soundscapes usually invite vocalists to give their hits the human feel and touch. Alex Pall agrees that this has been the popular concession, but the Chainsmokers are out to try something different in their new song Closer which has Andrew singing. In an interview, Alex Pall reveals that they are ceaselessly trying to better their craft and cement their signature sound as they work on their soon to be released album.

Unbreakable rapport

Alex Pall also says that together with Taggart they have established an incredible chemistry ever since they met. He recalls the events leading to their stardom, which saw Alex quit his job and got Andrew to relocate to New York from Maine and they began making music in Alex’s apartment. Four years later and Chainsmokers are now the most sought-after electronic dance group.

Alex says the challenge is in live performance since they do not sing in most of their hit songs. He says they are working on new techniques to give their audience exquisite and memorable live performances that will keep their fans coming back for more. The Chainsmokers are already ahead of the pack, as they already stage live performances for their fans. Even though performing live in their genre of music is a knotty and intricate affair, Pall is optimistic they are going to do it with much ease because they write their own lyrics and are heavily involved when they hire songwriters in rare instances.

More about Alex Pall

Alex was born in 1985 on May 16 and brought up in Westchester County, New York. He started DJing in New York City as a side gig before he decided to turn pro after he realized his life was centered on music. His dad is an art dealer and his mother is a stay at home wife.