Chopper Trading’s Success Under The Leadership Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando has extensive knowledge on financial markets. He is the proprietor of Chopper Trading. Raj is aware of the bustling, intense, and stressful nature of trading. To this end, the CEO appreciates the need to have a favorable working environment for the employees. This is because it enables his team of 150 employees to get along in the 3,000-square-foot office. Chopper Trading embraces a rigorous hiring process. This unique recruitment strategy is distinct from that used by other organizations. The process aims at getting the ideal employees that are likely to work and retire from the firm. His prime objective is to have employees that will identify with the goals of the organization. Chopper’s recruiting team has expansive experience in identifying the perfect candidates to fill different positions in the company. This information was originally mentioned on SBN Online as explained in the following link

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the founder and chief executive officer of Scoutahead. He has excellent leadership skills. Under his stewardship, Chopper Trading recorded low staff turnover. In addition, he improved operations and ensured that employees interact within the workplace by engaging in different extra-curricular activities. This strategy saw the firm rank as one of the largest global exchanges. This success highlights Fernando’s knowledge in the financial industry. Raj is conversant with international financial markets in addition to technological innovation. Moreover, he has been heavily involved in enhancing policies of different organizations. Fernando’s love for conservation and music has seen him serve on numerous Board of Trustees, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also been on the Board of Directors for PAWS Chicago, which provides shelter to homeless animals.

Fernando is a graduate of the esteemed Beloit College. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Raj began his financial career while still in college. He started as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he performed exemplary, thus earning himself a promotion to various position. He worked his way up and become a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Raj has contributed immensely to the success of the U.S. Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC). The entity provides the public with transparent, competitive, and financially sound markets. This information was originally mentioned on Markets Wiki as expounded in the link below

Talk Fusion Wins New Award For Innovative Video Chat

One day in 2004 Bob Reina tried to send a video via email to his wife but was unable to due to the limitation in software. This led him to found eventually Talk Fusion, a company that prides itself in providing top notch video sharing products and services.


The company was founded on the idea that sharing videos help individuals and business communicate more effectively with each other. Now more than a decade after that failed email, Bob Reina’s company is collecting several awards for its innovative video chat platform.


The most recent reward that Talk Fusion has received is the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award, which was awarded to the company on August 15th. The award is given out every year to companies that “represent the best-of-the-best [communication] products and solutions available on the market today.”


It is the second award that the firm has received from Technology Media Corporation, a leader in the communications industry, and serves as a testament to the popularity and success of its communication platform.


Innovative Video Chat


Talk Fusion’s innovative video chat platform has garnered it several awards this year alone and represents a major step in communication between individuals and businesses.


Through the company’ s video chat app, which can be found on both Apple and Google’s app stores, individuals can video chat with anyone anywhere on any device. The software can connect any phone, tablet, computer with each other, regardless of model or operating system.


Bob Reina


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 with the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen, who took care of the technological side of the company. Reina used his marketing experience to sell their flagship video email product and is chiefly responsible for developing the companies innovative sales structure.


Reina is also a very avid philanthropist and tries to incorporate philanthropy into his business and personal life. On his free time, he supports non-profits that help animals and enjoys bringing pets to the office.

Technology Executive Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir, a well-known business and technology executive who has spearheaded various technological developments in various managerial and executive positions he has held. Shaygan is currently the C.E.O and Chairman of the Board at Coriant. Coriant is a company that sells optical transmission software and hardware, and their products include Packet Optical Transport Solution, Intelligent Network Management, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, Optical LAN and Broadband Access, Edge Routing Solutions, Cross-connect solutions amongst others.

With over 28 years of experience of being an executive, Shaygan has a bachelors degree, masters, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering; control systems all from Cornell University. He started off at GTE in 1987 before moving to Verizon Communications in the year 2000 where he was a chief information officer and also a member of the executive leadership. While there, he led to systems modernization, innovation and efficiency and pioneered various products including FiOS.

From Verizon, he moved to Barclays in 2011 where he was the chief operations and technology officer. He was also part of the bank’s executive committee. He is credited and acknowledged for playing a key role in the development of TRANSFORM program which saw the transformation of Barclays in over 50 countries. In 2014 Shaygan joined Juniper Networks Inc. as their new C.E.O, and he developed an integrated operating plan for the company, focusing on the strategic growth of markets especially in High IQ networking.

He held the position of operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, working on strategic telecom and technology investments after leaving Juniper and he was later appointed the C.E.O and chairman of the board of Coriant.  The company has key customers including NBN from Australia, BSNL, China Unicom, and Telia Sonera International Carrier amongst others. Under the leadership of Shaygan, Coriant is expected to grow further, leading to new development and innovations as he has done in all his previously help positions.

Apart from an excellent executive career leading in various developments and innovations, he has served in other various capacities. From 2007 to 2010 he served on the advisory board of YMCA of greater New York and between 2010 and 2013, Shaygan served on the board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. He is a member of Cornell University Engineering Council.

Follow his Twitter: @shaygank

The Passion of Duda Melzer

At 40-years-of-age, Duda Melzer is still relatively young but already knows a whole lot about business culture. He has learned it through experience and research in business leadership. He has been CEO of the 56-year old RBS Group since July of last year. One thing that he has found is imperative to having a successful business is obviously having a passion for business itself, but also having a passion for people. He strongly believes that this kind of passion must be widespread in a company if it is to be successful at all. And the more passion, the more success.

Girded with this great passion, those who work in and manage the company strive for excellence in everything they do. He is actively sought after as a public speaker to communicate to younger leaders what he has learned about business. He insists that passion is not only needed for a successful business; it is needed for success in any area of life. But Melzer also believes that almost equally as important—maybe equally—is planning. Melzer also highly values the knowledge and wisdom of those who are older and more experienced in business than he is.

Duda has a leadership vision of extending the scope of his company outside of Brazil. With the help of cyberspace, it is already making huge international advances. He also recognizes that it is crucial to stay abreast of the current technological advances. Under his leadership The RBS Group is doing very well with its 6,500 Brazilian employees. It is so huge that it is the largest media company in Brazil. Melzer also has a wife and three children. He admits that he is not able to spend as much time with family as he would like, being involved with business-related matters most of the time.

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Talk Fusion Changing How We do Business

Video has become ample of the online experience. Small business too, are using the video to better their services and attract new customers. Talk Fusion is a leader in the video communication business. The company makes, video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking products.

The company was founded by CEO Bob Reina who had prior experience in marketing for many years. He got his degree in criminology from the university of South Florida. After finishing his collage, he joined Tampa Police Academy and graduated top in the academy.

The experience Bob has in marketing began when he was introduced and begun doing it part time when he was still a police officer. His company began as a vision, and through determination, he was able to make his dream come true.

Bob Reina had once tried to send a video via email but it did not work. People believed that it was impossible to do it. Bob, however, believed that it was possible and kept working on the idea. With a friend of an IT expert, they were able to make the concept that begun in 2004 a reality.

In 2007, the crystal clear video email product became popular in America and the idea eventually other companies caught up. The company has now expanded to over 85 countries. Talk Fusion has grown and is now the eighth largest company that deals with video content provision.

Talk Fusion has for many years promoted businesses through online marketing. The video emailing has given many the power to connect with clients.

Of 2014, Talk Fusion expanded and is now involved in other digital product. Among the products offered by Talk Fusion are; Video Email, this stands out from the rest and the is no need to download everything is done from the back office.

Fusion On the Go; this is an app that enables one to do video messaging with any mobile device.

Video News Letter; this allows one to send custom videos to subscribers.

E-Subscription and Video Auto Responders; helps one to custom capture pages when one opt-in.

Others include, Fusion wall, Video blog, video share, and connect.

Capula Investment Management Founder’s Big Windfall

Yan Huo is the 2005 founder of the hedge fund firm Capula Investment Management, based in London. He bet big on the position of European Union debt and earned a windfall return of £27 million English Pounds. He has grown his company’s annual income for the year 2011, along with 18 of his top executives, to £92.6 million from the previous year’s £57.7 million. Sanjay Shah can relate. He is another London hedge fund founder and manager who had a return of over £19 million during that same one year period.

Sanjay Shah started his Solo Capital Markets hedge fund in 2009. After being downsized in the stock markets meltdown of 2009, where he had worked for big brokerages, such as Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley, Shah made the bold move to launch his own brokerage and business services company. It was a gamble that some thought a bit foolhardy. He proved his critics wrong by quickly growing Solo Capital into a top world class company. His fortunes have grown along with the number of companies he has bought and founded, along with the number of countries where his operations are now spread out.

He came to the finance and business advisory industry after at first deciding on a career in medicine. It was while pursing his MD that Sanjay Shah discovered his stronger interests in accounting and more specifically, in finance. He has become a wealthy philanthropist who claims to be retired, and yet who remains quite active in many pursuits, including his own charity, Autism Rocks. He started this charity after Snoop Dogg recommended taking matters of Shah’s autism into his own hands. Autism Rocks hosts many private concerts, featuring big names in entertainment, starting with Snoop Dogg, to fund basic research into the causes and treatments of autism. He has raised more than $15 million USD to fund a Cambridge University autism research program.

Having Success with Investment Banking


Investment banking is one of the most important and misunderstood products of the economy. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who can make money in this area. However, learning how to invest is something that feel people can do. Anyone who wants to break into the investment banking world needs to make sure they are thinking about the long term. There are a lot of different variables that determine how effective people are in this business. Over time, learning from people like Martin Lustgarten is a great idea.

Martin Lustgarten

Few people have as much experience in investment banking as Martin Lustgarten. Over the past couple of years, he has had great success in this world of investing. There are few people who truly have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Anyone who is looking for ways to invest in their business needs to make sure they are thinking about the long term. There are a lot of people who want to emulate his success.


Providing quality investment advice is essential to many areas of the economy. Over time, there are a lot of people who want to have success in this area of their business. Always make sure that you are getting quality investing advice from people who you know and trust. This is one of the most important aspects of investing. Few people have the ability to keep moving forward in times when the stock market is going down. Instead of taking on a short term mentality, it is important to think about investing over time.

Final Thoughts

The investment banking industry is difficult to have success in. Not only do a lot of people want to invest in this area, but there is stiff competition for the best jobs. There are a lot of people who want to think about the long term when it comes to their business. Over time, learning from someone like Marten Lustgarten is a great way to have success in this field of business.

Can CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Help Coriant Renew Its Image?

Coriant has been in the network management business for quite a long time, and their business is based entirely on the sale of media through their networks. Their networks cover a large part of the globe, but the company does not use their networks to their own advantage. That will change as new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir takes the helm of the company. This article explains what Shaygan will do to change Coriant from a background player to the leader in mobile technology sales.

#1: What Will Shaygan Do?

Shaygan Kheradpir is a three-time graduate of Cornell University with degrees in engineering. It is rare for a doctoral-level engineer to find himself in executive management, but Shaygan has a long track record of working in management. He began in design with GTE Labs, and he transitioned to Verizon where he is responsible for most of their groundbreaking phones. Shaygan will help Coriant make its own products.

#2: Shaygan Is Relevant

Shaygan Kheradpir has worked in the highest levels of Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks. He understands the business side of technology better than most, and he willing to bring his expertise to a company that needs both technical and business experience in the CEO’s chair. Coriant will only progress if they are able to produce their own devices, begin a new service and do so with as little overhead as possible.

#3: Coriant Wants To Compete Right Away

Coriant’s desire to compete with the largest providers in the world has pushed it to move quickly with its plans. Shaygan was able to create new device prototypes at Verizon in 30 days, and he hopes to speed up production within Coriant as their company changes to a provider. The new network from Coriant will have the best phones, the best coverage and a company capable of backing it effectively.

Shaygan Kheradpir came to Coriant as the CEO at a time when the company needed a technical expert. Shaygan’s doctorate in engineering more than qualifies him to help with production, and his business experience makes him ready to lead the company into the future.

Investor George Soros Foresees 2016 Market Crisis

Progressive philanthropist and successful investor George Soros has expressed a grave forecast for the 2016 global market, a Bloomberg Business article reports. Namely, China’s stock market crash of last summer, along with its recent currency devaluation, has Soros and other economists worldwide anxious about the year to come.

For the larger half of a century, China has made unprecedented economic advancement, making it today’s second largest economy. However, market analysts have begun to question the longevity of the East’s economic powerhouse, as CNBC reports, following numerous trade freezes within the first week of January. Soros believes that “China is struggling to find a new growth model,” as he stated to a Sri Lankan economic forum January 7th. From what he has seen so far, Soros fears that we may be approaching an economic crisis on par with 2008’s market fiasco.

As of January 1st, China has incorporated the addition of circuit breakers, or trading curbs, into its trade regulations. That is, in the event that the CSI 300 should fall by five percent, foreign trade is halted for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Should it proceed to fall by seven percent, trade for the entire day is frozen. On the day that Soros issued his commentary, the circuit breaker had been triggered a mere thirty minutes into the business day. Given China’s global influence as a market superpower, the repercussions were felt all throughout the global market.

Daily Mail says oil prices fell dramatically; the Dow Jones Industrial Index plummeted to lows unseen within the past three months; London reports the most disappointing opening-year week since the year 1988. Even more alarmingly, this was not the first meltdown of the Chinese market within that same week.

The global market is making a transition back to positive interest rates, and Soros proposes that this shift is partially what is responsible for economic instability in developing countries. Overall, he cites the situation as indicative of a “serious challenge,” one which has striking similarities to the financial crisis experienced in 2008.

China’s governing power, fortunately, has begun seeking solutions to its upending economic downturn. By the year 2020, China hopes to improve the yuan’s convertibility. An official statement released by China claims that the country may even be dismantling the establishment of the circuit breaker altogether, replacing it with more lucrative regulations. Whatever the case, it may be that only time can determine the outcome of this year’s market. Already, Chinese banks have slashed interest rates to unseen lows, and the Chinese government has poured billions in financial funds into stimulating the economy.

Visit the site to know more about George Soros.

As a general precaution, Soros encourages investors to be “very cautious” as we weather through this stormy economic climate.

Go Fund Research: Autism Rocks

In 2014, Autism Rocks nabbed the legendary, world-famous artist Prince as the main attraction of their invite-only charity concert. The foundation, dedicated to raising funds to support autism research, has been growing ever since. With no shortage of A-list celebrities willing to perform in these shows (think Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Buble), Autism Rocks is changing the fundraising game.
Founder Sanjay Shah started out as a banker. He gained 20 years of experience with Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Rabobank until 2008 when he found himself unemployed and in need of a new direction. Using what he had learned in his career, Shah began his own company, called Solo Capital. It wasn’t long before Solo Capital made Shah a multi-millionaire, and put him in a prime position to contribute to autism research.
Sanjay Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism in 2011. After hearing the news, Shah approached Dubai Autism Centre and bought them vehicles to be used to transports patients. This, however, was not enough, and led Sanjay to create Autism Rocks. His desire to combat the disease goes beyond funding treatment centers; Shah wants to focus his contributions to researching and understanding autism. The end goal of this research is not a cure. Instead, Shah wants the world to have a deeper understanding of how autistic children and adults (like Nikhil) think and interact with others in the world.
Autism Rocks was in fact inspired by a visit by recording artist Snoop Dogg to Shah’s home. A man with excellent business acumen and an eye for marketing, Shah realized concerts were the perfect place to promote autism research. It’s success has been undeniable, and Shah looks forward to increased growth in the coming years.

The Go Fund Me campaign Shah has erected helps support his efforts to promote and put on the concerts for Autism Rocks. He wants to raise awareness of the research, and keep the concerts an event that celebrities continue to want to be involved with.

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