Ricardo Tosto – Prominent Lawyer in Brazil with Three Decades of Experience

The profession of law is highly sought after in Brazil, and each year thousands of lawyers pass out from the premier law schools in the country. There has been major transformation going on in the field of law since the country got independent in the year 1822. Even though the original base on which the constitution of the country is built follows the Italian Civil Code, there are other legal systems as well from which the Brazilian legal system has got influenced over time. The legal system from which the Brazilian legal system has got influenced over the years includes the German, French, and Italian Law. The 26 states of the country and each of these states as limited authority to devise its law and regulations, but these rules need to get the authorization from the Federal Supreme Court of the country.

The country has many prominent lawyers in Brazil and law firms, and one of the highly respected law firms is Tosto and Barros Advogados. Ricardo Tosto is one of the co-founders as well as partners at the law firm and has helped the company to reach new heights of success. The credibility and experience of Ricardo Tosto speak for himself, which has helped Tosto and Barros Advogados to get high profile clients, including famous personalities, political figures, and multi-national corporations. Ricardo Tosto is considered to be one of the most successful lawyers in the country and has won some of the most challenging as well as advanced cases for his clients over the years.

Ricardo Tosto and his law firm specialize in corporate law, high-value litigations, employee law, civil law, financial law, administrative law, compliance law, and more. The law firm of Ricardo Tosto is considered to be the leader when it comes to class action lawsuits and high value litigations. Ricardo Tosto completed his studies in law from Mackenzie Presbiterian University, and also completed studies in Business Administration from the famous Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He has over three decades of experience in the field of law and continues to help his clients through expert legal counselling. He is also the member of the Brazilian Bar Association