Doe Deere, Founder and CEO of Lime Crime Make-up, an Unapologetic Line of Make-Up

Lime Crime Make-Up is not for everyone. It is bold, makes no apology for what it is, and enhances the natural tones and colors in a wondrous blend and a bold statement. It is more than make-up. It is an artform you use to make a statement about you. About who you are. You can use it to show how you are feeling from day to day, evening to evening. There is an article that originally reported on Lime Crime and Doe Deere: For your convenience click here to read the article. You can also visit Lime Crime’s main website here.

The idea was born in Los Angeles, California in 2004. Deere speaks candid about the birth of her unapologetic Lime Crime Make-Up Line: “In 2004, I registered a new account on eBay – “limecrime” – for my new DIY fashion line. I modeled everything myself and wanted my whole look to be on-brand, so colorful makeup became my staple. The idea for a makeup brand originated back in my sewing days – part inspiration, part necessity because I found that bright and unusual colors were hard to come by! I launched Lime Crime in 2008.”

The colors are bold, and intimate, dependent on your mood. It is all about you. This is taken directly from the ‘About Page’ from Lime Crime’s website: “What if makeup did more than just cover up imperfections? What if it helped you express your personality? If you like to live unapologetically, Lime Crime is for you.

“We are an independent team of makeup lovers from Los Angeles, committed to producing the most kick-ass, true-to-color, cruelty-free cosmetics.

“Our founder and CEO, Doe Deere, started the company with a few hundred bucks & a dream. Today, she makes makeup dreams come true on a daily basis and occasionally encourages fans not to “quit their daydream”.” Now how cool is that?

To sum up
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Check out the article here by The Story Exchange. You can also visit Lime Crime website here..

If you want make-up that is bold, unapologetic and has the subtlety of a diamondback, with the intimacy of seduction, along with bold colors to reflect your mood, then Lime Crime make-up is for you.

Kyle Bass Makes Poor Choices, Pays For It

There are plenty of articles that one can find that praise various hedge fund managers and the like. However, there are not as many articles that one will find about the mistakes that some of these managers make. That being said, Kyle Bass is the perfect example of someone who has made some terrible investment choices and has paid heavily for it.

If he was ever a good investor, that good period has long passed for Mr. Bass. His investment strategies have been tanking all the while he seems to accept more and more media requests for interviews. This is truly an odd situation, but it appears to be the route that Bass wants to take.

The associates that Bass keeps company with are not people that are too impressive in the world of business either. The fact is that some of these people have terrible records in the business world, and others are simply seen as not being all that important to making good investment choices.

A lot of the ties that he has are the Argentina, but this does not seem like a very sound thing to do. There is a lot of speculation about why Bass has these connections in the first place. That being said, there are not any hard connections that are known for sure which can explain all of this.

Lately he has been in the news for buying up prescription drugs and jacking up the prices on those drugs. The sad part is that these are drugs which patients need badly in order to remain alive. However, it seems that Bass cares only about his own profit line and how much he can rake in for his companies. He does not seem to care about the patients that purchase his product.

UsefulStooges show that he has tried to say that the reason for the price increase is so that more money can go into funding a better drug. However, industry experts have refuted this saying that the current drug is perfectly fine for getting the job done. They also don’t see why one would have to raise the price of the drug in order to pay for new research. Why not just fund the research they say?

There are certainly a lot of questions about this character and they are likely to only continue to rise as time goes on. Those who have ever considered doing business with him ought to steer clear at least for the time being. There are far too many question marks about this man.

OrganoGold Continues Expansion into Turkey

Two of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world are coffee and tea. Every day, hundreds of millions of people across the globe have a cup of coffee or tea to either start their day or relax during a break. While coffee and tea are very commonly consumed, most people do not think much about the amount of vitamins or other health elements in the drink. For those that are looking to have a healthier beverage, OrganoGold is a great option.

OrganoGold is a company that produces coffee and tea products that contain the gandorema ingredient. This ingredient is a little-known item, which contains plenty of health benefits to the consumer. Those who choose to drink an OrganoGold cup of coffee or tea will enjoy the high level of antioxidants that it contains. OrganoGold has developed a large product line as the demand has continued to grow. Right now, the company sells close to a dozen different types of coffee and tea products. The products can come in traditional packages, but can also come as single-serving items.

While OrganoGold has had a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Asia, the company is continuing to look for ways to expand into new markets across the globe. This past week the company made large strides when it announced that it is expanding into the developing nation of Turkey. This will be the 39th different country that the company will now sell its products.

BusinessForHome said that as the company has continued to grow, OrganoGold has continued to rely on the leadership and vision of its founder and CEO, Bernardo Chua. Bernardo Chua was originally born and raised in the Phillipines and has a long history of being an excellent marketer and innovator.

Andy Wirth Sees The Clean Power Plan As good For Both The Economy And The Environment


The environment has recently been having a large impact on the economy of California in the view of Squaw Valley CEO and President Andy Wirth, which has led to him throwing his backing behind the Clean Power Plan being considered across California. In an article printed in the Reno Gazette-Journal the former volunteer firefighter and Edinburgh University graduate has expkained why he believes the plan will be of benefit to the Olympic Valley region. In his article, Wirth explained that by accepting the Clean Power Plan the Reno area would see a boost to its economy and improve the environment that is vital to the tourist industry.

Andy Wirth arrived at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in 2010 as CEO and President of the group after a successful resort management career that included time in North American and Carribean resorts. The German born executive has been a major supporter of many community based programs in Olympic Valley, which include working for the Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee. Following a skydiving accident that saw Wirth almost lose an arm the tourism expert has also been working to raise funds for a number of groups, including the families of Navy Seals.

Andy Wirth believes the Clean Power Plan can benefit the Reno region as a whole in a number of ways. Firstly, a switch to burning less fossil fuels should see the quality of air in the Olympic Valley region improve and see a return of greater numbers of tourists. The area remains popular, but Wirth believes any action to aid the environment of the Reno area will be a positive in bringing in new visitors and adding an extra aspect to the economy.

Profile of The Eucatex Company

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that specializes in home improvement products such as paints and floor varnishes. Eucatex also sells a variety of flooring for homeowners and most of its’ products are created in a sustainable way. Eucatex will even come to your home and install the flooring that you purchase from them. Eucatex is especially known for its’ latex paints, waterproof paints, acrylic paints and solvents. This line of paints come in a wide range of colors and sheens ranging from gloss to semi-gloss. Eucatex sells a line of wall partitions and doors that come in beautiful colors to match most design schemes in the home.

Sustainability Matters

Another thing that makes Eucatex an excellent company is its’ commitment to sustainability. It has an environmental education program that is located inside a visiting center. The purpose is to inform the general public about the importance of conserving major aspects of nature such as rain forests, rivers and lakes. There are also activities that the children can take part in. Eucatex has a recycling program where they reuse wood to make their products. This company utilizes biomass to produce energy for its’ facilities and it shows their commitment to the environment.

Eucatex’s Popularity

In 2007 Eucatex’s paint sales increased by 44% and that year the sales went up to $21 million. As a result Eucatex became the seventh largest paint company in Brazil. A majority of the company’s products have also made their way into American home improvement stores, including the Home Depot and similar stores. Eucatex has become one of the most popular paint companies in Latin America.

Flavio Maluf
Maluf has been with the company since 1987 and in the early 21st century he became the president of the company. Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership Eucatex went from just being a paint product brand to a global home improvement franchise. He had the attitude of a visionary and this is what makes him so effective at Eucatex. Maluf also made it possible for Eucatex to establish connections with businesses in other countries and it was mainly his decision to create the company’s furniture and flooring from eucalyptus plants.

Future of Eucatex

With Flavio Maluf’s leadership and the company’s increased growth, it seems that Eucatex will continue to grow strong in coming years.

In conclusion, Eucatex is innovative and thanks to Flavio Maluf, things are looking up. Eucatex also has regular webcasts that offer further information about the progress that the company is making.

The Rise To Prominence Of Citadel LLC CEO And Founder Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth C. Griffin is the founder and CEO of Chicago based hedge fund Citadel LLC. His rise from Harvard University investment wonder boy to one of the financial industry’s must successful and respected hedge fund manager has been nothing short of spectacular. Ken Griffin began investing as a freshman at Harvard. He started two funds and had more than $1 million under management by the time he graduated in 1989 with his Economics degree. In 1990 he started Citadel LLC with around $4 million. Within 10 years his company had $1 billion under management and was really just getting started.

By age 34, Ken Griffin had a net worth of over $650 million. He was a billionaire by age 40. Through shrewd investments in the market and in his staff, he and his company have continued their meteoritic rise. By 2015 his net worth had climbed to more than $6 billion and he has not yet reached his 50th birthday. With his vision, experience, excellent staff, and understanding of investing and the world markets, there is no telling what he will be able to accomplish in the coming years. He has become an inspiration for many people in the financial services industry.

But Griffin is much more than just a successful hedge fund manager. He is also an extremely generous philanthropist. He has shared his wealth with a large number of organizations and institutions. In 2014 he donated $150 million to Harvard University’s financial aid department to help underprivileged students. In all he has donated over $500 million of a variety of causes in Chicago, where Citadel is based, and nationwide. The Daytona Beach, Florida native has also made it a high priority to invest in organizations in Chicago that help to improve the health and educational opportunities for children.

Griffin has not only been a godsend to Chicago institutions and organizations financially, he also makes time to share his experience, knowledge, and expertise with them as well. He is a member of numerous boards and has personally helped many organizations to better serve their target audiences. His art purchases are legendary. In fact he is considered one of the world’s most active art investors. His generosity seems to know no bounds. He has even loaned his Paul Cezanne paintings for which he paid over $60 million to the Art Institute of Chicago for them to put on display.

His investments in his staff and in companies and markets worldwide have paid handsome dividends. He has donated more than $11 million to his church and has become a font of wisdom to many companies, institutions, and organizations. He is generous almost to a fault and continues to give graciously whenever the opportunity presents itself. He is the personification of the American Dream.

Andy Wirth-The Renaissance CEO

Andy Wirth is the savant CEO that has completely redefined what it means to be superhuman. Having survived a near deadly incident while skydiving, he was not only was able to save himself, yet with his profound ability influence those around him, he has been able to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars to give families with kids in the special forces who often times find it very difficult to readjust to civilian life.

A huge sports fanatic, his favorites range from triathlons to biking. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, he was able to take the company from a very dark and depressing financial state and restructure the ailing Corporation to become of the world’s premier skiing resorts, effectively serving thousands of anxious skiers a day for a healthy sum.

The victim of an unfortunate skydiving mishap, his arm was torn from his body and had to be surgically reattached. He could have easily given up on life, yet, he stayed focused, aggressively fulfilling his mission.

Hailing a record of unwavering confidence in his ability to defy the odds and beat any challenge, it is unfortunate that he actually had to have his faith tested to such an extreme way, with the skydiving accident that almost left him dead, yet he’s succeeded in passing his test of faith with flying colors.

His every day confidence is something that is admired. Every day when he walks the grounds of the Squaw Valley ski resort and people see him as the CEO they can see right through any façade, yet he is personable and charismatic enough that his conviction eventually rubs off on you.

I believe that it is people like Andy Wirth are the real heroes. Andy’s unwavering integrity is an admirable trait and has collected him quite a an elite list of friends including members of the Navy SEAL s elephant of what rat man as well as CEOs from Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to his long stream of victories and successes, He has recently succeeded in bringing the Ironman competition to his beloved home of Squaw Valley, enabling the athletically astute to challenge themselves to levels of competition they usually wouldn’t be able to because of their inability to travel to major cities where most Ironman competitions are held.
Philanthropist, Ironman, CEO of a world-renowned company and appointed chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, Andy Wirth has shown people what a wealthy soul truly resembles.

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