Capula Investment Management Founder’s Big Windfall

Yan Huo is the 2005 founder of the hedge fund firm Capula Investment Management, based in London. He bet big on the position of European Union debt and earned a windfall return of £27 million English Pounds. He has grown his company’s annual income for the year 2011, along with 18 of his top executives, to £92.6 million from the previous year’s £57.7 million. Sanjay Shah can relate. He is another London hedge fund founder and manager who had a return of over £19 million during that same one year period.

Sanjay Shah started his Solo Capital Markets hedge fund in 2009. After being downsized in the stock markets meltdown of 2009, where he had worked for big brokerages, such as Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley, Shah made the bold move to launch his own brokerage and business services company. It was a gamble that some thought a bit foolhardy. He proved his critics wrong by quickly growing Solo Capital into a top world class company. His fortunes have grown along with the number of companies he has bought and founded, along with the number of countries where his operations are now spread out.

He came to the finance and business advisory industry after at first deciding on a career in medicine. It was while pursing his MD that Sanjay Shah discovered his stronger interests in accounting and more specifically, in finance. He has become a wealthy philanthropist who claims to be retired, and yet who remains quite active in many pursuits, including his own charity, Autism Rocks. He started this charity after Snoop Dogg recommended taking matters of Shah’s autism into his own hands. Autism Rocks hosts many private concerts, featuring big names in entertainment, starting with Snoop Dogg, to fund basic research into the causes and treatments of autism. He has raised more than $15 million USD to fund a Cambridge University autism research program.

Autism Rock: Towards a Healthy Life.


Autism Rock is the only organization in the world that deals with the campaign on to create awareness of the mental disorder. It focuses mainly to raise funds so as to support the only medical research in the world that aims to understand ways that can be used to prevent children in the future from suffering from the defect. It was started by a British-born philanthropist, Mr. Sanjay Shah. His generosity did not begin with the fight against autism, but he was known for supporting poor families in India through an international organization called the Plan International. Shah personally runs the charity, but the latest sunday times news shows that his longtime friend Pete will be managing and taking care of all logistics of the entity.
The charity was born when Sanjay found out that his son was suffering from the mental disorder. A child who suffers from autism shows poor social skills as well as the inability to communicate properly. Sanjay Shah started the entity so as to create awareness and also come up with a medical solution that will tackle the menace once and for all. He also donated three minibuses to the government funded autism center in Dubai while his son was receiving therapy. The foundation raises money by organizing charity shows where Sanjay invites his friends and clients. They even have a $100000 website autism.rock where all progress and event pictures are posted. In the website, there is also a secure SSL channel through which contributions can be made.
Sanjay Shah was born by Kenyan parents of Indian origin in England. He lived in central London and schooled in the Kings College. Sanjay enrolled for medicine before shifting to accounts where his career as a top-notch hedge fund manager started. He has worked for international investment banks like the Rabobank, Merrill Lynch, and many others. While he was working for Capiola Investment company, he was awarded a bonus of £19 million due to the effort and the profit that the company realized. He then started Solo Capital as his brokerage firm. Sanjay also owns many other firms that deal with natural resources, stock brokerage and are located in British Virgin Island, Malta and in The Cayman Islands.
Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital was started in 2011 and has its headquarters in London England. It is a top notch financial boutique that handles FX markets, sports investments and it is also a consultancy firm. The success of Solo Capital is backed up by the team of experts who relentlessly see to it that customer needs are satisfied. It also operates in the stock markets according to RegisterFCA as Solo Capital UK and as Solo Capital Limited. Sanjay is the CEO and founder of the company which is managed by A.e.s.a S.a.r.l a company that is owned by Sanjay.