Fabletics’ New Stores and Improved Website Design

Kate Hudson has a new line of super stylish activewear. She has previously inspired others as a successful mother and actress, and now hopes to inspire others with her new workout clothing line. With the fashionable and comfortable outfits, she hopes more women will develop healthy and active lives. She is personally involved in the process and each month’s picks are approved by Kate, herself.
The shop includes clothing designed specifically for yoga, running and general gym and workout. The tops and bottoms are broken down into categories of tanks, casual tops and sports bras, leggings, pants, capris and shorts. Kate also has an amazing line of various accessories. There is a pop-quiz that is a questionnaire designed to create the perfect look for each and every customer, created especially for their taste and unique lifestyle. The website makes it easy to either check out as a guest or as one of their VIP members. These members are entitled to extra savings and other exciting benefits.

Over the next five years, Fabletics hopes to open minimally 75 new stores while this spring brings the arrival of the seventh store for the brand.
This is a new model for the Fabletics brand which usually mails out discounted outfits monthly, charging a customer’s credit card for each purchase and delivery. Having brick-and-mortar stores will allow customers to try on the clothing instead of a surprise delivery. Some customers complained that while signing up for a delivery, they did not realize they were enlisting in a repeating subscription service. Customers also noted they found the service difficult to end.
The number of these type of customer complaints seem to be decreasing at a speedy rate. The cofounder and co-CEO of JustFab, the parent company of Fabletic, Adam Goldenberg, reports that the company is delivering approximately 800,000 items monthly. Of all those items they are receiving approximately five to 10 complaints. While Goldenberg acknowledges there are obviously far more satisfied customers than not, he would still like the complaint rate to be zero.
To increase customer satisfaction and understanding of the subscription service, JustFab is renovating the information available on its website. There is going to be a complete overhaul of the FAQ on the site, hopefully answering questions customers may have and fully explaining the service. The top of the webpage now has a clear link to explaining just how the Fabletics delivery service works. JustFab is improving their customer service for customers also. Goldenberg stresses he wants all customers and potential customers to completely understand the Fabletics program.

Fabletics Continues to Gain Ground


Fabletics has 3 official founding members, but the name that people are going to connect with the most is the celebrity. Kate Hudson has the celebrity pull that keeps the Fabletics engine running like a well-oiled machine. The company has been around since 2013, and the company has continued to grow.

The new growth rate is something that will surprise a lot of people. Many people may have assumed that this fitness company would be successful. Few people actually knew that it would gain the type of success that warrants the opening of 100 stores. Granted, this is not all happening this year, but it is an aggressive plan even if it will take 5 years to do it.

Fabletics has built a true web presence, but this is just the first chapter in the growth of the fitness clothing giant. This is the brand that has been marketed quite well by Kate Hudson. People that have purchased clothing from the website are anticipating the opening of these stores because Kate is promoting a variety of styles. There is the active wear line that is gaining exposure. Hudson is in great shape so she is the perfect model for this fitness clothing line.

In January of last year there were a million orders shipped. This is clearly evidence of how much the company has grown since inception in 2013. The company is transitioning to areas outside of the United States and beyond the Internet. This is an impressive company that now ships to Australia and Switzerland. The company has hundreds of stores that are helping this organization reach huge milestones, and it proves one thing: celebrities sell clothes.

This clothing company has managed to bring forth revenues of $160 million and it continues to build. Hoodies and leggings are selling. The fitness gear is selling. The Internet has built a lot of buzz about this company, but the customer base is reaching a saturation point.

Hudson has really helped this company to get the point that it is currently at with customers. She has become the face of Fabletics, and a lot is riding on her. A lot of people are going to link the actress to the brand because she is the one in the print ads. Hudson is also modeling the clothes. At the other end of the scope she is handling business strategy behind the scenes. This may be the reason that she hasn’t been seen in many movies. She is putting all of her time into the expansion of Fabletics.

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