The Amazing Health Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

Animals can really be our friends. They can even many times be more than our friends. As members of our families we treat our pet companions with just as much love as any member of our family. Pet health is something that has been looked into more and more as time goes on. Pet food companies are dedicated to bringing healthier products to our animal companions. This is much different than it used to be with many of the ingredients being changed for the food that is being fed to our animals.

There used to be many additives when it came to pet foods. These were unhealthy substitutes that would harm our animal friends. There is a shift in the pet food world to go away from these unhealthy ingredients. These ingredients are being swapped out for healthier alternatives that are much more natural. These natural ingredients are much more acceptable to pet owners now and they focus much more on the health of pets. This shift is being adopted by many of the large pet food companies. Dog health is a newer field that has been gaining a lot of great attention. This shift in the dog food industry is something that is making a big difference overall.

Beneful is a company that has really headed this whole movement for pet health. They have prided themselves on using only the healthiest ingredients in their dog foods. This is something that has become the very forefront of their company. At the center of all of their marketing is the focus on health. The latest marketing push has been the attention on the fact that all of the employees of Beneful on walmart choose this very pet food to feed their animals.

Having such a large brand as Purina push towards healthier pet food is a great step in the right direction. This will be a breath of fresh air in an industry where there are far too many corners cut. Purina will be setting the bar high for all other competitors in the marketplace. Purina has been at the head of the pet food industry for many years and continues to positions themselves at the head of the pack. With their attention to detail, it is easy to see that they will most likely hold their leadership position with their great morals intact. Animals are very important to all of us and we should do everything we can to help maintain their health.

Nothing But The Best for My 4 Dogs: Beneful

I have four dogs. I know it is a bit much for my small house, but I love my animals. I never wanted to marry or have children; I always said I would have a house full of pets. Well, I have accomplished my dreams. However, being a mother to a pet is just as hard as a child at times. We are responsible for their car, which includes both food and veterinarian expenses. I get so upset at people who take animals but can’t afford their care. Anyway, my dogs range from a St. Bernard to a Chihuahua. I wanted to be able to buy one kind of dog food to fit all, but I just didn’t think that would work.

I had to do a lot of research into finding good food with great nutrients. Many times I stood in the aisle of the grocery store looking at the ingredients in the bags of dog food. For me, it was just as important to find a good food that tastes good as it was to find a reputable company behind that food. There are so many new products that have come up on the market in the past few years claiming to be so good for the dog. However, I don’t take their word for it. Look at all the companies who have failed in the past.

They have many products lines, but the one that was most intriguing to be was the Beneful on multivu foods section. They have food varieties come in both home-style and kibble. Did you know that Beneful created a Dog Goldberg Machine? It’s not the first time that a company has used such a scheme for advertising, but Beneful used real dogs in the action. It is simply fascinating and no wonder this company gets such good revues, they really care about the dogs they feed. It was simply amazing to watch and the fact that they trained these dogs was spectacular.

So while Beneful looked good to me, it was really all about the dogs and what they wanted. Just like children, every dog seems to have a taste all their own. I have two that eat the Beneful prepared style meals and the other two prefer the kibble. So, I purchase a variety and leave it out for them to enjoy during the day. They are all healthy and that is all a pet mother could ask for. None of them have any health problems and they have shiny coats and great teeth. So, whatever Beneful is using in their products seems to work miracles. I am thrilled to have found these products.